Forgot it was Tuesday. Been in the middle of a writing jag since 0300. Sleep is calling. So I’m going to trust you guys not to tear down the place while I get some rest. I’ll be back later and will answer your questions, maybe post a snippet or I might even find something deep and thought-provoking to write about. VBG. Until later! Sorry for bailing but after getting almost 5k words written this morning, I’m done in.

10 thoughts on “Ack!

      1. Fancy doesn’t have to contend with hormones. But have you considered what a bad mother Q would be? With her kid tossed in a bubble whenever she’s too busy to even be a bad parent? Talk about a messed up teenager . . .

        1. Ah but we have Quick and Quirk as controls, maybe they should set off to rescue Destiny then Ezxy and Kit try to rescue them?

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