Christmas Week

OMG, how did we get here so quickly? I am not ready. Nope. Not at all. There are still gifts to buy, baking to be done and–crap!–I may start doing my White Rabbit imitation from Alice in Wonderland. “I’m late! I’m late!” Oh, and there are the final edits on a book to get done as well. Eeeep!

Seriously, if you’re like me, you are looking at the looming holidays with a mix of emotions. After all the Covid madness, many of us are seeing family for the first time in a couple of years. That’s both a blessing and a curse because we are going to see folks we love and have missed but we want everything to be perfect. Or maybe that’s just me.

Or maybe I’ve just peopled more in the last couple of days than I have in the last few years and it did something to my brain.

Anyway, if you are still looking for gifts for your friends and family, remember that books make great gifts. Looking at the catalogs from the authors on this blog, you have just about anything you could hope to find from coloring books to science fiction to romantic suspense to Westerns. Check out our Amazon author pages. To make it easy, here’s mine.

(Fair disclosure, that link goes through my Amazon Associates account and may let me earn a very small amount on purchases you make during your shopping session.)

All this is my pre-coffee way of asking you to remember the Mad Ones for you gift giving needs.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Stay safe, have fun and I’ll be back next week.

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9 thoughts on “Christmas Week

  1. “Seriously, if you’re like me, you are looking at the looming holidays with a mix of emotions.”

    Generally a mix of sad-face from the past and exhaustion from over-stimulation. This year, with the OMIGHOD-icron covidiocy strain being blasted across the airwaves and the government scaring everybody -again-, there’s no family gatherings for The Phantom at all. Everybody is huddling at home, scared to go out and visit anybody.

    Which, from my perspective, is pretty nice. No obligatory visits, no putting up with another rant about Trump, (this is Canada don’t forget), no wearing a shirt and tie which I hate, no social interaction at all. I love it!

    If I need social interaction, I’ll go buy milk. Say hi to the crunchy old lady behind the plastic shield.

  2. Urf! My brother-in-law died Sunday night. Not unexpected but still a chill on the Xmas Spirits, And no idea when we’ll be driving to El Paso for services.

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