Christmas Week

OMG, how did we get here so quickly? I am not ready. Nope. Not at all. There are still gifts to buy, baking to be done and--crap!--I may start doing my White Rabbit imitation from Alice in Wonderland. "I'm late! I'm late!" Oh, and there are the final edits on a book to get done... Continue Reading →

Good Eve

Cedar's disclaimer: I am not a poet. This is strictly for fun, and should not be considered a serious attempt at poesy.  Disclaimer the second: I blame the Evil Muse for this.    Twas the day before Christmas, and all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even my spouse. I sat at... Continue Reading →

The rough with the smooth

Writing is a great teacher of ‘it ain’t all easy’ If you’re hoping it is going to be, I suggest you try something else. Because this profession is living at the sign of the ups and downs. Lots of slog. Some great highs. Lots and lots of lows. Financially uneven. It can be very lonely,... Continue Reading →

Iggy and the Beach

As most of you live in the Northern hemisphere, and cold winter is on you, I thought I'd fill you all with a happy vision of Southern hemisphere beach holidays to make you feel better about the amount of fuel your furnace takes: Iggy's Beach Holiday Eyes pinched tight against the sandblast that was stripping... Continue Reading →

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