Igor is back!

Did I mention I had a new book out (last week! Have I mentioned being really bad at marketing?)

I’m have much too much fun with the good guy trapped in his role in a bad empire that’s going down hard.

Axel will be the star of one more novel then I’ve a book and two novellas showing the crash on other Worlds.

8 thoughts on “Igor is back!

  1. The Russians marooned in the forest? Yeah, I just need the final battle and it’ll be ready to go.

    The Russians trapped on Nova Moskva as the Native take over with a communist style gov going witch-hunting tyranny at high speed is so icky I find myself telling-not-showing and *really* finding excuses to not write the nasty final scene.

    _Bad Tolz_ on the other hand, is quite good and probably full novel length.

  2. Oops! _Survival_ is the Bonus scene from _Destroyer_. Do you mean the Grand Executioner marooned on other-Malta? I _might_ sometime have some explorer trip over a couple dozen old Cyborgs and their Neanderthal wives. Innocent looks. “Our controllers? What Controllers?”

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