Release Day!

Today is that awkward day all writers look forward to while. At the same time we want to hide under the covers and let the day go by. We’re excited the new book is finally available for purchase and yet terrified no one is going to want to buy it. Will they like it? Will they hate it? OMG, did we upload the right file? See, I’ve already screwed it up! Here’s the book: Victory from Ashes (Honor & Duty 7).

You’ll notice that the link above is going straight to Amazon instead of the Books2Read link. That’s because of the difference in how the different outlets handle pre-orders. When I realized I needed to push the release back a week, it was no biggie with Amazon. The deadline for getting the final manuscript in was still three days in advance. For the other outlets, I had to stick with the 10-day advance which didn’t really help with the need for an additional week. So I popped the release date for those outlets back until next week. It was the only way I could be sure to have the manuscript ready for them. That means it will be available for non-Amazon customers on 9/28.

Now for the book. Victory from Ashes was originally going to be the last book in this story arc. But, as I was writing it, I realized the book would have been much longer than the other books in the series and the print cost would have been prohibitive (especially with the price increases from Lightning Source, etc.). So I decided to split the book into two. The final book in the arc will come out next year.

Here’s the blurb for Victory from Ashes.

War is hell. No battle plan survives the opening salvo. When the enemy is set on the total destruction of your homeworld, how far will you go to protect it and those you love?

This war has already cost Col. Ashlyn Shaw too much. She has lost friends and family to an enemy that doesn’t know the meaning of honor. Marines under her command have died doing their duty. Her enemies at home conspired and brought her up on charges, sending her and members of her command to the Tarsus military penal colony. But they didn’t win then and she won’t let them win now. She is a Marine, a Devil Dog, and they can’t take that away from her.

Ashlyn is determined to do all she can to protect her homeworld and end the war. She will lead her Marines against the enemy, knowing that if they fail, Fuercon will fall. But will it be enough and will those who have conspired behind the scenes to destroy her and all she stands for finally be brought to justice?

Duty and honor. Corps and family. That is what matters. It is all that matters.

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I’d appreciate it if you’d spread the word. Now to decide if I’m going to face the world like a brave writer or go hide in bed, the covers over my head, like I want to.  😉

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