canceling baen books

No, I’m not advocating this. Never, not even if I have my differences with them, and have wondered if they can survive in the current climate.

Apparently the left is afraid they will.

Larry has written about it. And it truly is insanely ridiculous. If it were just the puppy kickers fighting for relevance, it would be one thing. But it’s not. This is a coordinated attack.

Which, btw, makes it mathematically inevitable that yes, they’ll come for me and you too. Because the left — idiot children that they are — think that cutting off a man’s tongue shows his opinions to be invalid.

So, as irritated as I am and have been at Baen for four years, I’m turning that irritation ont he left for making me defend them.

Because cancelling is not only wrong. It’s unmaking civilization. And only the idiot sheep fo the left wouldn’t see that.

This shit has to stop.

THIS is what we’re dealing with. And I’d rather be dealing with a toddler or a mountain lion. They’d be less likely to destroy civilization. Including the parts they depend on.

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  1. I would be extremely unhappy if Baen went away as I have purchased a ton of books from their site over the years and found many great authors there. I’m willing to check out an author if they are on the baen site, not so much for some of the other publishers.

  2. Oooooh boy. This could get interesting, in the “falsely attributed to the Chinese” sense of interesting. Do I start making popcorn, or do I start hardening my defense system? Yes? No? Future uncertain try again later?

  3. [finds and skims unhinged rant] My, does this ever sound familiar. Loyalty is deprecated, and violence is any words we don’t like, or worse, that accurately describe a situation of the left’s own making. And yep, incoming fire at the rest of us.

  4. A box works to attract both Mountain Lions and Toddlers.

    Has anyone offered the Progs a nice cardboard box? With their fondness for ‘safe spaces’ and ‘check boxes’ maybe they really just need a nice big box.

    Or, as I’m heading out to shovel, perhaps a snow fort would be better these days.

  5. To show my support, I just ordered an ebook from the Baen site, first time I’ve done it. Unfortunately I hit the wrong form of payment by mistake and couldn’t correct it. I’ve messaged them about it. Have y’all/yinz found their customer service to be pretty good?

    1. I fondly remember the guy who was doing it fifteen or twenty years ago, but he quit for health reasons, and I’m not familiar with the current customer service providers.

        1. I think last I recall, his health was pretty badly impaired, but he hadn’t passed.

          1. He retired because of his health and his death had been reported on the Bar.

  6. The sheer genius of it is appalling.

    When someone has withdrawn from the battle field in good order, /that/ is totally the time to conclude that they are fleeing in a rout, and that it is time to abandon discipline and ‘pursue them to destruction’.

    Sure, crowd sourcing lynch mobs terrorizes everyone, and there is a utility in that for certain types of mind. It also means that your random idiots will start disadvantageous fights, because the current mob in the streets is totally eternal and invincible.

    There could easily be some part of the calculation that I’m overlooking here.

  7. Larry has added responses from both Toni W and David Weber. MWW doesn’t hold back and when you get him angry enough to curse, things have “gotten real”. I would not want to be those going after Baen right now.

  8. Point of strategy for the MAd Geniuses, have y’all got a backup plan for in case WordPress decides they don’t want your money? Because that’s what’s going on here. A SJW managed to generate a Shirtstorm out of thin air, and Baen shut down their Bar to avoid being dropped by their ISP.

    I read the whiner’s post, it is the usual crap. 11 year old comments taken out of context, lies and hallucinations. “Tom Kratman is a meanie and Baen is Conservative!!!11!”

    This is going wide, by the way.

    Sad Puppies is one thing. Cancelling a whole publisher? That’s a little different. I’d say more, but then some camel or Chinese web-bot would get all out of shape over it.

      1. Excellent. Maybe see if it’s possible to contractually obligate the next ISP to not drop the MGC page at the first complaint. Terms and conditions can work both ways.

        How typically crybully though, eh? Leftists are the little shit heads who won’t take a swing except from behind and then run to the teacher. I’m disgusted.

        1. Contracts are worth the paper they are written on if the courts are just and you have the pockets for a lawyer.

  9. They may be forced to smuggle the books in from Mexican printers and engage ‘urban youths’ to sell them from car trunks at inflated prices.

    1. Which would probably get more people to read them, because it’s “dangerous” and “transgressive” and “intersectional” or whatever will be the catch-phrase that week.

  10. For what it’s worth the usual suspects appear to be attacking Fox News in much the same fashion.

  11. Just to confirm, if I want print, I have to buy from B&N, Books-A-Million, the ‘Zon, or an independent bookstore. I can only buy books directly from Baen if they’re electronic, right?

    (I’m going to buy some more Baen books. Just want to make sure they get the most from the payment.)

  12. If Baen went out of business…there goes about half or more of the fiction I buy these days. The only reason why Tor publishes any David Weber is that he’s Steven King with starships-people buy his books so much that his profits can cover their BIPOC queer transgender dragon-identifiying riot grrl “darling”‘s advance for at least two or three novels that would only be sold to schools. Tom Kratman? David Drake? Larry Correa? Fuggetabout it. Hell, they wouldn’t even publish Eric Flint, and he’s an avowed Communist (who hates the current run of progressives, because they’re trying to be Stalin and Mao 2.0).

  13. I identify as generally progressive. I’ve lurked on Baen’s Bar occasionally. And I buy several monthly bundles from Baen ebooks yearly, going on 15 years now I think. I think Baen’s Bar allows discussion between people of differing beliefs. I do not think there is any reason to remove it from any public space.

    Several of my favorite authors are published by Baen Books. Because I’ll start reading anything I get my hands on, I’ve been exposed to many philosophies in monthly bundles. I enjoy considering differing ideas in well written fiction. I think fiction can be a fun mind expander.

    I am disturbed by cancel culture of any philosophical stripe. I think dialogue between people of various beliefs is the only way for there to be progress that benefits everyone, and contributes to our democracy.

    I also think fiction is a way to consider more extreme beliefs and the consequences without real life damage.

    What does bother me is when people of any belief make assumptions and condemn groups and swathes of people without considering human complexity and what might make someone believe something different. There are no cookie cutters that stamp out all people of any particular belief.

    I also believe baths are generally healthy.

    1. Cultures that encourage bathing do seem to, in general, have longer life expectancies than do those that eschew soap (or the local version) and water. They are certainly more pleasant to be around in crowded quarters!

      1. I tend to agree with that. I think it comes down to the common sense idea that washing is a good way to stop the progression/transmission of germs, which become far easier to spread with masses of people living together.

        Medieval christian anchorites, by repute, did not believe cleanliness was next to godliness, and also reputedly lived long lives. I think that could be explained by their avoidance of people in general.

        I don’t know if there were many hermit types in other religions. I’m excluding prophet types who went into some type of wilderness and came back with personal messages from their gods, as they wanted crowds to hear their messages upon return.

        I don’t have any information on the length of life of the sort of anchorites who perched for years on top of pillars to separate themselves yet be able to preach. They were totally dependent on others for their food, as except for the occasional curious pigeon, there really was no way to forage. I’m guessing rainwater might keep them minimally hydrated, but probably didn’t keep them freshly showered. And, I’m sure irreverently, I’ve imagined piles of fecal matter piling up around the pillars like dung under chicken roosts. Perhaps the people who supplied food took upon themselves the task of night soil removers. Otherwise gathering close enough to hear could have been an additional health hazard to their congregations. (I also don’t know how many cut their lives short through attacks of vertigo or a tendency to roll over in their sleep)

        I’ve read somewhere recently (but I’m not sure if it was in a historical analysis or in fiction) that “viking” genes easily got into circulation because they tended to bathe weekly rather than the seasonal or less often bathing by the male local population. Sort of genetic invasion by invitation rather than gene spread through rape.

        I wonder whether Christianity could have spread faster if full immersion baptism had become a weekly sacrament. It might have extended life expectancy significantly.

        1. Immersing yourself in water in the dead of winter is not a life-prolonging trait. Either it’s deadly cold, or you are wasting valuable fuel that you need to keep yourself alive.

  14. Scrutiny is a double edged sword… I am a UK based law blogger, and I have published an article about the guy who went after Baen’s Bar, Jason Sanford. He is a junior employee at the Ohio News Media Association (ONMA). My article details his unethical conduct and includes a complete list of email addresses for all ONMA trustees, as well as his boss, the President of ONMA who I spoke to on the phone.

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