Release Day!

Well, it’s here and my stomach is in knots as always on release day. Rogue’s Magic, the latest installment in the Eerie Side of the Tracks series is now available on Amazon in both e-book and print versions.

Trouble comes to Mossy Creek.

Jaqueline “Jax” Powell left town after high school, wanting to put as many miles between small town Texas and herself as possible. Mossy Creek, however, isn’t your normal small town and once it gets its hooks in you, you never really escape. It has already brought home two of its wayward children. Will Jax be the third?

When her best friend and “sister from another mister”, Annie Caldwell, is attacked and left for dead, Jax wastes no time in returning home. But is Mossy Creek ready for her return? Before long, everyone will remember why she’d been called “the rogue” growing up. An Earth Elemental, she will join with Wind and Fire to protect those they love.

As storm clouds gather over the small town, danger grows. Jax will have to use all her gifts as an Other to keep her friends safe.

But will it be enough?

The next book in the series is basically written and the one after that plotted out. But those come after I finish Cat’s Paw, the first book in the new story arc that takes place in the Nocturnal Lives universe. Yes, yes, Mac and friends have been very loud recently. So not only has there been writing going on but there’s a cover rough already made. (Note, this is still very rough–as in I made it in about 10 minutes. So tweaks and changes will occur before publication in October)

In other words, I’ve had no life the last few weeks and the next month or more looks to be more of the same–not that I’m complaining. I love when the words come and, frankly, I’d rather be writing than listening to all the political pundits. Besides, I don’t have to wear a mask as I write–at least not unless I want to. VBEG

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13 thoughts on “Release Day!

  1. I am more than halfway thru Rogue’s Magic, and my only complaint is that it is not going to be long enough to keep me busy past this evening. I’m going to have to collect these in dead tree so I can grab them as comfort reads.

  2. I swear I’ve read these, but I don’t seem to have bought them. Just grabbed the first one.

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed story. Ahem…after Rogue has filed in court about 2/3rd through story, there is a typo: …Judge [Name}. There were a couple other typos as well as a couple spots where a word might have been left out.

    1. Thanks, I will take a look and upload a new file. 3 sets of eyes after beta readers and issues still happen. Color me not happy.

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