Warrior at Large

Release day! Finally!

I know pre-orders are part of marketing, but for me it drags out the agony of “Is it really ready? Maybe just one more quick . . . ” for a whole month, instead of my more usual three day dither.

But at last it’s here. Now I’ll go hide under the bed, because my first look at the down load, a randomly chosen chapter to check the TOC was working, dropped me right on top of a continuity error.

12 thoughts on “Warrior at Large

  1. Eh … I just launched a book as well – Luna City Number 9 Number 9 Number 9, in Kindle/ eBook. Sarah gave a link on Insty, and the sales of that and the precursor volumes have taken an nice dip upwards. I’m at the point where I just slap a version of the series cover on, and shove them out.
    Got the WWII novel to write, and some work for two old clients to do.
    Yeah, in the middle of the Chinese Commie Crud epidemic, I’m busier than ever!

    1. *Gets the giggles*

      I know the “when’s the next” can sometimes hit folks wrong, but I adore seeing folks so happy to get a new book that they inhale it and want MORE.

      1. I always get notices from Amazon about your new book releases….

        …about a week after I’ve finished reading them.


        But keep up the good work and I’ll keep an eye out for the next one in two more weeks.

  2. I don’t have continuity errors often but I swear, five editors, and there’s still word choice or spelling errors when you open the damn book…

  3. Familiar Tales number fourteen went live this week. I’ll be sending fifteen out to readers soon, and sixteen is at 63K words and counting.

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