Tuesday Lemonade Maundering

Welcome back to Tuesday. Things are heating up, here at Caer Dave. Literally. I mean, the sun is getting to that point of the year where the air is hot. It’s uncomfortable, and they don’t believe in air conditioning in the part of the world where the Wee Horde currently rampages. So we try to move the air around a bunch. It keeps things more or less tolerable. In better news, I’ve take to getting up extra early. Wait, wait: I understand writers as a species are generally intolerant of the wee hours. Allergic, even, to the sunrise. Not unlike certain varieties of the undead, actually. Still, I’m finding it amazing. (Despite the lost sleep.) I’m able to get a little exercise in, make my coffee, and best of all: WRITE.

Until this week, with Mrs. Dave’s work schedule requires her to be in an hour earlier. It’s eating my writing time, just when I was getting into a rhythm. It’s constant. Life throws curve balls, and the best we can do is learn to surf them. Or something. Maybe something to do with lemonade. I’m not sure. Still, I’m looking forward to that being a normal thing, again, and moving forward on the space fantasy project which I was serializing here, tentatively titled Prince of Thebes.

Speaking of the current work, I have two … (*steeples his fingers in front of pursed lips*) concerns. The second is a tangential result of the first. Serializing a work online is fraught. Here’s the thing: Amazon gets tetchy about you trying to sell your work through their distribution network while also having it up for free elsewhere. This shouldn’t be terribly surprising. They’re in the business of making money, after all, not selling books. Per se. And if your readers can get their fix elsewhere for free, they will. Especially if it’s just a matter of loading a few blog posts. I’ll dig into the details soon. I’m having trouble finding data, mostly because I have a short time before I need to finish this, and I’m lousy at data retrieval.

The second … concern which arises from the first (I have a plan for scrubbing the fiction from MGC, which involves reducing things to relatively brief snippets. We’ll see) is a matter of expanding the material I’ve already written. I’m still ambivalent, but I can see a goodly bit of story getting shoehorned into a few, well, gaps in the narrative. Dare’s (that’s the MC’s nickname, in case that hasn’t been made clear) experience as a denizen of Tartarus could use some expansion to give his eventual confrontation with Crind, and subsequent escape more emotional punch, and so I’m thinking to rather significantly add to the narration there. The upside is more emotional investment on the part of the reader, and (important to the ‘Zon’s nanny-bots (hrmmm, “nanny-bots.” That gives me ideas) ) I’ll have even more material added to the final product, to further distance it from the “free” portion.


When dealing with impersonal bureaucracies, finding ways to give them what they want — ways which also help you, the author, to improve your own work — is the order of the day. This is turning into something of a two-part post, and I have to leave you now, to go about the Sisyphean task of guiding the Wee Horde in their depredations. Until next time, when I hope to expound on Dread Bezos’ imperial machine, and their dark and arcane policies.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Lemonade Maundering

  1. FWIW, I have not had an issue with putting my serial up on Amazon. For the first couple volumes they required me to confirm I owned the copyright, but outwit is been fine. I also didn’t put it in KU, though.

    Or should I be watching for an angry email from the ‘Zon?

  2. When I posted the excerpts here, I made sure to keep them a small enough percentage of the final content that the ‘Zon didn’t get tetchy. I also go back and remove the excerpts off of my blog, for the same reason. That seems to keep everyone happy.

  3. I’ve never had problems with stuff on my LJ page, but if I forget to dump the Google doc I use for the typo hunt, Amazon gets a bit techy.

    Mind you, I do, on general principles, also remove the raw pre-first draft stuff from LJ, but that just being careful, not because of Amazon.

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