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Assumptions Were Made

We retrieved Mrs. Dave from the place with the huge silver birds, yesterday. And while I’d like to claim I haven’t had an opportunity to sit down and write (and I haven’t. Not really. And only half a cup of coffee, which is the real tragedy) that’s mostly due to communication, or rather, the lack of it. Assumptions were made, is what I’m saying, and the part I’m not saying is going to remain unsaid. Read more

Other Projects

I’m pretty solidly blocked on Scrap Star, right now. Not entirely sure why, and haven’t taken the time to work through it. I’m absolutely certain it has nothing at all to do with my poor sleep habits, lousy diet, and nonexistent exercise regimen. I figure it’s because of holidays, and travel, and children. So I’m doing a little monkeying about with game things. Mrs. Dave may have cadged me an invite to a work buddy’s gaming group, and I had an idea about a dungeon.
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Greasing Mental Gears

I hope everybody has survived the Annual Feast of Gratitude followed by the Annual Frenzy of Materialism. I managed to find several virtual opportunities to replace or upgrade items, which was nice. I also ate too much. There was pie. Most of it happened for breakfast the following morning. I also stumbled into one of the classic blunders. Not the Asia thing, or even the Sicilian one, no: I peopled for a week as an introvert and expected to get things done after returning home. Oops. Suffice to say, I’ve gotten nearly sufficient sleep, barely-adequate nutrition, and the Vitamin M hasn’t really touched my headache. So I’m just going to ramble for a while and hope it coalesces from inherent gravity. Foolish? Then I shall become that fool!
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On Villainy

As you read this, I’m working toward being on the road again. We’re absconding for parts south, the littles and I. Just a few days, and eating turkey (I think we’ll be eating turkey. I’m not actually sure. I know I’ll be roasting brussels sprouts with bacon, and then mulling cranberries, for my contribution to The Meal.) So I’m writing yesterday, on some thoughts I had the night before, while listening to Matt Colville’s excellent Running The Game series of youtube videos on Dungeon Mastery. Specifically the video on playing evil player characters.
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Burn, Baby, Burn

Welcome back, again, Writerly Friends, to the posts that never end. (Huh. That could make for a catchy title to somethin’.) I want to apologize for last week. I spent most of it driving, and the other parts sleeping. More or less. Lots of barely consciousness, at least. The first day, we got a freak blizzard (probably not freak-freak, as I wasn’t paying sufficient attention to the weather) over Monarch Pass. After that, it was clear and cold, with just a few flurries through southern Idaho. Wee Dave and Wee-er Dave were fantastic traveling companions, especially for their ages, and Pop Dave was on hand to keep me alert on the drive.
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All Hallows

Hey, all! Sarah’s got things, and swears (upon souls mortal and immortal) she’ll have a post up as soon as inhumanly possible. In the meantime, it’s fandom’s favorite holy day (after Heinlein’s Birthday, pbuh)!

On the other hand, maybe it feels more like a busman’s holiday, as a professional costumer friend of mine put it, this morning. I know there’s a not-insignificant part of me that looks upon such things as an annoyance. I’d rather be working, but instead I have to spend all this time managing children, and candy, and expectations. What about you, treasured readers? Is Halloween a trick upon the working writing? Is it your Favoritest Evar Day(TM)?

Venn You Vant to Get Better at Vone Thing

I’m attempting to write this while sharing my headphones with Wee Dave. He seems to like metal. This does not displease me. Thing is. The thing is. I’m kinda contorted, here. He’s just a bit under four feet tall, and with him standing and me sitting in a chair, I have to bend sideways. In order to type, I have to reach my arm around him. And I have the background noise of the house in one ear. In all, it’s a pretty awkward way to write, despite the pleasant proximity to Wee Dave.
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