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Posts by kilteDave

Dispatches From the Front

Welcome back to your 21st Century Manufactured Crisis! According to many, mostly those in power, the world is quickly sliding into the nether regions of the 831st Hell dimension, where palpable, icy darkness fights endlessly with scorching fire, where the food fights back, all stomachs are empty, and children form bands of feral, semi-barbarians and sacrifice their elders to new, dark gods. Should be fun, really, and the Wee Horde are halfway there, already. Read more

One Foot in Front of the Other

All is chaos. The Wee Horde rampages. Wee Dave has discovered an arcane and eldritch tongue, and casts incantations from grimoire for the amusement of Wee-er Dave, who delights at the mind-warping illusions created therefrom. Plants grow with no soil, and flesh is devoured uncooked. The natural laws are in abeyance for the duration. Water flows uphill, and burns. All is chaos, and there is no time. No time. No time. Read more

Sweating the Small Stuff

The apocalypse has been underwhelming. The entire left coast is under a cower-in-place order, now. Except you can get groceries (duh), and hit the hardware store for the supplies for all those honey-do projects for which you now have time. Also, make sure to get your car in for servicing, since those are essential. And get out and take a walk. Get some exercise. Locally, park buildings are closed, but the trails are open. Just no groups of more than ten people. Read more

It’s Just Sparkling Isolation

Quarantine Day #1 – Fires rage out of control. The TPocalypse has left countless dead in the streets, their backsides unclean. Your grandmother was right: you should have put on clean drawers this morning. Rice and beans have climbed in price, and we’re prying the silver out of our own fillings, just to eat. Darkness covers the land. The Wee Horde rampages. Drums, drums in the dark. Read more

Helping Hand

It’s a day. It’s already been a day. And a week. A month. A year. I know several folks who are definitely nonplussed by 2020. In another week or so, I fully expect most of my circles to be downright vexed. It’s proving to be … fraught. Most fraught. Of course, when things are fraught, people want to escape from the chaotic fraughtitude. Which is where we come in. What we’re doing here is explicitly working to increase those opportunities. So here’s a bit more… Read more

And Up

It’s that day, and here you are, and here I am. And I have more fiction! Yay, fiction! I’ve been focusing on consistency of production, recently, over absolute wordcount. And I think it’s working, actually. I’ve been focusing on getting a manuscript page per day as a minimum, and after a week, I sat down and ripped out three pages in roughly half an hour. Which was fun and exciting, and I haven’t done that in a while. Anyway, enjoy. Read more

Get Bored!

I can tell you I sure haven’t. Last weekend was LTUE, which was wonderful. I highly recommend it for those in the general hemisphere. This past week has been the attempt a return to routine. HAH. We, this Woden’s Day last, enrolled the Wee Horde in dance lessons. Not cheap (though I suspect it’s actually gotten cheaper considering inflation and suchlike), but it’s another hour a week I can adult. I also wrestled with the black dog this weekend gone, and that’s not getting any easier. In between, there have been massive bouts of laundry, menu planning, grocery shopping, and attempting new recipes. I’ve been swamped, and I may not even have my health. Read more