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What’s In A Hero?

Yesterday was fun. I saw Mrs. Dave off to work, as I usually do, then placated the Wee Horde with flesh of beast, and imbibed the brew of the bean. As I was turning my attention to the doings of the day, however, I noticed a spot of glare in my vision. I couldn’t remember looking into any bright lights (some of you will already have guess where I’m going with this, or rather where this took me) and the morning was rather overcast. I experienced a distinct sinking feeling as the spot spread to cover a large portion of the right side of my field of vision. I had a migraine. I spent most of the day dealing with the fallout of that, rather than getting anything done. Consequently, I’m struggling to come up with anything useful or interesting for you. Read more

In My Experience

Another week gone by, and another Tuesday here. Our own Amanda Green is taking a few weeks to power through a few things, including another book (keep an eye here for more news of that) and so Jon LaForce and I are going to be picking up the slack while she takes a much deserved break from working here to … do more … work. Yeah. Look, this is the writer’s life, which looks an awful lot like the entrepreneur’s life, but with more augury and divination. Tea leaves, for some, and coffee grounds for others. I don’t know what my LDS friends use. Maybe the dregs of a Dr. Pepper. Read more

Wahoonie Shaped

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that keeps going on, even should you want it to stop. There’s no knowing where we’re going, and a hurricane’s a’blowing. Or something like that. I hope you’ve all been having a good time violating house arres- I mean, getting out and about now that our benevolent lords and masters have relaxed the quarantine measures. I haven’t, but that’s because the weather here has been chill, gray, and damp. Not exactly wet-wet, until today, but certainly more than … moist. Oh, and not if you’re in certain parts of Colorado, where they received a goodly bit of snow. Kinda sucks to be a flower, right about now. My condolences to my gardening Coloradans.
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I’m distracted. I think we’re all distracted, right now. Times are a bit distracting. And unsettled. Mrs. Dave is back on a more or less normal work schedule, and the Wee Horde are officially on “Summer Break,” whatever that means this year. In reality, we’re pushing ahead with a slightly more diffuse academic schedule. They’re both about two years ahead in real terms, so it’s fairly light, but the 20/21 academic year is still up in the air, so we’re pursuing keeping them up on at least some mental exertion, rather than turning them into free-roaming savagelings until September. Read more

Bad Brain Day

I don’t wanna. I don’t wanna, and you can’t make me. Seriously, I’m barely managing to keep my own head above water. I have to set the kids in front of the screen to get time to write. Which happens once a week, pretty much. I’m tired of it, but there’s no relief in sight. Fortunately (heh, heh) Mrs. Dave will be going back on a normal schedule next week. Fortunately. Yeah. Sure.
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Taking Control

I’m almost on time. Getting writing time is … complicated. I have to find something for the children to do that is so interesting they can’t wrench themselves away to interrupt me every three or four minutes looking for the usual validation appropriate for their age. Which, as delightful as such is, is still incredibly damaging to creative flow. I kinda hate summers, and house arrest, and overreaching tyrants who care so damn much. Anyway, almost have this in on time. Enjoy. Read more

A Way Out

Fine, fine. We’re all doing fine, here. Nope. Nobody’s losing it. Not even a little. I swear. Okay, in all honesty, we’re actually going pretty well, here at Caer Dave. Things are shockingly normal, though I keep waiting for it all to get really weird, really quickly. I don’t know how long this is going to last, but I’m heartened by the signs of growing disgust with the political aristoi and their nonsensical handling of current events. Anyway, here: have some fiction.
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Distracti- What Was I Talking About?

What day is it? It’s sometime in 2020, I know that much. I think … I think it’s still the first part of the year, still? I’d like to be flippant about it, but things are somewhat strained. Just emotional well-being, thank goodness, but that’s often enough to stifle creativity.

Have you ever tried to write while distracted? I’m not talking normal, everyday interruptions. I’m talking having a small, curious, precocious human standing at your elbow asking questions, making observations, and stating desires more or less constantly. It’s draining. And not much actually happens. Strike that: a whole lot happens, but nothing gets accomplished. See that part about it being draining. Read more

I Confess

I’m at a bit of a loss for what to call this chapter. It may actually be only the first part. I’m … writing something serially is weird, and full of … It requires a certain Semper Gumbi attitude. Which is no doubt good for me.

Anyway, Mrs. Dave’s schedule has changed, yet again. It’s … getting … look, I’m a patient man (shaddap) and I like to think I’m capable of rolling with the punches. More or less. I’m starting to get a little tired of this, but Uncle Sugar has a bit stronger pull than I do. So be it. I did manage to knock out a chapter, last night, as I have the littles all day, as evidence I offer that I’m just now getting this up. My apologies on the timing. Let me know what you think. Read more

Today, and Today

Hey, all. I’ve had a week of short nights and ling days. The upside is I’ve accomplished a mess of stuff that requires minimal focus and creativity. The downside is my creative juices are … more or less desiccated. The constant presence of my family is a decidedly mixed blessing. My children are generally delightful, and flourishing in the dramatically increased parental environment.
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