Tuesday Lemonade Maundering

Welcome back to Tuesday. Things are heating up, here at Caer Dave. Literally. I mean, the sun is getting to that point of the year where the air is hot. It’s uncomfortable, and they don’t believe in air conditioning in the part of the world where the Wee Horde currently rampages. So we try to... Continue Reading →

Results Not Guaranteed

First up, Amanda has a new book for pre-order, release is on 18 August. Also, Jean Rabe has graced us with her presence this morning and discussed the advantages of going indie when your story “doesn’t fit” within the preconceived boxes publishers think are what they can market. Go read, and comment. If y’all play... Continue Reading →

I Used to Read

This was supposed to be for last week, and for that I apologize. Mrs. Dave and I took off for parts more barbaric. Barbaric enough we were in an area of spotty reception, and when I scheduled the post, it ... decided to schedule the post for the end of the month. The very end... Continue Reading →

What’s In A Hero?

Yesterday was fun. I saw Mrs. Dave off to work, as I usually do, then placated the Wee Horde with flesh of beast, and imbibed the brew of the bean. As I was turning my attention to the doings of the day, however, I noticed a spot of glare in my vision. I couldn’t remember... Continue Reading →

In My Experience

Another week gone by, and another Tuesday here. Our own Amanda Green is taking a few weeks to power through a few things, including another book (keep an eye here for more news of that) and so Jon LaForce and I are going to be picking up the slack while she takes a much deserved... Continue Reading →

Wahoonie Shaped

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that keeps going on, even should you want it to stop. There’s no knowing where we’re going, and a hurricane’s a’blowing. Or something like that. I hope you’ve all been having a good time violating house arres- I mean, getting out and about now that our benevolent lords... Continue Reading →


I’m distracted. I think we’re all distracted, right now. Times are a bit distracting. And unsettled. Mrs. Dave is back on a more or less normal work schedule, and the Wee Horde are officially on “Summer Break,” whatever that means this year. In reality, we’re pushing ahead with a slightly more diffuse academic schedule. They’re... Continue Reading →

Bad Brain Day

I don’t wanna. I don’t wanna, and you can’t make me. Seriously, I’m barely managing to keep my own head above water. I have to set the kids in front of the screen to get time to write. Which happens once a week, pretty much. I’m tired of it, but there’s no relief in sight.... Continue Reading →

Taking Control

I’m almost on time. Getting writing time is … complicated. I have to find something for the children to do that is so interesting they can’t wrench themselves away to interrupt me every three or four minutes looking for the usual validation appropriate for their age. Which, as delightful as such is, is still incredibly... Continue Reading →

A Way Out

Fine, fine. We're all doing fine, here. Nope. Nobody's losing it. Not even a little. I swear. Okay, in all honesty, we're actually going pretty well, here at Caer Dave. Things are shockingly normal, though I keep waiting for it all to get really weird, really quickly. I don't know how long this is going... Continue Reading →

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