Today, and Today

Hey, all. I’ve had a week of short nights and ling days. The upside is I’ve accomplished a mess of stuff that requires minimal focus and creativity. The downside is my creative juices are … more or less desiccated. The constant presence of my family is a decidedly mixed blessing. My children are generally delightful, and flourishing in the dramatically increased parental environment.

The parental units, on the other hand, are suffering from a distinct lack of rest. This wide-spread level of lengthy (really pretty indeterminate, especially in the notably less free states) house arrest is unprecedented in living experience, and arguably in history. I grow increasingly unamused. There’s a more or less constant refrain of, “give me a minute, Child,” audible which echoes unpleasantly from the walls of Caer Dave. It’s rough, and results in no small amount of frustration on the part of all the Caer’s residents.

Rather than further burden you, fine readers, I’m going to recommend you go read John van Stry’s guest post from earlier today, and I’ll catch you up with some killer fiction on our next meeting. Be well, weather the madness, and keep you powder dry.


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