1. *leaves tea and cookies* I also have nothing to post, as much as I’d love to, so much sympathy. Must. Write. Faster. (Or maybe just more consistently.)

      1. I’m outside this afternoon doing Man Stuff, it was decided that Maximum Maxwell needed a fenced yard. The fenced run not being suitable, as I was led to understand. (Phantom! New fence! Right Away!)

        So now, being a good Phantom, I am digging fence post holes and putting in cedar posts. Not so bad, because we have a post-hole auger and a tractor to mount it on, but slow because the clay here is like concrete. With a little work you could throw pots with it. The auger nibbles its way down.

        Cuts down on the computer time. And there’s anime to be watched, that’s also important. ~:D

          1. When you need the BIG tractor to pull the small three-bottom plow. I have a little compact New Holland (ferrin’ made) with a 3-point hitch, I think if I was plowing it would only pull a single bottom. The 9 inch auger today is -grinding- its way down, meal is coming out at the top unless there’s water. In the soaky spots its pottery clay. The stiff kind. Yee haw.

      1. Be careful. If you don’t watch it, the characters will start yelling and you’ll be typing as fast as you can at 2AM just to get them to shut up.

  1. Alas, still only the three shorts. (I am hoping that Labor Day weekend will actually result in labor – from 6 PM today to 6 PM Monday, I actually have NO transport duties to perform!)

    For what it’s worth:

      1. That was quick!

        Addenda – an enjoyable and safe Labor Day weekend to all. Plenty of meats (or beyond) perfectly grilled, beverages that satisfy (alcoholic or not), and family / friends to enjoy them with.

  2. New release next week, so I’ll wait for a while. And two other books are fighting to be written next. Both are started. One needs to be written first for business reasons, but the other is jumping up and down and screaming at me. #writerproblems

      1. Fountains of Mercy, the first/eighth* Colplatschki book. (First in in-world order, 8th in initial series order.)

        *And if that makes you think of James VI/I and Charles I/V, you have been doing way too much European history and should see a professional for help.

    1. For what it’s worth, AdBlock Lattitude with EasyList is happy with this. No blocks.

      (media-amazon dot com and pubmine dot com are blocked. Nothing else.)

  3. I myself haven’t gotten anything out this year, but I’m working on it. The last one finished had some major structural problems; I’m letting it sit to see if it needs a major or minor rewrite, and if it’s better to leave as a learning exercise or try to salvage for the market.

    The current one is coming slowly, but at least it’s working so far…

    This was the last one published.

        1. The way that I have found works consistently is to use the “minimal” link and make sure it is on its own line (carriage return not needed after, but definitely before).

          Such as the first one that you put up (now, watch, that will probably bomb, the way the week has been going):

          1. Hah! The WP dirty tricks code missed me for once.

            The minimal link is “https:” “//” “www” “.” “amazon” “.” “com” “/dp/” and the book ID (in this case “B005VFXN3U”). Without all of the quotes, of course.

            WP converts that into a truly nasty bit of embedded link code for you.

  4. And this is coming soon, September 9. It’s the first in a new series that is on the same world as the trilogy but earlier in time.

  5. I need to get back to actually polishing stuff and getting it up. The last couple of years have been rough, and everything fell apart when I was sick last winter. Bby the time the endocrinologist prescribed me thyroid pills and I started recovering, we were moving into our busy season with the retail business, and when we weren’t selling at a con, I was focusing on bringing my various websites up to modern standards.

    Once we finish Indiana Comic Con and I get unloaded and the bookwork finished, I should start to have some more time. Maybe I can get some actual headway made, if I can figure out how to split my time between fiction and the websites.

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