All Hallows

Hey, all! Sarah’s got things, and swears (upon souls mortal and immortal) she’ll have a post up as soon as inhumanly possible. In the meantime, it’s fandom’s favorite holy day (after Heinlein’s Birthday, pbuh)!

On the other hand, maybe it feels more like a busman’s holiday, as a professional costumer friend of mine put it, this morning. I know there’s a not-insignificant part of me that looks upon such things as an annoyance. I’d rather be working, but instead I have to spend all this time managing children, and candy, and expectations. What about you, treasured readers? Is Halloween a trick upon the working writing? Is it your Favoritest Evar Day(TM)?

16 thoughts on “All Hallows

  1. This is the first year Child understands what’s going on. I’m super-excited, and wouldn’t trade for anything ^.^

    (I also finally carved a pumpkin after meaning to for… um. A decade. Very rudimentary. But it’s mine!)

  2. Halloween is more of a month-long celebration for me. Lots of classic horror movies crammed into 31 days.

    1. Not much in the way of horror for me (I am… ridiculously sensitive audio/visual-wise, in a way I’m not while reading), but my husband tells me that most anything atmospheric (in a range of ways) can slide in under the wire as far as he’s concerned. >_> The Dark Crystal counts as a Halloween movie? I’m in!

  3. I love Halloween. George the zombie is crawling out of the ground, with a couple of pumpkins and chrysanthemums to keep him company. The household is well supplied with chocolate, and I just got out my witches hat. Dusty!

    We probably won’t get any trick or treaters, but I’ll be ready, just in case.

  4. I love it. Although I was told that a steampunk costume would not be a costume for me. 😛

    October is my favorite month. It is the breathing space between summer’s heat and winter’s business and storms.

  5. It was fun when the kids were little. Now that they’re taller than I am and have their own houses, they won’t let me dress them up as cute little unicorns any more.

    1. ^This. My kids are teens and this year they are both doing SOMETHING ELSE, meaning “hang out with friends.” Last year, my daughter went to a Halloween party (in costume) and my son sat out on our front porch to give out the candy. With both of them participating, it was still fun for me. This year…not so much. Hubby and I decided to “go dark.” Lights out, gate latched, look like nobody’s home. So far, we’ve gotten not one knock from trick-or-treaters. (And I’ve been trying to devise a good title for my next release.)

  6. I’m missing my buddy’s party tonight. I’ve already been chased around a cornfield by zombie clowns this year so I’m good! Note to self sweet cider and rum do not mix! 😉

    Halloween is the one time of year that I kick up my heels and allow myself to go a little crazy. I feel like less of a freak in public because we’re all freaks on hallow’s eve.

    Seeing as how I’m out of range for any clubs or parties that I might actually want to go to I’ll probably go for an evening walk in the woods and think up things to freak myself out. Last time I took out the garbage I almost convinced myself that their was something malevolent out in the woods because I happened to whistle for my dog in an echoey spot that distorted the sound and bounced it back to me after a longish delay. (Garbage pick up is at the end of a very long dark driveway). 😀

    Happy haunting everybody!

  7. I had to go to my “regular” full time job today (which sadly is NOT writing), but still got my “writing time” in by setting up a small table on my porch and writing between groups of kids coming up for trick-or-treat.

    As a side note, this year, I bought twice as much candy as last year. Last year I had left-overs. This year, I not only ran out, but my daughter volunteered a few handfuls of HER candy so that we wouldn’t have to send a group of kids that showed up after we ran out wouldn’t have to go away empty handed (I have such awesome kids!)

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