Copyright, Rights-Claims, and Money: EU Regulation Questions

Although this applies primarily to internet content providers, specifically media outlets such as newspapers, TV, and news sites, the proposed revisions to European Union copyright and “Fair Use” rules could affect [afflict?] bloggers and writers as well, depending on how we use material and if we post things on-line for readers (Article 11) and the evidence requirements for proof of Copyright.

I’ve posted some info and links below the fold:


Does YouTube Underpay Artists 13 Billion a Year? Understanding YouTube’s Article 13 Freakout

As you can guess from the title, the author sides heavily against G00gle and for clear payments and rights for those who upload content and generate revenue for G00gle.  They support the proposed revision to Article 13.

In contrast, The Electronic Frontier Foundation is firmly opposed, for reasons that look past “YouTube is cheating people.” [Full disclosure: I contributed funds to EFF back in the early 2000s, before the Blog Wars.]

Pay-per-link has a lot of possible consequences, none of them really great for the majority of web-sites and blogs. I’d prefer not to see disappear, for example, because PG might have to pay for the privilege of linking to publishing news sites. The news-aggregator sites began protesting as soon as these were proposed, and (in my opinion) for good reason.

Granted, those of us outside the EU are not bound by EU rules, but my experience is that no bad idea ever dies. And it would not surprise me if a court decided that EU based content providers could indeed demand compensation for links to non-EU sites in the future.


  1. “And it would not surprise me if a court decided that EU based content providers could indeed demand compensation for links to non-EU sites in the future.”

    Canadian judges do this all the time. They decide cases in Canada based on precedent set in Europe, sometimes Asia. They will certainly be wanting to do it, because it makes people shut up.

    Remember, anything that makes The Proles shut up is good.

  2. However I immediately thought of a way around it. Don’t post links, and don’t quote articles. Post titles and page numbers.

    I’m sure lots of piratical websites for linking/archiving will spring up as well. Hoist the Jolly Roger, crew!

    1. Bloggers around here are doing that now. Some of them are also going back and changing old links to non-link web adresses.

    1. I suspect both, and once the smoke clears, the center of power will shift East for at least a generation. Russia will not be pleased. I suspect England, IF Brexit really does go through, will ease up on some things IF the censorship there has not gone too far. I’m 50/50 on that last.

        1. Western Europe has forgotten about serious day to day opression. Eastern Europe hasn’t and is not willing to chance it with people from middle east and north africa. Also churches in western europe are prone to side with muslims on charitable grounds.

      1. I suspect the Brits will probably escape the EU’s mess. Whether they manage to deal with their homegrown mess before it eats them alive is an entirely separate question.

      2. My younger Brit friends are dreading Brexit like it’s going to be the end of the world. I made an offhand comment about how if the EU really pushes through their IP proposals they’ll likely be happy to no longer be in the EU. The response was, well interesting. One intimated that pulling out of the EU will be a huge human rights crisis resulting in many dead. I’m not exactly sure if he was intimating that the UK was the only thing keeping the EU from going 0-to-jackboot, or if he thinks the EU is the only thing keeping the UK from committing genocide itself.

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