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Kate is snowed under at work, so I’m taking this time to be evil and I want you to join me. Below is a very short snippet of ConVent, the first book in her Con series. Yes, they are being re-issued. But we want more Con books, right? So let’s start the begging and badgering and maybe Kate will surprise us with a new book soon. — ASG

Mad Genius Club

In the tradition of very small presses, ConVent has gone from being released Real Soon Now to being released Any Time Now. Needless to say I’m excited. And I have a cover!

Multitalented multifarious Sarah Hoyt has graciously provided cover art that captures the multifold complex layering of this unique literary tour-de-farce. Oops. Did I say that out loud?

Anyway, snippetses are available here and here (in that order), and there will be more, so keep watching the Naked Truth for more hot undercover angel (that doesn’t sound quite right somehow).

Oh, yes. The disclaimers. Everyone except those who asked (and in some cases begged) for it is a combination of original character and pastiche of observations from multiple sources. The people who asked got to decide what I was going to do to them, and how. You know who you are. Also, the management is not responsible for any…

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  1. For someone that missed getting these, where can I get them? My googlefu is failing me and I loved the snippets.

    1. They aren’t available (to the best of my knowledge) now but apparently will become available again in the near future.

      Oh, IMO they’ll likely show up in the Kindle store when they become available again.

  2. More please, yes!

    Jon’s one of the very few good vampires I can stand. Probably because he’s cynical and hates sparklepires!

  3. Warning: do not read these in places where you might have to explain why you are bursting out in loud guffaws. Also, do not read it you are easily offended by broad humor and some heavy violence. And do not blame Kate if you can never look at the chicken option at a convention or meeting banquet in quite the same way.

      1. Noted, but my understanding is that they’re being re-issued. I was fortunate enough to snag Book 1 just before they were pulled from the market (literally, bought Book 1, read it in about a week, went looking for Book 2 and couldn’t find any of them) and I need my fix, dangit!

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