Camestros Felapton is Toby Meadows, spouse of Foz Meadows

I don’t have much for you on this wintery Sunday morning, other than to tack up a broadsheet with information on it. Since Facebook has deemed such information beneath its community standards — in the same manner that the Bolsheviks deemed both the White Guard and the Trotskyites beneath community standards — I feel compelled to record these things in an independent space. Because when the jelly beans are aligned, and a troll is revealed for who and what he actually is, I think it’s important to pay attention.

Long-time Mad Genius Club readers are familiar with Camestros — often dubbed Cameltoe, by those who’ve dickered with the man in the comments sections of various libertarian and conservative SF/F author blogs — mainly for his outsized ego, and a penchant for assuming he is several orders of magnitude more intelligent than not only the host(s) of the blogs he trolls, but also the comment participants to boot.

Put simply, Felapton is the proverbial pouting basement genius — because the universe is not sufficiently moved by his Brobdingnagian intellect.

Small wonder, then, that Camestros Felapton is actually Toby Meadows, a philosophy-slash-humanities PhD presently employed at the University of Queensland, Australia. Also, Toby Meadows is the spouse of Australian SF/F gadfly and left-wing political activist Foz Meadows.

Now, how or why a humanities professor at an Australian school decides to invent for himself an alter-ego — as a pseudonymous genre troll — is something of a mystery. I mean, he’s hardly the caliber of Benjanun “Requires Hate” Sriduangkaew. Suffice to say, both Toby and Foz are very much on the same wavelength in their attitudes and politics, and it’s a shame Toby didn’t feel confident enough to be a dick under his actual name. I mean, since when has any humanities professor ever been called on the carpet for being a dick to libertarians and conservatives? I am pretty sure the universities give you pay raises and promises of tenure, for that kind of activity. It’s a career booster.

But only if you don’t chicken out, maybe?

Other than that, I want to state — again — my belief that literary SF/F can and will outlast these cultural Marxists. They want the field to become a small, insulated playtoy; for Left-activist academics and their many hangers-on. But you can’t put the indie djinni back in the bottle. And the market always wins. Always. Much to the chagrin of taste-makers and policy-pushers, who stubbornly believe the purpose of entertainment is to “educate” the dirty, unwashed consumer. Versus, you know, giving the consumer a good time. (shakes head sadly at The Last Jedi’s 49% audience approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.)

P.S: hey Cameltoby, Clark Kent’s first rule in denying he’s Superman — do not go on the front page of the Daily Planet, denying that you’re Superman.


  1. Brad, if you will spend some time around university faculty in their native environment of academia, you’ll see this type of behavior is not unusual. In fact I’ve seen behavior that makes Cameltoe’s look tame.

    1. I can believe it. It reminds me of the one and only time I sat in on university English lit class, run by a professor who bragged about having a whole book to his publishing credit. The guy’s head was so swollen, I am amazed his neck didn’t need a brace. And when I revealed I was dabbling in SF/F — this was 25 years ago, in my young and innocent days — he quite literally sneered at me. Needless to say, I walked away, and never took any English lit courses. ‘Aint nobody got time for that! 😉

      1. Reminds me of a little anecdote.

        When I attended the University of Akron, I was the only person to ever be exempted from both the required English courses for a bachelors in the College of Arts & Sciences. First step was to take the second course, with the idea that if I did that and passed with a good enough grade I would get “back credit” towards the degree requirement.

        The first assignment was to write a piece about the Declaration of Independance and whether or not it was still relevant. Listening to the other students talk about their pieces I silently screamed in the back of my head, “I’ve got to get out of here!”

        As a result, I took my then published material–a few stories sold to Analog and the late Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine (this was before certain information about Ms. Bradley came to light), an article sold to The World & I, and another sold to High Technology Careers–to the department chair and basically got an agreement that “yep, you’re English comp skills are good enough that this course would be redundant. Then he realized that I was doing the “take the second course in the hope of not needing to take the first” approach and went ahead and rolled with it giving me the check marks on the “what’s needed for a degree” for both English comp courses without having to take the courses.

        People in the past had been exempted from one or the other of those two courses. I was the first, the only so far as I know, to be exempted from both.

        1. My college required English 101 for everybody. Well, everybody except twenty students—those in the Honors Program. Consider that incentive enough.

          I got a five on the AP English Comp test, which I was allowed to take without an accompanying class because it was a small school that could only manage a few AP courses. I was the only student to take it that year, and nobody was surprised when I got a perfect score. English 101 would have ended with somebody dead. Probably another student for idiocy. “Learn how to construct sentences and paragraphs.” Oh no no no.

          1. On the other hand, I attended a community college, was a few years out of high school, and landed in a truly gifted teacher’s classroom. He brought my writing up to speed, and encouraged me to keep in writing.

            He thought I was funny.

            When I was TRYING to be.

      2. Brad, I had a very similar experience in an Eng. Comp. class. I had two novels out, third was coming out, and hadn’t spoken about them in class. The professor had just had a slim volume published through a vanity press. She found out about my books, and in class one day made a nasty comment… nasty enough I actually went to my advisor, who escalated it to the dean, which got me an abject apology from the prof.

        That, and I didn’t exactly agree with her take on critique of certain literature.

  2. “Philosophy of (subject)” is right up there with “(subject) Studies” as a refuge for dull-witted Marxists.

    I’m not sure how those two egos manage to inhabit the same house. Remember, his spouse is the one who tried to lecture multi-zillion-mega-seller, owns-an-actual-mountain Larry Correia on how his sales would dramatically improve if he would only follow her advice. At the time, her works had an Amazon sales rank of somewhere in the mid-millions.

    1. Ah, but in the eyes of Trüfandom. Foz is an “important author”, and the International Lord of Hate is merely a commercial hack and schlock artist. . .

    2. Oh gee, I’d forgotten that episode. Well, since he’s not selling to Real Fans of Real Lit’rature, she does have a point (if you use her definitions).

    3. I believe the rules are that if you know the author’s name, it can’t be Ahhhhht. If that’s the case, Foz Meddows is safe. I’ve never heard of her before.

      1. Me neither, so I went ducking, and the first thing I came to was this:

        Now, who with any market experience at all spends two seconds examining literary ‘contests’ that charge a ‘reading fee’ ?? (Okay, at least she finally reached the conclusion that it’s a scam award, demonstrating at least one functioning brain cell.)

        And then I looked a little further, and on her current blog homepage I found this turd floating in an otherwise reasonably-pure review: “The point being, the entire plot of The Last Jedi suffers because of a single, seemingly homophobic decision – unnecessarily splitting up Poe and Finn to avoid further Han/Leia comparisons”

        Uh, wut??

        1. Not just boring, a shipper so die hard that their ship is the only way to understand a story. Haa haa.

        2. That’s how TLJ suffers? Really? Not the myriad narrative fails or the complete trashing of characters and lore?

          1. Shamus Young makes the argument that Mass Effect’s flaws are due to a lack of a cohesive creative vision directing the writing. This Star Wars trilogy may likewise suffer from different creative teams for the first and second movie. That said, as someone who no longer has much attachment to the property, it is easy for me to poo-poo this or that comprehensive theory of the movie’s flaws.

  3. Interesting. So we know this is the Floppy Cameltoe because… he’s denying it? He argues like a lawyer (more like a law student) so this fits. I see by his blog he’s expecting a tsunami of pissed-off Puppies, coming down like the Wrath of Kahn.

    I don’t really care. I’m a big believer in anonymity. If you want to find out what people -really- think you go to a masquerade. That’s the Internet. The only time I think unmasking people is reasonable is when they start pulling shit like SWATing and creepy cyberstalking. Then the cops should do it.

    Beyond that, all I need to know about Floppy Cameltoe is that he’s a commie, a jackass, and a little man who has to WIN every argument at any cost. Even if he’s 6’2″, he’s little inside. I’m proud to be banned from his execrable bog. Being that guy is its own best punishment, you ask me.

    Still, if he is a prof at U. Queensland, I know where not to send a kid to school. Can you imagine? [shudder]

      1. Oh, that’s the kenning I gave him the other week, in a thread discussing how one dealt with meeting up with long-time trolls IRL. I said that if I were concom, I wouldn’t ban Camestros from a convention unless he actually _did_ something dangerous or theft-related. (Although I’d be seriously worried about Yamama who shall not be named; and I would ban his butt, because law enforcement and all observers deem him actually a stalker, not just a troll.)

        The kenning was because, of course, “Camestros Felapton” references the logic mnemonic poem invented by the logician Pope John XXI (whose pre-papal name was Petrus Hispanus). I believe C’s blog has long had some kind of explanatory post about his username, although I haven’t been on his blog for a while.

        Yup, it’s true that I’m easily charmed by a good username. Even if a jerk or an annoying person is using it, I still view it as a proof that the person has his good points. (Although wit is wasted when not matched with goodwill and good deeds.)

        But what kind of repute has he brought upon his username by his words and actions? If he were someone beloved by all for being a good scholar and netizen, it would be a delight to learn his true identity; but instead, it’s just one more sad fact about the man. (Although it’s good to know that he has a steady job and a full life, unlike Yama.)

        To love logic is a good thing; but to live in harmony with the Logos is what makes studying logic worthwhile. Many professors are tyrants. But to be a real professor is to live the life of the mind, and to help students learn and become better people. I hope to see Camestros grow into that, when he gets tired of the specious argumentation and the cliques.

        1. That’s the thing about the guy- he’s a rather tedious and boring troll, with an utter inability to make a point, or even an interesting post.
          Which, considering his day job, is really, really sad.

    1. “All I need to know about Floppy Cameltoe is that he’s a commie, a jackass, and a little man.”

      That’s an unfair insult. I have several complaints here from vertically challenged humans, as well as members of the species Equus Asinus who would like to protest that they have absolutely nothing in common with Mr. Felapton.

    1. That’s what I’m saying. Its fun to smash trolls, but for IRL troll smashing, he doesn’t meet the criteria. What are we going to do, send pizzas to his house? Yeah, that’ll show him!

      1. I’m a huge believer in the christian variant of the golden rule, which isn’t “be nice”, and overlaps in its corallaries with game theory – namely the aspect that people define what they consider acceptable treatment by how they treat others.

        And that it’s thus fine to treat them the same in turn. Reprisals, and the optimal solution to the prisoners dilemma, tie in rather well with this.

          1. *big hugs back!!!!* All is well on our side of the world too – busy as heck, that’s for sure. Glad to know you’re well; I’ve been wondering how you’ve been. Belated happy New Year and Merry Christmas, my dear friend! It’s wonderful seeing you here!

    2. Doxxing is the public publishing of an actual person’s secure details, like a social security number, their birthday, credit card information, etc. Basically, the kind of information that identity thieves routinely use. Putting a real name with a pseudonym isn’t doxxing. It’s merely connecting the dots. Toby left IP addresses on every blog he ever visited — under the guise of Camestros — as well as dropping other clues here and there. Eventually, somebody took the time to put the pieces together, and voila. The troll now has a real face and a real name.

      1. Yep. This is how folks found out long ago that yamamanama (aka Clamps) was a man named Andrew Marston of Marshfield Massachusetts – back when his trolling was mostly on Livejournal, and he was pretending to be a teenage girl to get leniency from people thinking he was a total idiot. That stopped when one of the folks who frequented a discussion blog (I was also participating in) that he would troll decided to google the moniker, guessing that someone this obnoxious couldn’t POSSIBLY be just annoying us as the – and found it attached to his facebook, which at the time also had his real name (the FB was either swiftly friendslocked or deleted.) The discovery that Clamps was male swiftly lead to the investigating person telling the blog owner about the real name, age and city/state – along with the other horrible things that got linked to the name. IP checking ensued and yep, it was confirmed.

        For reasons we were never really sure about, Clamps blamed me for that expose even though it was someone else who did the search and evidence gathering. We figured out after a while that he believed that the other person was a sockpuppet of me, and I was pretending to be that other person. (SJBullies always project.)

        1. *annoying just us – as the profile we’d built based on their replies revealed a rather smug egotistical arrogance.

          I gotta say, people were seriously surprised to find out that Clamps was an adult male in his (then twenties) not a teenybopper girl.

          But it wasn’t a ‘huge investigation’ it was three seconds of Google.

      2. Wait, so the so-called towering intellect didn’t realize that you could look up the IP address left behind on something like a publicly accessible … IP look up website?

        That’s special. (certain plugins in WordPress allow you to do that from INSIDE wordpress too.)

        1. Nate, you get the feeling we don’t play that “prove it!!!” game here like they do on Vile 666 and Floppy Cameltoe? That’s a stupid game, we don’t like it.

          We play a game called “respect”. Brad and Dave said they did the research, we are okay with that. If they made a mistake, they’ll say so.

          You, who have no respect, should think about that.

          1. Phantom, I am holding Brad to the same standard that math teachers required, scientists have to provide, and that is asked of anyone who wants to win a discussion online.

            If we don’t ask for proof, and then confirm the proof is valid, then we end up in a world where the Pentagon Papers are just as true as PizzaGate.

            That doesn’t fly for me.

            1. Maybe the Pentagon Papers are as credible as Pizzagate. New York Times covered up the Holodomor, so why shouldn’t I assume their other reporting is also carefully systemically fraudulent?

            2. Nate Hoffelder said: “Phantom, I am holding Brad to the same standard that math teachers required, scientists have to provide, and that is asked of anyone who wants to win a discussion online.”

              Well there’s yer problem, Nate baby. Nobody “wins” a discussion. A discussion is an exchange of opinions between peers. There is a rather nice participation award at the end though.

              Taking this opportunity to correct your misapprehension: this is not math class, it is not “science,” and it is also not a law court. This is a blog where writers talk about writing, and occasionally complain about horrific trolls. Like Floppy Cameltron. Who is banned here for being a horrific troll, demanding proof, and bad logic chopping. (Yes, the blog owners ban people for that kind of thing. Also not big on liars. Ask China Mike about that one.)

              Maybe Cameltron is this Toby guy, maybe not. If you READ what anybody said here, you will find that no one actually cares a damn. I certainly don’t, I live in Canada and couldn’t possibly care less. If he was in the next office I’d point and laugh, as it is, meh.

              If you’re looking for page and paragraph, maybe go back to the bogs of despair where they do that sort of tedious horse shit. I won’t presume to speak for Brad and Dave, but I prophesy that they will tell you to piss off.

        1. That would be profoundly disappointing. I expected so much more from aliens and computers.

          1. It would be evidence that in addition to developing artificial intelligence, we’d managed artificial stupidity as well.

  4. I find it funny that revealing a persons true identity is now considered to be a crime by so many.
    It’s not. Neither is it immoral or even unethical. People have been using anonymous identities for over a thousand years…
    … and they’ve been getting unmasked for just as long when they’ve started pissing off others and hiding behind their anonymous identity (Like camel, who I’m pretty sure doesn’t even really understand what the words of his nom-de plume mean).

    In the early days of the internet, everyone went by a ‘handle’ and there were many reasons for it (not the least being that many systems would only allow one instance of a name). And if you started acting like a jack-ass, your RL name would quickly be revealed as a warning to get some manners.

    But honestly, if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. If you’re going to troll and be obnoxious, well you deserve to be outed. If you’re too scared to say what you mean in public under your own name, then you shouldn’t be saying it when wearing a fake identity.

    1. Back during Sad Puppies 3, I had more than one person ask me, “Why aren’t you doing all of this under a pseudonym?” The simple answer — in each instance — was: because nothing is actually secret on the internet, and if they want to find out who you are, they will do it sooner or later, and besides which, there was nothing I was saying or doing that I wouldn’t be willing to own anyway. Even if the heat was coming down. Only the occupants of the House of Trufandom could not fathom conducting SP3 under an actual name, because the occupants of the House of Trufandom considered SP3 high treason, and any one of them would sooner cut off a limb, than be ejected from the house under those conditions. It would literally ruin them.

  5. What I know of him, going by his internet handle, is that he seems to be very proud of his knowledge of Aristotelian logic. [sarc] Well, hot damn, isn’t he a fellow? [/sarc] I also know from his ramblings and a peek or two at his blog that he doesn’t much use it in internet discourse. I also strongly suspect from my own experience, that knowing Aristotelian logic does not necessarily make you smarter than the average bear.

      1. That’s the only thing I can think of. I’ve actually seen him pull a Glyer and lie about what someone said in the comment that he was replying to.

        1. I’ve had him do that to me. He does it commonly, whenever things aren’t going his way.

          Must suck to be like that, eh?

      2. Sigh.

        He wasn’t trying to convince anyone.

        He was trying – and succeeding – in wearing you down, exasperating you, and filling your posts with so many reeking turns that no-one would read the comments.

        In other words, he was using what he knew of classical reasoning to bait and harass a bunch of intellectually honest libertarian Odds in a targeted campaign of internet harassment.

        SJWs always project

  6. From Lou’s blog:
    Richard Paolinelli and like minded people have started a new group, the Science Fiction & Fantasy Guild. Rather than welcome any new group that has the potential to draw people together in their common love of speculative fiction, Felaptron has attacked Richard and the group. /endquote
    My understanding is that the new group, just recently started and trying to find itself, has the intention of being what SFWA has always purported to be, and most definitely isn’t.
    Most genre writers have some sort of supportive organization, mystery, romance, and so on, and they at the very least serve as a means to communicate and share knowledge between practitioners of a craft that is by its nature isolationist.
    By my observation SFWA, while claiming to be a writers’ organization, seems much more to serve as just another gatekeeper for agents and publishers to the detriment of their members.
    So it’s understandable that any group with the intention of doing what they can or will not is going to come under attack from the usual suspects.

    1. That is exactly what the Science Fiction & Fantasy Creators Guild is being started up for. Because orgs like SFWA and others have chosen to become political and social activists instead of a place of welcome to all SFF artists. What does make us different is we are not just for writers but also for game creators, indie filmmakers, cover artists. We’re just getting started so it is going to take some time to get where we want, but we’ll get there, BTW, in case this posts under my WordPress ID, yes, I am Richard Paolinelli.

    2. Back in the ’80s, SFWA was utterly obsessed with linking membership eligibility to a certain number of publications over a set period of time in approved venues. Loud voices wanted to throw me (and a fair number of others) out of the club because we didn’t publish often enough. I dropped out. I never went back. And in truth, nothing of value was lost, and a useful amount of stomach lining was (re)gained.

    3. As I heard it, the SFWA was formed because a number of authors were having problems with the “and then I get paid” part of writing. The final straw leading to the organization was finding different sales figures for each half of various Ace Doubles.

    4. Good on them! If they need any sort of logo / artwork to use on a temporary basis until they can get something “just right” they have cut-and-chop rights to my Dragon Awards comic.

      Build up, build over, build around. Cheers!

  7. Well, I kinda miss the days (not that I lived back then!) when SF/scientifiction magazines used to print fans’ addresses in the letter column, for the furthering of pen pals and the founding of clubs. (And these days, for Maureen to look up people’s addresses on Google Maps, and see if their old houses or apartment buildings are still standing.) Back then, though, people would send you free copies of their fanzines, not nastygrams and suspicious packages.

    But yes, “doxxing” properly speaking involves the malicious revelation of people’s home addresses and other documentation, as opposed to simply revealing their noms de normal life.

    As for Camestros, it is useful and interesting to know “where he’s coming from.” Explains some of his verbal quirks, for one thing.

    1. That he’s holding a make-work government job?

      I’d almost have more respect for him if he was still living in his parent’s basement.

    2. “But yes, “doxxing” properly speaking involves the malicious revelation of people’s home addresses and other documentation”

      Back in the days of Usenet, someone I knew had people trying to get him fired because they disagreed with his opinions (generally on SF writings and TV, not exactly earth-shaking reasons.) He worked at a university, they claimed, and the time stamps meant he was wasting public funds! Except he was IT, and he was usually running a compiler or other time-consuming programs, and this was something he would do while waiting, and his bosses knew that. So I learned about doxxing before “doxxing” was a word.

      1. I remember a story once where someone tried to bitch out Housemate for watching anime while on the job. He was waiting for something to finish. “That doesn’t mean you can slack!” (Yes, because somehow he’s supposed to do stuff on computers that were in the process of DOING SOMETHING…)

        Then his boss leaned out and said what he was doing was fine (she was sitting right there, with him, waiting for the compile to finish as well…)

        Well, there was a lot of bitching besides that, but not germane to the story.

  8. But yes, “doxxing” properly speaking involves the malicious revelation of people’s home addresses and other documentation, as opposed to simply revealing their noms de normal life.

    Pretty much this. One is not doxxed merely by having the Scooby Doo mask yanked off of one’s head. Toby had a good run. But everywhere he went, he left IP addresses and other clues. He’d have probably gotten busted sooner, except for the fact that most of us just weren’t that interested in him. But eventually the truth came out, and when the denizens of Pravda 770 decided to get the commissars of Facebook involved . . . well, that’s when I knew it was time to put up something in a public space, where the information could not be so easily wiped away.

    Incidentally, I noticed Toby’s Facebook ID for Felapton, has finally been zinged for using a false name. Nice to see the commissars can work both ways, occasionally.

    Again, he had a nice run. And he’s nowhere near the level of someone like Requires Hate.

    But it is instructive to put an actual person with the pseudonym. So many things — about the behavior and the tactics and the attitudes of that pseudonym — make sense now.

  9. I don’t really care who he is in real life. He’s an ass online, and that’s enough to know. His being married to Foz does kind of explain some of his views though.

  10. Of course he’s doing more denying. He’s not street smart, he’s merely book smart. He doesn’t grasp the optics of the situation.

    Again, Clark Kent’s first rule of denying he’s Superman — do not go on the front page of the Daily Planet, denying you’re Superman.

    1. From reading Silver Age comics, the best way to do that is to gaslight Lois Lane with Superman robots and Batman.

      The Silver Age was kind of messed up sometimes.

  11. The funny thing is how obsessive he is. NO!!! IT’S NOT ME!!! SEE HOW NOT ME IT IS????

    Also if it really wasn’t him, why is it that they got the post removed so quickly and Lou banned? I mean, really, if it’s not you, just ignore it and move on with your life, but he’s already got two posts up about how IT’S DEFINITELY NOT HIM!

    I’m amused.

    1. Precisely. If it weren’t him (remember the weird guesses at my past from the left, including the idea I’d run here to escape the 74 revolution? When I was… 11. Precocious I was) you sort of go “What? No. You’re weird.” And go on with life. Because “people be crazy.” You don’t demand the post be taken down. that’s an admission right there. Also frankly a “You ain’t too smart, are you?”

      1. Sarah has it 100%. If it weren’t him, he’d sniff at the accusation, and move on. Very little response, if any at all. Getting Lou’s FB post yanked so quickly, then immediately going on his blog to shout, “IT’S TOTES NOT ME!” is basically hanging a giant glowing sign over your head that says, “YES, IT’S ME, ACTUALLY.”

          1. ‘why he’s so scared of being exposed’ – 1)Someone may well look at the time-stamps on his turgid screeds… and find that the University was paying him to do some real work when he was shit-posting

            2) I suspect that shit-posting is in fact a breach of his employment conditions.

            3)His efforts started by attacking the sad puppies when his wife was one of the beneficiaries of them being attacked and eliminated. Now, I am of the kind who believes a man ought to support his wife’s work and ambitions – but if he did so in under his own name that would have two negative consequences a)People would see he had vested interest and weigh what he said in that light. b)It shone a light on his partner’s ‘gender-queer’ credentials, that she would be damaged by.

            4) As in (3b) Foz is very careful not to talk much about the fact that for a ‘gender-queer’ leading author – she’s quite vanilla, Married, sharing the same name, being supported by and moving with her husband. So: either she’s the Rachael Dolezal of ‘gender-queer’ or he’s a straight man who tolerates her less-than-traditional interpretation of marriage… or he’s also, shall we say ‘genderqueer’ and using marriage as front. As that is a very reminiscent description of the situation between MZB and Breen, if that is the case, there are very good reasons to not draw attention to it.

            5)He’s supposed to be an expert in logic. Now, if there is one overwhelmingly obvious deficit in Fieldsy arguments and attacks… it’s logic. There is a lack of it. His ‘strengths’ for what they are, are turgidity (he goes on and on and on, making Hegel seem terse), his sea-lioning (when you apply logic and destroy his point – he doesn’t acknowledge that, but slides to the next turgid screed, and his ability to pick up on irrelevant trivia which have no effect on the logic of the argument but can be used to derail. In other words: his shitposting could be used as proof that he’s not much good at his job, let alone wasting his time on it instead.

            1. 1) and 2) if so, someone else is likely to do the investigation. 3) lol, someone having personal stakes in stuff and doesn’t want to risk karma? Gee, considering how he went after Brad and the others, he has likely every reason to be worried.

              4) That’s actually scary. Yeah, I too was reminded of Breen/MZB; but it’s also likely that if Foz is using her ‘genderqueer’ ID to get publisher / fan cred. That said, I fail to see why ‘bi’ is not ‘valid genderqueer.’

              5) This ability to demonstrate that he is in fact utterly unable to apply his supposed credentials outside of his workplace (perhaps not even in it) would be threatening to his job, but that is not our fault. That’s all on him.

              1. All of it basically self-inflicted injury, caused by delusions of grandeur. He thought he just SO much smarter than all the dumb proles (all of them, but especially those not in far-left camp who he thinks are smarter than the rest, despite the evidence to the contrary). HE couldn’t be caught. Stupid fools will nevah catch clever Fieldsy. I warned him some time back it had to end in tears, and that it was a stupid game (I’ve been calling him ‘Fieldsy’ for quite a long time now – it’s not that hard to figure out, nor had he been very good at covering his tracks. It was inevitable someone would out him, the more he got up their noses. Being a Sun Tzu sort of guy, I’m not sure unmasking was a good thing.).

              2. Well, there are some people who think and say that bi is some kind of cheat or easy mode. (Yup, instead of being holier than thou, they are “queerer than thou.”) This produces people who hide the heterosexual side of their love lives, at least until bi becomes fashionable (which it seems to become, every so often).

                Being an observer of human behavior makes one do the head-desk.

                1. Mm, yeah. I remember seeing a few discussions about how bi people are ‘people who are too chicken to be fully gay.’

                  So much for being accepting of sexuality – but then again, we see that now with the demands from gays and TG that straight people have to give in to sexual demands to ‘the minority, because (mumblesomethingitsnotrapereally.)’

            2. 4) He is what is known as a “Beard” for her. Which is a very unhappy place to be, and is reflected in his personality.

              Unless as you suggest, she is a fraud.

              1. I suspect a bit of intersectionalist credentials stretching.
                Got to hit those special check boxes, or lose credibility as the most special of special snowflakes.

            3. “So: either she’s the Rachael Dolezal of ‘gender-queer’”

              Perhaps Foz is trans and gay, i.e., gay man born in a woman’s body.

              Triple-victim score for the win!

        1. Yes, he’s terrified a small Philippine woman will come to his office and… what, yell?

          Seriously. What a wuss.

            1. The scary thing about small Asian women is not the yelling. Its that one has to sleep sometime.

              Plus they can hide -really- well. ~:D

              1. But that is because you are not my foe :-). I would not choose to have you as one. Because I am not stupid and it’s not size or sex that counts. It’s the person.

                1. And the beard. Plus an island and some of the deepest roughest ocean about. . . the cray pots get some interesting chum I hear.

          1. Maybe the Vilers think that the way Declan Finn portrayed the character based on me was real, as opposed to a hyperexaggerated-for-comedy parody.

            However, I entertain myself with the idea of him panicking like a sniveling nebbish every single time an Asian chick passes him by in the Uni.

            (And he’s an idiot. I would rather visit tourist spots and relatives in Queensland, than take time to visit a pathetic sneering caricature of a person. Driving to Brisbane is a very long drive and I have better things to do with my time and money.)

            1. Assuming thought among Vilers is assuming facts not in evidence. They went NUTS when I suggested that if this Toby dude isn’t Floppy, maybe Floppy shouldn’t be sitting there letting him take the heat.

              Because surely those eeeeevile Puppies will do something really super bad, right? Poor Floppy can’t take the heat!

                1. Ms. Meadows is also claiming that her husband isn’t CF.

                  So obviously they have a grad student breaking into his office and using his computer at night, right?

                  In which case, they should be grateful to Mr. Antonelli for helping out with Uni security….

                  (The Internet: popcorn consumption aid.)

                  1. Oh? REALLY? Then she would be very grateful that Lou revealed her ‘husband’ has a stalker who not only pretends to be expert in precisely the same fields…er meadows… as her husband, but also was SO devoted a stalker that he/she moved to Aberdeen IIRC (as evidenced by the IP address ‘Camestros’ used then) at the same time as Toby. And then, as evidenced by the IP address, moved back to Brisbane… at the same time as Toby. But wait. There’s more… And lives in the same town, claims to be a fan and somehow – in the tiny pond of Brissy sf fans never knew of her or hubby – among its leading lights. And of course she really does own the Sydney Harbour bridge she’s also trying to sell you 😀

          2. If his physical skills match his writing, that she’ll tear off his head and sh^t down his neck. Given where he keeps his head, that’s gilding the lily….

        1. Wasn’t me. I was drawing something to commemorate something REALLY DUMB that wasn’t related to stuff here, after doing a little pantry inventory check, and getting the boyo to cook. Right now I have him making bread as a test of ‘follow a recipe.’

          So when I say “I have better things to do with my time” it’s not a dodge.

          1. I’m busy being in Canada. The weather is crap here today. Fog and rain, with [ew!] freezing rain forecast for tonight. If I were in Oz, I’d be at the beach.

  12. We should check with this Toby guy and see if he’s being tormented with Sad Puppy Prankage.

    My guess is no. We just don’t care enough to bother.

        1. Tell me, how do you keep the topping on the pizza when you’re upside down like that? Extra cheese?

            1. Also the Top Secret Australian Lady Cyborg program.

              (That’s the yard ape’s explanation for any TV show scene in which a 5’4″ female beats up a Mountain-Who-Writes sized attacker)

  13. Well, my exile from Facebook ended. Honestly, Dr. Meadows is hardly the first supercilious, neurotic jackass I’ve met in my life, but his gratuitous attacking of people who are just trying to live their own lives is ridiculous. Pompous prick with a dose of Dunning-Kruger.

    1. I think’s it proof that the kicker side has folks who have taken it upon themselves, the job of monitoring certain hated persons, and you’re on their little list. CamelToby made that obvious when he cited the business with reporting Gerrold’s intemperate statements to the cops as a bad thing about you. Clearly apology and forgiveness means nothing in their world, so we should dispense with it when they are involved.

      1. Given the length of a lot of his posts, he’s got as much free time as a retired gentleman with a bad knee.

  14. All Y’all are making me feel bad for using my internet handle that I’ve been using in one form or another since 1990. Although it’s not like I’ve been trying all that hard to obscure my real name, After all, it’s on my books (or is it…?) 🙂 But on two occasions some overly-self-impressed kicker thought he could “Blackmail” me over my real name, and for “evidence” of his highly evolved Puppy Tracking (google) skills, found a small smattering of things I’d put on the net myself. (Yeah, like I’d be embarrassed by the picture of myself with my BattleBot), and thought he’d be able to cost me all my conservative friends by revealing the things I’m into. As if A) they’d take this creep’s word for anything, and as if B) anybody would give a shit.

    CamelToby’s unmasking matters more to him than to us, and the only reason it matters to us is that it discomfits him so.

    1. Handles are cool. (Well, of course I’d say that, wouldn’t I?) I find Dr. Mauser’s avatar pic to be very cool.

      It’s actually easier to find my handle than to determine which Maureen O’Brien I am. (Sadly, I’m not the Doctor Who actress and best-selling mystery author.) There are a lot of ladies with my name who hang out on the Internet and write books. (I’m not the one who used to work at Publisher’s Weekly after playing field hockey at an Ivy League college, either.)

      Instead, there is only one person with my overly long handle, and that is me.

      1. Icon was a pic an artist friend whipped off during a stream. Alas, we don’t talk as much any more. Dr. M needs more fan art. I need to write more to get it….

      1. My point exactly. I made a graphic of the whole thread, but FB shrinks it down to unreadability. I think he was trying to make a point about how easily he could “find” me, and I’m like, “Dude, that isn’t even HALF the shit I’d easily admit to!”

    2. I use my real name on some things, but when I got more active on Twitter I still had a handle I’d used when I setup the account way back in ’08 as Ike was coming in. Never bothered to change it to my real name and I find it amusing when someone on Twitter sneers at my “cowardly” hiding of my RL name.

      Well, I did change avatars a few times on Twitter so it no longer matches this one. Once to have a dreaded “anime avi” though I suspect I did it wrong since I picked Yang Wen-li from Legend of Galactic Heroes instead of some cute girl. Currently it’s another LoGH character and a bit evil since it’s a bit spoilerish.

    3. My main alias online is incredibly hard to search for, because the same word ended up getting used for something that became popular on the internet. So even if you search on it (and I don’t really hide it) odds of you finding anything that I did are slim.

      As for my real name, I am the only person in the world with my name, and there have been very few relatives with the same name in the past. So if you search on my name, you’re guaranteed to get me. One of the joys of having one of the rarest last names in the world, but a name that has been around for over four hundred years.

  15. And over in the comments of Cammy’s blog, someone is accusing of being terrorists.

    Such nice people.

    1. Oh that’s just ‘Bonnie’ – a sort of proof that if you want your child to be sweet smelling and pretty, don’t call her ‘Rose’, or happy, don’t call her ‘Joy’. Habitually histrionic and viciously nasty. Never seen her make a ‘bonnie’ comment. 😀

  16. Seeing Lou get banned is a bit of a trigger for me given . . .well ‘the Award that Shall Not be Named’ event. All the usual puppy kickers should be starting up soon . . . As if I could give a damn these days. They’re just so predictable. Shame really. Most of us have more interesting things to do and people to chat with.

  17. Oddly enough, not a word over at the Blog of Eternal Stench, which frequently links to the Floppy One.

  18. That link to the “Requires Hate” article gave me a headache. So, they admit that she also attacked men and Caucasian people too, viciously and relentlessly, to the point that at least one of those targeted attempted suicide…but only her attacks against women and non-Caucasian groups -actually- mattered, because it’s OBVIOUS she was doing those in order to appeal to the Evil Older Pros and Racist Sexist Readers. Therefore, it’s like, complex and stuff on whether she should be tolerated.


    Is “All bullying is wrong, period” just an impossible concept? 😦

    1. My observations are that bullying only happens to SJWs. By definition, everything they do to others is fighting for social justice.

      No quarter for Conservatives, is the bottom line.

          1. What ‘our’? Okay, there are circumstances where ‘use them if they kill Nazis’ is useful criteria. Even so, ‘allying’ with the Communists against the Axis was a mistake. Communist ‘resistance’ put a priority on killing off actual resistance groups, betraying them to the Axis, and acted as rear security for the Axis.

            Sure, the left are mad dogs, and incapable of peace with anyone. That does not mean that everyone they bite at has compatible objectives.

            1. Yeah, no. I was mostly thinking about leaping on the “cuckservative” or the media
              “Alt Right” bandwagons, respectively. Tempting though it sometimes can be. Particularly with the GOPe and some internet trolls.

            2. Also: you’ve got the formulation backwards, because this is how the progs do purity checks.

              For those on the individual rights, personal freedoms (and duties), nation- and church- (whichever yours is) loving Not Left, it’s the other ‘way round.

              You look at who the bloody commies are demanding we burn at the stake and give him the benefit of the doubt on general principle.

              A stopped clock is only right twice a day, after all.

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