Too many fingers in the Star Wars pie

This one's been nagging at me all month. I know it shouldn't matter to me, but it does. The current state of the Star Wars franchise, is schizophrenia. Too may projects and products. Uneven scripting, uneven tone, uneven quality. Terrific acting talent and special effects going to utter waste. An entire literary arm of the... Continue Reading →

Children (and grandchildren) of Heinlein

Just to double-tap this, along with my writing sister Sarah A. Hoyt: Happy birthday, Grandpa Heinlein! Few other practitioners of the speculative have had such a profound and lasting impact. My authorial lineage is through Niven and Pournelle, whose own authorial lineage is through Heinlein, and I've met countless fans and fellow authors who all... Continue Reading →

The hero must suffer and bleed for it

Spotted yet another internet apologia explaining why it's okay if female protagonists don't have to work for their powers, wins, abilities, victories, et cetera. Stuff like this always makes my eye twitch because in my opinion the gender of the protagonist is immaterial. It's not like Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley was birthed onto the screen... Continue Reading →

Artists standing up to the Church of Woke

I would ordinarily put something like this on my own blog, but because Dave Chappelle explicitly embraces his profession as an artist -- and defends stand-up comics as a cohort of legit artists -- the reaction to Chappelle's last NETFLIX special has me thinking: are we finally at the much-anticipated tipping point where even liberal... Continue Reading →

Chernobyl, Episode 1: The Modern Disaster Epic

Anyone who was alive and paying attention in the 1970s remembers the rise of the disaster epic. Whether it was Airport or The Towering Inferno or The Poseidon Adventure, these spectacular ensemble melodramas roared through the American popular imagination. Almost all of them depended on smaller interpersonal conflicts to inform the larger, looming conflict which... Continue Reading →

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