I Quit!

I. Quit.

No, no, not MGC.

But I’m taking a hiatus from my big series and trying some new things this summer.

Now, why would I do a silly thing like that? Well, it’s pretty simple. I’m a (nearly) complete unknown and as such my sales numbers are low. And since I’m in this for the money–yeah, I’ve got an husband bringing home the bacon, but he’s teetering on the brink of retirement, and I’d really like to bump up the projected (post retirement) household income. That means I need to do a number of things. Marketing . . . I’m also working on. But another (and much more fun!) thing I can do is broaden my fan base by publishing in other genres.

But how is a writer of a huge series to break the bad news to her fans?

Well it depends. If the series is at a natural stopping point, it’s easy. This is one of the advantages of an overarching Mega Problem. Once it’s solved, you can give your readers a brief glimpse into the Happily Ever After and then quit.

Hahahahaha! As if!

And the more popular, the more fans will want you notice that there’s a problem behind the problem and keep going.

In my case most of the stories are stand alones . . . but it’s one big saga with a fair amount of background that builds up. But there’s no clear cut end point. It’s just a Cross-dimensional Multiverse full of potential. It has been mentioned that it would make a great SF soap opera.

So again, why quit?

There’s a dozen reasons.

I need to broaden my reader base, so getting out of this specific sub- genre and into Time Travel, Space Opera, and Urban Fantasy sounds like a good idea. I mean, Regency Romance may sell better, but I seriously doubt I could tempt any of those readers to try my older work . . . where SO and UF have plenty of overlapping interests with my old series.

And then there’s the challenge. Something that will stretch my knowledge base and send my research in a new direction. Time Travel hurts my head, BTW. And I have zero knowledge of how Law Enforcement actually works. Which is really necessary when you’ve got a thin blue line standing up against demonically engendered werewolves. Space Opera will be the easiest, what with me being a space fanatic. All I have to do is check that what I know really is so. Ouch! Our knowledge of reality changes so fast it’s easy to fall behind.

I recommend this to all writers. It’s too easy to get into a rut, to coast. “Oh, I know everything about this Universe, after all, I created it. I don’t need to research anything!” Too easy to depend on the character building you did in the previous books and leave your character flat and uninteresting. Or viciously attack and maul him, to give some space for Mr. Perfect to (re)grow. Kill her, because you’ve come to hate her.

It’ll be a good separation, a refreshing vacation. I’ll come back to the Wine of the Gods with a new perspective, new enthusiasm.

I’m breaking the news to my fans gently. Umm, because, being an addict of my own series, I seem to have, umm, let me count. Oh bloody . . . eight stories in the pipeline. Not counting the novella that’s out with the Beta Readers. That will be published next month. So while I’m going to write other stuff this summer, I’ll also get out at least one more big Wine of the Gods book sometime this fall, and the rest at reasonable intervals. So it’s just a slow down, not really quitting.

I can get over this addiction. I can stop any time.

Can you? Tell me how that works, eh?

And, being unfortunately well acquainted with my subconscious, as soon as I post this, it will pop a story into the frontal lobes, crack the whip and make me write it . . . What’s that? Xen teams up with Ebsa, Ra’d . . . and Eldon! To defeat the Cyborg Empire!

Oh, just kill me now!
But first, buy a 99¢ short story. I promise I won’t leave [spoiler] in [spoiler] for too long.

36 thoughts on “I Quit!

  1. The image doesn’t have a link anywhere. I’ll skate on over to AMZN and see if it’s up, there, yet.

  2. I’ll try reading your time travel space opera urban fantasy.

    Space vampires!

    Is a werewolf who lives on the moon always a wolf?

    We’ll see next time on MGC!

    1. One comic (years back) had an astronaut who became a were-wolf during the full moon.

      He first requested that his moon flight wouldn’t be during the full moon, then he almost turned when the ship was orbiting the moon but the real problem was when they landed on the Moon and he got the “full blast” of the Full Earth.

      Oh, he changed but died when he ripped open his space suit. 😉

  3. I quit my series, and I have no desire to go back to it. The story is over. It was fun to write, and I am very proud of it, but I said what I needed to say with that world and those characters, so it was time to move on.

  4. Well I’m glad you’re not totally quitting. I still want to know how Paer & co save the day when the Cannibal world tries to merge with OneWorld…

    But I’m looking forward to your new endeavours

  5. Oh good. So the itch in the back of my mind for a fantasy series set in Southeast Asia isn’t just a sign that I’ve gone too long without eating good Thai/Cambodean/Vietnamese food.

  6. Pan, you said:- “And I have zero knowledge of how Law Enforcement actually works. Which is really necessary when you’ve got a thin blue line standing up against demonically engendered werewolves. ” You have a community of fans, if your knowledge is lacking use them. Someone will know something about any topic, you just have to choose the followers you listen to.

    1. Yes. But it’s another case of me writing religion or history. I’m so ignorant I don’t realize I’m tone deaf. It’s going to need a brutal amount of fixing. But first I’ll write the story.

      1. If you check your local police force, they may have a citizen’s academy or a ride-a-long program that’d let you learn a whole lot of what real life policing is like.

        1. I know we do in Fulton County…it was specifically discussed in the writer’s track at Frolicon last weekend. Given my core interest is detective I’m looking to go (and see if fire does as well as I like the idea of a FD arson investigator going PI).

  7. SIIIIIIIgh! Having gotten into the Universe I will miss having frequent fixes of new. OTOH your mental health is paramount to the continuation so go where and do what and don’t forget us.
    And, yes, I will buy new just on the basis of your name so if you decide to use a pseudonym please post widely so I don’t miss anything.

    1. There’ll be a novella in a couple more weeks, then the big Cannibal fight in the fall. And there are more, mostly written that just needed the Helios settled before they get published.

      I like the series. It’s fun to write. But I can feel myself getting stale, the stories getting shorter and less complex. Taking the summer off is a really good idea.

  8. I’ve rather enjoyed your continuing SAGA, as well as the spinoff stories. You’ve done some excellent character development on them.

  9. I really like the Wine of the Gods series, I’ll send mental whinez your way when deprived of my fix. On the other hand, take a break, come back enthusiastic, and the stories will be better. I just hope you don’t leave all those threads hanging… there’s gotta be a Bran and Oscar story out there, and lots of others… I hope you find the muse again soon!

    1. Bran and Oscar! Honestly the pair of them just refuse to reappear. I think they’re waiting for a desperate problem so they can come and save the day.

  10. I’ve really enjoyed the Directorate series though and there’s lots of stuff that can be done with that group. They also reset the power levels so it’s not a case of having to do world threatening problems everytime.
    I do enjoy the Wine of the Gods series but Xen and Q must be hard to challenge at this point.

      1. I liked the space station in the void with the pirates getting their tails clipped. You said that story and world was a no go but I think the overall story was good.

  11. I loved Lawyers of Mars so I think you’ll do just fine going in a different direction. I can completely understand wanting a change of scenery after writing that much in one universe (multiverse?). Good luck!

  12. Works for me as it’ll give me time to catch up…I might be there if a Fall books comes out.

    Of course, I’ll have to try your other stuff too so maybe not.

  13. “But I’m taking a hiatus from my big series and trying some new things this summer.”

    [gasp of disbelief!] They’ll let you quit? My characters won’t. They’ll be in there, yammering to get out into the world, visiting the new story world and making a ruckus…

    1. Mine will have to duke it out with a Temporal Physicist and a demonic werewolf, if they want key board time this summer. More likely they’ll start plotting in secret, and will pounce when the time is right.

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