The Great Fall . . . maybe

Pam Uphoff


The weather has turned, the last two nights were chilly and the days crisp to almost-warm.

My husband jokes that Houston has three or four good days in the Fall, and the same in the Spring. He exaggerates, slightly. It’s feeling like a great fall, here.

This is a writing blog, so I suppose I should say something witty about perhaps this will be the season the Trad Publishers getting a grip on the new reality of ebooks. Or I could talk about Indie as the winds of change sweeping over the world.

But I think everyone here knows that the tech and thus the market will keep changing, and we need to be nimbly dancing around the pumpkins and the shocks of corn, ready to switch to a tango with the scarecrow at a moment’s notice. It’s true in the industry, true in politics, and true in our own lives.

It’s all just “heads up and ears to the ground, troops!” We will adapt and keep writing.

I expect a great many falls, this year. The only question is which ones and how far down.

Personally? It’s not going to be a good year. Both my parents are in home hospice care. My mom’s blown through two estimates of her life expectancy already, but she’s sinking. My dad’s started later, but he’s sinking faster. It’s a race to the end, with the jockeys hauling on the reins, to slow the horses.

But we’ve managed, so far, to keep them in their own home, with their own “stuff.” They’re happy.

It’ll do.

The country? It’s teetering on the brink of a fall.
Has the financial system finally hit the point of no return? Are we looking at a recession, a depression, or a complete financial meltdown with hyperinflation? My husband and I are old enough to not be able to come back from the loss of our savings, our IRAs. And if those go, will Social Security still exist?

I look at the internet and all the calls for “someone” to kill the president elect . . . Please, please, let’s not have that kind of fall. I’m getting very curious about just what sort of president we’ve got here.

I look at the international news, and see plenty of potential . . . and it’s the mood of the times that I mostly see the downside potential. But the upside is there. We all need to remember that.

We’ve got Brexit and the EU getting a bit shaken up. Not sure what will happen, but the individual countries working over their own economies might be useful.

ISIS in the Middle East is feeling the pain. Better late than never. It would be nice if the refugees could go home. I expect see a lot of refusals. Guess we’ll find out if they really are refugees, or if they’d rather be immigrants.

Further east, we’ve got China throwing it’s weight around. Nerve wracking, when I’ve got family in Taiwan. Yet, the news I read is about the difficulties China faces as it moves from an export economy to one supported by an increasingly affluent population of it’s own. Perhaps things are brighter than I’d ever hoped for.

And . . . because I can’t see the future, it’s time to stop guessing about what will come, and pay attention to what is actually happening. To not think so deeply about the possibilities that I miss the reality.

So in celebration of this gorgeous fall weather, I’m making my first pot of ham and beans.

Then if the Muse doesn’t feel like writing, I’ll kick back and catch up on my reading.

If you need cheering up, and haven’t yet read about the Martian Lizard Lawyers . . . give it a try.


21 thoughts on “Fall

  1. It’s a nice enough day here in the Demented Dominion to paint outside. Rare, for November. I will make the most of it! ~:)

  2. We’ve got a wind chill of 22 F, with a forecast low of 23 tomorrow AM. Fall has fallen. And I finished the draft of the WIP last night. I’m taking today off from writing, maybe.

  3. I’m one of those odds who thinks the change of seasons occur at the midpoint between equinoxes and solstices. By that reckoning, we’re in Winter already, with Midwinter almost five weeks away.

    1. It kind of depends on where you live. in SE Texas the coldest weather is usually Jan/Feb/March. Give or take a couple of weeks. A little frost in November isn’t unheard of, but it’s definitely not winter.

  4. We get either two seasons here—Summer and Sprawl—or three—Summer, Fog, and Allergy. Either way, we only found out this morning that our heater isn’t turning on. Oh well, service call in under warranty, NBD.

    1. A friend says Houston has two seasons: Summer and Not-Summer. Another friend says it’s Summer and Christmas.

  5. If it’s any help, remembering that I KNOW NOZZINK, I think Trump is going to improve our economy no matter what the Dems and their media minions throw at him.

    1. Just reducing the regulations, the paperwork and maybe even the expense of new jobs will be a huge boon.

      Just removing the ACA 50 employees and maximum hours before an employer must provide health insurance would be a huge boost to the job market.

      Yes, I know I ought to say “Yuuuge!” but I refuse.

    1. Thank you! Most of it was written on the Bar, in Lois Bujold’s section, to distract a lawyer who was getting a bit pushy about when the next book was due out. Using as many appallingly bad tropes and clichés as I could think of.

      1. It was just too much fun. 🙂 When I write it seems like I end up mushing stuff down too much and ending with something lifeless. I keep the look out for examples of taking it all over the top.

        1. Heroes need to be larger than life. Although they may start out looking ordinary. And even in a serious book, a break with humor is useful to give the reader a breather. Of course with Martians, I had no limits.

          You know, I should get into that mood and write a romance.

    2. Oh, dear. This one’s been on my TBR list. I see I have to move it up. If there’s anything close to real space law in it, maybe I can use it on my blog.

        1. Hmmm. One may, perhaps, profess concern over your indifference to planetary protection under Article IX of the Outer Space Treaty?

    1. Oh Dear! Have we marginalized bad weather? Reduced all weather to token scene setting? Enslaved it to Life Support in Every. Single. Spaceship!!!!!

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