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I was going to write a Ravencon after action report for today’s post, but since I have no brain this isn’t going to happen. I can ramble on about whatever without any difficulty, but reporting on a con I attended and thoroughly enjoyed takes thought and focus, and those are flat not happening right now.

To start with, The Saga of The Code of Cthulhu continues and continues to eat my life. The release which was going to happen tomorrow (ha!) has now been pushed back 2 weeks. It’s just as impossible, but has the illusion of feasibility – which means I’m going to be working weekends until the bloody thing goes out the door or I win the lottery or something.

This also means that absolutely nothing else gets done because when I’m not working, I’m sleeping. Ravencon was – despite being busybusybusy – a relaxing break from the way work has been. I also got conclusive proof (my standards of same) that my headaches and backaches are caused by stress: not a single problem with either at any time during the convention, even when I was swaying on my feet because I’d pushed myself too far and was getting the narcoleptic’s version of “this system will shut down in 30 seconds”.

Yeah. They’re back.

Let’s just say I do not have much patience or goodwill for those who seem to think that I wasn’t sincere in congratulating the Hugo finalists last week. Sweetheart, just because you can’t lie straight in bed doesn’t mean that other people aren’t capable of honesty.

As for the charming specimen who wants to chase up the ballots of all puppy-aligned voters and throw them out (presumably without refunding memberships – even though every one of those ballots was cast by someone who paid for the privilege, no mention of this little issue was made that I saw (although I freely admit that I could have missed it even if it was in huge flashing neon letters)), mine bears very little resemblance to anyone’s lists, including the Sad Puppies 4 list.

Why? Because SP4 collated a whole lot of people’s preferences. My preferences don’t look like anyone else’s. There might be some overlap here and there, but I’m weird even by geek standards.

So y’all can stop playing your stupid political games with me. I don’t do that shit. What you see is what you get, and if you don’t like it you can go do something improbable with a rusty chainsaw and the part of your anatomy your head is currently lodged in.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to set this up to post, and then I’m going to get an early night so I can spend all day tomorrow testing the Code of Cthulhu. Again.

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  1. If they throw out votes without refunding, they’ll be committing clear and simple fraud, prosecutable at law. In fact, it might be criminal fraud, as they’d be offering a benefit then taking the money and refusing to deliver. It would definitely be civil fraud even if they refunded.

    Do they not get that ordinary laws apply to them?

      1. Of course not! If rules applied to them, they wouldn’t be any better than the little people.

    1. I have not seen anyone in authority propose nor support this plan. Of course, I haven’t looked, but I’m pretty sure that the people in charge know that ordinary laws apply to them, and know that such a plan would sink their con.

      1. Oh, it hasn’t been proposed by anyone in authority. Just one of the bigger blowhards.

    2. The cost of the Worldcon Ticket is the least they would have to make me whole on I have already purchased my motel room,. and since I have had 1 heart attack 3 stints implanted open heart surgery with a quintuple bypass I am not suppose to let myself get upset so I figure I could eat them alive in the pain and suffering portion of the lawsuit

  2. I composed a reply that was longer than the post…it touched on human pack behavior, the internal and external pressures to conform, the desire to be recognized as an individual, the fears of being seen as unworthy, the fears of uncertainty, the assumptions behind stereotypes … the whys and wherefores of living as human beings.

    In the end I concluded that to wrestle with Cthulhu might be simpler.

  3. What they want is to continue awarding Hugos on the basis of who kisses the right asses, just as they have for the past couple of decades, and coat it with a thin veneer of “fan choice”. The problem is that they burned that bridge at Spokane.

    1. They nuked it from orbit, really. Still, one can opt to work within the system to reform it, or build around it. I’d like to reform things if it can be done.

  4. No small slips. Two weeks is a small slip. They’re clueless if they think two weeks is going to make a bit of difference.

    1. Yep. Find a big nasty bug now and get more time. I’d go right for the SQL injection or extended ASCII string input hammers myself 🙂 And remember, every time a developer cries a kitten is saved from doom!

      1. I never cry. I gripe, which is simply a stress-relief mechanism; and if possible, I make it funny so no one takes it seriously. An Evil Tester is my best friend.

        1. It’s not the tears I enjoy so much, it’s the wail of “why did you even DO that???” It makes me feel clever and evil. And respected. A good dev/test team has much in common with a healthy BDSM relationship 😀 I respect devs I can’t break, too. They are worthy opponents. And as long as we *both* acknowledge the true enemy is the End User, all is well.

          1. Thank you for confirming what I had always suspected.
            Dev 1 “What features on the last version did users like?”
            Cust [dis]Service “A, B, and D”
            Dev 1 “OK, we’ll eliminate B, change A to have a bunch of new options, and move D from the Easy Access Bar to a drop down and require actively clicking on it for it to execute.”
            Dev Team “Brilliant!”

            1. You’re thinking of management. Devs never decide what features get added or removed. Sometimes, with judicious applications of violence, QA can advocate for the poor end user (“yes, actually, I DO think the customer will want to turn the app off sometimes!”) but we don’t win all the battles. And like Cassandra, we issue warnings of Doom that come true all the time, but they never listen…

              I meant that the end user will often break things in ways QA can’t. Like deliberately install it exactly the way we told them not to. Because it *doesn’t work* that way. Somehow, still our fault.

              1. Yah. Management makes these decisions. QA and devs generally try to contain the damage, although the devs tend to get a bit more focused on making the thing do what they’re told it should do.

                Management making decisions, then treating the dev and QA team like mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed on shit) tends not to work very well.

    2. Believe me, clueless does not begin to describe the lack of ept involved here. It takes negative talent to unite an entire company against oneself, and yet this is what has happened (edited to remove anything more specific, just in case).

      1. Please be careful. Your name + linkedin + Google = name of your CEO . You might not want any comments at MGC to cause problems at work.

        1. Ack. This is what I get for posting while tired – which is, alas, all the time. Will edit.

  5. I’m inclined at this point to let the Puppy-kickers try and pull a stunt like that. They’ll only prove our points if they do.

    1. They’re proving it daily, at the moment. I’m suffering from idiocy overload as a result.

  6. The Hugos are dead to me. Their death rattle was that obscenity of an awards ceremony last year, and each of those ridiculous wooden asshole consolation prizes was a nail in the coffin.
    Hugo is dead, long live the Dragon.

    1. Since I’m not the one who weed on their precious safe space, I can’t help but agree with you. I’m trying to be polite and even-handed, but there are times when certain folk make it really, really challenging.

      1. In truth, I stand in awe of your will power. You said what you would do, and you did what you said, all with a measure of calm that I would not have been able to muster in those circumstances.

        The kicker responses are classic loss-of-face tantrums. Humiliating a whole group of virtue-signalers is easy when they’re willing to open the gates of indiscriminate emotion and pour humiliation down upon their own heads. Or to put it another way: When thinks go up against feels, feels always loses.

  7. Arts Mechanical posted a round-up of some of the Kicker responses, and I have to say that the one from one Brooke Bolander kind of takes the cake for ungracious, vicious and scatological resentment.

    “However, making this pretty much the textbook definition of a pyrrhic victory, the Hugos have yet again been hijacked by semi-sentient anal glands, who spewed hot, smelly ass juice all over the ballot, squeezing deserving legitimate work out and smearing the palmful of legitimate noms who got through with expressed butt infection funk. This gunk is straight-up rancid. Stains clothes, kills flowers, soils hope. In an attempt to be very clever doggies, they also stuck several legitimate, worthy works that would have probably gotten on the ballot anyway onto their slates as shields.”

    I am absolutely disinclined towards ever purchasing and reading something by this person. And also tempted to make her into a character in one of my books, by apparent character traits. (Never by name, because — innocent look upwards — THAT would be libelous.) But a nasty-tempered character, given to unhinged and scatological rants … *tucking that notion away for future reference*

    Don’t ever piss me off – you’ll be a character, sooner or later.

    1. Someone is both ignorant and less than stable, and will ultimately reap the reward for such hateful ranting – then blame everyone else for it.

      1. I sent a link to my email account of a list whilch shows all the Puppy nominees and the Privileged Nominees as a voting aid

    2. @CeliaHayes

      I would suggest taking a breather before running off to be offended. It’s clear that the quoted portion refers to puppies of hydrophobic temperament, rather than those of a melancholic one.

      She does refer to the SP4 list later, and while I think it was a somewhat uncharitable view, it’s a lot more measured.

      I would also suggest reading her story – …Trail of Dead. The post above is perfectly in line with the sweary nature of the story 🙂

      1. Nope, not clear at all, Snowcrash. And I went back and read the whole entry linked. She’s pretty much conflated the rabids and sads, which seems to be par for the course.
        And I will be the one who decides that I will be offended, and will do so at a slow, measured pace.

      2. “I would suggest taking a breather before running off to be offended.”

        If she waited twice as long as the vast majority of the Anti-Puppy crowd did last year that would be what? 10 Femtoseconds? 20?

      3. Does it honestly matter? You know that’s they type of person that doesn’t care whether there’s a difference between Rabid and Sad.

  8. Hm. I guess I will buy a voting membership this one time, just to see what they’ll try.

  9. And, inevitably, File 770:

    “kathodus on May 6, 2016 at 12:44 am said:

    @JJ – If she actually read SSaRR, then, yes, she is the lowest of the low. I suspect, though, that, as usual regarding the Sad Puppies, she was lazy and just kind of paid a tiny bit of attention to the larger outline of the story she was fed, and riffed on that. That would be typical for the fearsome ladies of SP3. I highly doubt, though, that she paid all that much attention to SSaRR. The Sad Puppies MO has been “do what thou wilt for publicity shall be the whole of the law.” Nothing much beyond that. Regardless, she is a well-used tool for trolls, as are all the other Sad Puppies from year one on.”

    That’s SP4, moron.

    “JJ on May 6, 2016 at 1:03 am said:

    kathodus: I suspect, though, that, as usual regarding the Sad Puppies, she was lazy and just kind of paid a tiny bit of attention to the larger outline of the story she was fed, and riffed on that.

    That doesn’t buy her any leeway with me. If she chose to aid and abet that kind of evil without bothering to find out just what she was aiding and abetting, then as far as I’m concerned, she’s just as guilty of evil acts as Daniel Eness and VD.”

    Remember last week when that bunch were praising Kate for at least not being Vox? Neither do they.

    (Yes, Mr. Glyer. If you’re going to sift through our comments, we can do the same to yours)

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