Of the Evil Of Puppies

Apparently the Sad Puppies campaigns have unleashed such unspeakable evil that – if one were to ask some of the louder voices in the anti-Puppy Dens of Iquity (they’re convinced of their virtue over there, so these can’t possibly be Dens of Iniquity. Besides, we’ve got the best Dens of Iniquity, complete with really dark Dark Side cookies made by Cedar) – the only way a neutral author can remove the “taint” of being associated with our horrible selves is to denounce us.

Hm. The irony is strong with these ones.

Do they not see that this kind of behavior is precisely the behavior Nazis expected of good Germans? If tainted by association with the undesirable, one must denounce said undesirables, vow to refuse all further contact, and – preferably – turn the undesirables over to the proper authority (and hope not to be punished as a result). The exact same dynamic thrived in the USSR and its satellites, and still thrives in the remaining Communist nations (except you won’t see much about it in the media because that’s apparently not newsworthy).

And yet, when I pointed out that our dear anti-Puppy friends were behaving like the Nazis did, complete with examples and quotes, I was horrible, just absolutely horrible.

Well, no. I’m not horrible. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m secretly actually kind of… nice. It’s a shameful thing for a charter member of the Evil Legion of Evil to have to admit, but there it is. I mean, I may be Kate the Impaler, but I insist on only impaling people who deserve it. We can argue over what constitutes deserving some other time – but I will say just disagreeing with me isn’t sufficient. I’m not even going to demand an apology for disagreeing with me, nor will I expect anyone to denounce the anti-Puppy camps if they should chance to be liked – or even Hugo-nominated – by anti-Puppy folks.

Something that could cause harm to someone’s livelihood (like accusing someone of being a Neo-Nazi as opposed to behaving like a Nazi – yes, folks, there is a difference. The first one requires actual membership of a Neo-Nazi group, and that accusation is actionable libel. Observing that someone is acting like Nazis is not libelous: it is a warning to pull your bloody head in before you go somewhere that will bring some very ugly reprisals and not from me), done with obvious malice aforethought like the point-and-shriek ritual denunciations of those perceived to be insufficiently anti-Puppy… Let’s just say it’s a good thing I try to be a civilized person.

See, the point-and-shriek crowd always unloads with everything they have. I’ve yet to see any evidence these people have any idea how to handle someone who doesn’t cave to their toddler-esque tantrums (and frankly, most of the toddlers I’ve known behaved a whole lot better – toddlers generally just scream and kick. They don’t look for ways to shit on things they don’t like – and the Hugo Assterisks were so obviously and emphatically a case of supposedly mature adults crapping all over those they despised it was painful to watch). Most of the folk on the Sad Puppy side of the divide are holding back, trying to stay more or less civil, and quietly wondering if there’s any thought happening in the anti-Puppy camps. Because it certainly doesn’t look that way.

Of course, that could be because thought – like it’s more rigorous cousin logic – is a tool of the evil patriarchy or something so it’s quite possible a ritual lobotomy to excise the rational parts of the human brain is a requirement to join over there. Here? We won’t turn away the voluntarily lobotomized as long as they’re prepared to try to behave like adults. Constant name-calling and fecal-flinging will get someone banned, but mostly the trollish types leave on their own.

Just as well, too – on this side of the Puppy divide most of us work to live, whether by writing or by the dreaded day job (I have one of these. Between that and being narcoleptic finding time and focus to do anything else is a challenge).

So. My challenge to the anti-Puppy folks is this: demonstrate that you’re capable of behaving like a mature, responsible adult. That means if you link to this post you discuss it rationally, without flinging insults around (descriptions of bad behavior are acceptable, but they do need to be backed up with evidence). Prove that you don’t really want anyone who’s favored by the Sad Puppy campaigns to denounce all things Puppy.

I won’t hold my breath. Smurf just isn’t my color.

112 thoughts on “Of the Evil Of Puppies

  1. An image of Kate the Smurf, with the stakes tastefully arranged in the garden outside of the mushroom house…

    Brrr. I though it was cold already this morning, but… Brrr.

    1. Agreed. That mental image is one my equanimity could have done without this morning. Lucky for my students I’m not grading papers with that for inspiration.

      1. You do know that the Smurfs are a dying race, right? One adult male, a bunch of male children, and ONE juvenile female…

        1. Can they hurry up and become extinct already? Just reading this is making me remember That Song.

        2. They aren’t dying fast enough. Besides, for all we know the female is a mutant and they spawn from those noxious mushrooms.

          1. Smurfs are a terraforming agent made by entities with irreconcilable differences with reality that humans can live in.

            Smurfs are created to closely resemble humans. The intent was that they would be perfect mimics.

            A breeding population of smurfs will have one female for very many males. These are usually shepherded by several smurfs in the post breeder life stage, akin to a Pak protector.

            Smurf reproduction is closer to that of sponges, clams, or fish than to ferns or fungi. The females release clouds of tiny eggs, and the males release clouds of sperms. These fertilize, and form free swimming larva that will undergo metamorphosis before becoming breeders. Human observers best explain this process in terms of mystical fields. The life force of the breeders is mostly depleted when the larvae are deposited on a substrate for metamorphosis.

            Humans, lacking a means to destroy them, mostly try to avoid being anywhere near a smurf breeding population. The further away the nearest human is, the fewer smurf maggots survive to burrow out of their flesh.

            The one human we see in canon is a madman who thinks he has found a way to destroy smurfs.

    2. That would make the whole smurf thing moderately enjoyable. Compared to the death by icky-sweet that is the actual smurfs

      1. The original comic albums by Peyo (recently reprinted due to the inexplicable popularity of the CGI/live action films) have their moments. Among other things, they’re insanely politically incorrect, so they tend to drive the uptight SJW crown stark, slathering mad.

  2. I would suggest we just nominate all of their favorite writers for awards as a way to cause their movement to explode, but the problem is that they have to write something award worthy because we have that horrible thing called “ethics”, and to date I haven’t seen any of their “stars” write anything I would consider award worthy.

  3. “…The exact same dynamic thrived in the USSR and its satellites, and still thrives in the remaining Communist nations…”
    And on the campus of universities like Yale, Mizzou, etc. of late.

    1. I have begun calling our institutions of higher learning Cupcake Asylums. Because the feelings! So much feelings! Tremendous feelings all needing to be felt, and the FEELINGS must matter above all else, because the feely feels are feeling the felt feels feels feel! And if you disagree, you are a cisnormative genderacist hegemonic homophobe. Yes, even the asian-American camera kid who got crybullied at Mizzou. Because nothing proves you’re for uplifting oppressed peoples like denying people the First Amendment in a publicly-funded space. FEELS! TEH FEEEEELZ!!

        1. Other than wanting to put today’s university campus denizens into the front-leaning rest and correctively PT them until they barf their brains out, nope, nothing amiss. (chuckle)

          1. You do realize of course that the mere suggestion of such would cause most of the precious flowers to projectile vomit on the spot.
            Yes, I thought you did. Well done sir!

            1. All they’d leave were small puddles of whimper that, once dried, would waft away into the aether never to be seen again.

              I think I’ve got enough $$ on my credit card to rent a bus. Where do you want them delivered and when?*

              *This is a thought experiment, not a threat to expose the activists, precious snowflakes, and their ilk to a real live Marine. Because the Marine would probably die of laughter at their “speaking [thing] to [someone].”

                1. I do hope you have no intention of using those 10 acres afterwards. These specimens wouldn’t even make good fertilizer

          2. About 10-15% of my classmates in my program at the university (2009-2012) were veterans who had recently finished either 1 or 2 enlistments, and still in good shape. Except for the ex-Navy gal, but she was in decent shape considering she’d just had a baby.

      1. I just passed “crybullies” on to my curmudgeonly father, who is now *howling* with laughter. Please, please propagate this further. 🙂

          1. We are a wordy bunch at Casa Seashell, and scathingly accurate neologisms fill me with glee. 🙂

          2. I saw it last night, on Twitter. I just shake my head, because it’s embarrassing and disgusting to imagine what are supposed to be adults throwing massive screaming tanties.

            Also I was thinking, caning with split bamboo is something that needs to be introduced, because spanking and paddling just sound like something they’d enjoy. =/

              1. Eating anything or drinking is a bad idea while reading the comments here. Unless you don’t *mind* spraying your keyboard with the contents of your mouth.

      2. Modern American colleges left the “education” business long ago. An education is what you get *despite* attending.

        What the colleges are selling are their degrees, which are tickets into the job market.

        A friend applied for a job at the local public library. Waiting on customers, shelving books… she was rejected because the position now calls for a baccalaureate degree in Library Science. Which is probably related to Ozone Science somehow…

        1. Hmmm… I’ve known some folks with advanced degrees in Library Science. There’s a real scientific topic there, with research into very hard problems in preservation, indexing, managing both meta-data and standards for meta-data, and so on. So I’m not inclined to dis Library Science in general.

          That said, I _don’t_ understand how a low-level job at the library can reasonably require even a BA or BS in Library science. Especially at the “local public library.” Those aren’t the folks who are figuring out appropriate standards for indexing and preserving all the different things that libraries handle. They aren’t even Research Librarians (which is another entire difficult specialty in its own right)! It’s unusual for any but the very largest city/county library systems to have more than one or two trained Research Librarians (as distinct from folks who’ve sort-of mastered the problem through self-training) for the whole system.

          That low-level position shouldn’t require anything more than literacy, energy, and basic people skills. Maybe, just maybe, lack of training in Library Science MIGHT be a reason to warn the employee that they can’t be promoted past level X unless they get the training. Maybe. But a requirement??? Really?

          1. Back in the day (mid 80s), I was amused when the HR rep briefed me on interviewing applicants and felt it necessary to mention that “we won’t hire anyone without a degree in computer science, of course.” I looked at him and said, “You do realize that I don’t have a degree in computer science, right?” He stuttered, and agreed that maybe that wasn’t always required (considering I was running four projects at the time… 🙂

            Adding “must have X degree” makes an easy filter, but it’s not necessarily a good one.

            1. Yup. It also allows the HR drones to filter out those who haven’t been indoctrin… er… haven’t had a college education.

            2. It’s a lazy filter. It lets the HR people look like they’re doing due diligence in hunting for a good candidate, when in fact (given the output of today’s college “education” process) they’re getting nothing but a “processed” candidate. Which, as the WHO doctors* can tell you, is 17% more likely to cause cancer than a real candidate.

              … What was I talking about again before I derailed myself with jokes?

              * Not to be confused with Doctor Who.

              1. Yes, of course it’s lazy. If those graduates of something-studies get any kind of job it’s usually in HR.

        2. Don’t get me started on overcredentialization and on its twin, academic puppy milling. All sorts of jobs we could have done straight out of high school, and that my mom (z”l) actually *did* with no more than junior high, now require college degrees. This is the predictable result of dumbing down high school to the point that a diploma is basically a participation award. What I’ve seen of college freshmen was enough to drive me to drink.

      3. The problem with that is that properly cooked cupcakes are good. These cretins, not so much.

        And yes, nothing proves you’re helping the underprivileged like bullying people while you claim to speak for them.

    2. I am still trying to figure out if they are college “student” or college “kids”. People keep saying “they’re just college Kids” as an excuse for bad behavior then give them the full privileges of adulthood.

      If they are “students”, implying young adults, then they need to grow a pair and/or grow up and start acting like adults. Quit expecting everything to be handed to them on a platter.

      If they as “kids” then we need to stop treating them like functioning adults – move the minimum age to drive/vote/drink back to at least 21 – and stop paying attention to their little tantrums.

      Back in my great-grand parents days a person was expected to act like an adult years before they gained all of the privileges.

      okay rant over. (nope, no opinions here, that is just your imagination. :-p )

      1. These are not “kids”. Kids are baby goats and are cute. These specimens are not.

        They are clearly not “students” either because they show neither the ability nor the willingness to learn.

        They are the SJW stormtroopers and will be honestly shocked at how easily they are discarded when they cease to be useful.

  4. I won’t hold my breath either, the SJWs aren’t capable of rational discourse. They always lie, they always double down, they always project.

    1. Oh, I know. It’s rather entertaining in a perverse kind of way to make the offer and listen to the lack of results.

  5. Is there someone who’s going to check the comments on the anti-puppy blogs? It won’t be me, as I just can’t handle that much repulsive fecal matter that gets posted over there anymore. Too much insanity is not a good pool to be swimming in for me.

      1. It’s kind of sad, really. I mean, the effusions of the toxic mushrooms in that swamp kill brain cells across the intertubes.

    1. Already disturbed by the image of Kate the Impaler Smurf…

      The expected outrage over being told that maybe, just maybe, they should take responsibility for their actions.

      1. Responsibility? But that would mean there’s an objective right, and that’s totally not allowed. Patriarchy or something, you know.

    2. Reading their blogs might allow one to know what they’re emoting about, but could hardly be described as “gathering intelligence.”

      1. Gathering stupid, certainly. Preferably buffered by significant quantities of alcoholic beverages.

  6. To echo something I wrote elsewhere: all repressive states have a Secret Police. They’re the guys responsible for rooting out “traitors” and Badthink. Inevitably the Secret Police teach everyone to hate them, because the Secret Police are as vicious as they are arbitrary. Peering into the comments section of a Trufan (cough, CHORF, cough) blog is like viewing the committee meeting of the Secret Police of the Peoples Republic of Science Fiction — except these are the Keystone Kops edition.

    1. For being so incompetent, these nudniks sure did a pretty good job of taking over education, journalism, publishing, and academia. But they don’t have to be competent when the vast majority of people are under the impression that it is their civic duty to concede ground to these people. They don’t have to be coherent in order to be effective because hardly anyone will stand up to them. While they quietly purge anyone that’s even remotely conservative, libertarian, religious, patriotic, or traditional from every organization they manage to enter, we are going out of our way to give place to them in order to show everyone how fair and evenhanded we are.

      1. You know, if conservatives and libertarians (and even other liberals and leftists who don’t toe every bit of the line) were even one hundredth as violent as many Progressives like to claim, there wouldn’t be any living Progressives here in America.

        If they call us such horrible things when we’re non-violent, what’s the downside to violent resolution of this situation? I mean, other than minor matters of morals and conscience and sleeping through the night.

        1. Their narrative is not just in the newspaper. It’s amplified in the classroom. It’s reinforced from the pulpit. And it’s largely assumed in the entertainment we consume.

          That’s really impressive work for a bunch of “keystone cops.” Heck, most of us will pay money to hand our kids over to people like Melissa Click. How sporting of us!

            1. You can’t kill them all, though–not and keep your soul anyway. Because some, in fact most, of them don’t deserve death.
              They just deserve a good dope-slapping.

      2. Jeffro, the reason they “win” right now, is because they rely completely on civilized people being too polite to tell them all to fuck off. Over the next twenty years, civilized folk may decide they’ve had enough, and then we’ll send the gerbils packing. The pendulum won’t stay stuck in one position forever. The trick is to not become them in the process of fighting them — which is a very tough chore. The values of the Enlightenment — also known as actual liberalism — don’t have to be destroyed in our zeal to see the gerbils run out of our institutions and our seats of power.

        1. Right now those Enlightenment values only come into play to protect SJW protests and safe spaces. They do not do anything for the college presidents that have failed to confess and apologize for their white privilege to these cultural revolutionaries.

          Actual liberalism is done. It’s gone. Very few people under thirty even believe in the principles of free expression. We’ve been conceding our culture without a fight for decades while behaving as if that makes us better than the barbarians. It doesn’t.

        2. There is another way in which the Left is self-limiting. Social Justice is a hobby of the idle and pampered. You can’t get someone to care about “micro-aggression” and “cis-privilege” who is getting out of a warm bed to dig ditches eight hours a day just to make enough money to eat. Real pain and real exhaustion trump “trigger words”.

          But the people who rely on the outrage of the eternally adolescent as their power base invariably put into practice policies that result in fewer people being able to live a life of comfort and ease. I work at a university with a primarily working class student population, and I see a lot of students who have seen where this country is heading and don’t give a damn about “safe spaces” and “minority empowerment”–they’re just praying that they’ll be able to put food on the table when they get out of school.

        3. How are we going to “become them” when we don’t subscribe to their ideals? George Patton didn’t become a Nazi or even a German by adopting maneuever warfare tactics and using them against the Wehrmacht. The Mossad didn’t become terrorists by adopting assassination tactics against the PLO.

          To claim that we can become like them by virtue of utilizing their tactics is a fundamental category error. Tactics are not strategy, grand strategy, objectives, or ideals.

          They are not SJWs because of their behavior. They are SJWs because they subscribe to the totalitarian dream of social justice convergence.

          1. The question is here is not whether we will adopt blitzkrieg tactics.
            The question here is whether or not we will use Einsatzgruppen.

            (The answer, by the way, is no.)

            1. The silent majority will pay money to hand their children over to “irrelevant” institutions controlled by people like Melissa Click. While SJWs are collecting scalps and forcing tearful confessions, you are patting yourselves on the back for conceding ground to them. You all are more non-resistant than the Amish… but you don’t have the tight knit community life to go with it. (Or the cool hats.)

              People like Click cannot do anything unamerican enough to merit losing their jobs. Because purging people that are putting out everyone that’s not 100% on board with the cultural revolution is the worst thing ever. It’s so bad, we have to allow them to keep doing it with impunity! Because getting rid of them would make us as bad as them…?

              You guys have really lost me with this. I mean I really don’t get it.

                1. And what does it take to make the claws come out? Why… if one were to assert that it would be a very good thing if people like Melissa Click should be removed from their positions as educators in public institutions, then suddenly… someone purportedly on the side of civilization shows up to point out that this is tantamount to becoming the einsatzgruppen.

                  The majority of people on this thread would rather demonize the people that would fight back than fight back themselves. These are the people that have already been unpersoned via the media’s smear campaign against the Sad Puppies! Those people were the big bad threat that deserved to be called neo-nazis… and yet here they are, congratulating themselves for NOT fighting and standing by while people that would fight are demonized by their own.

                  Think about that. That’s how far we are from defending our culture. It’s almost as if the educational program outlined in The Abolition of Man has been so successful, and so thorough that any form of resistance is unthinkable… even among the bleeding edge of the push back that is routinely denounced in the media!

                  What a joke…. But do keep ridiculing your “keystone kop” opponents. They are walking all over you and dominating the field… while you feel smug about conceding to them!

          2. I think that sometimes “tactics” actually are the issue. Not always of course, but sometimes. “Shunning” is a tactic to gain and maintain control. It’s something that cults and SJWs use to control in-group members. Attempting to destroy people’s careers is a tactic and the tactic itself is not compatible with a free society. Being a bully is a tactic. Intolerance is a tactic (not a belief) that requires the identification of external enemies. Censorship through vilification is a tactic.

            So often I am reminded of that movie trailer where the actor playing Richard Nixion is saying “when *I* do it, it’s not illegal”… or near that. I hear his voice…

            Certainly there is no real reason to “play nice” just for the sake of playing nice. But some tactics themselves are wrong and employing them in the service of “Truth” as we see so often in society today, does not stop them being evil and destructive all on their own, no matter what they are in service to. Attempts to punish speech, for example, are evil and no amount of justifying this by virtue of wanting a “better world” will change that. No amount of “but I’m right and you’re wrong so I must be allowed to speak and you must be silent” will change the simple, destructive, and evil, nature of the *tactic*.

            On the other hand there are the sorts of “gentlemen’s agreements”… Queensbury Rules or the Geneva Conventions and similar *reciprocal* expectations of civilization… which have sound purpose when upheld by all members of a conflict but are not, in any sense, a “high ground” to be adhered to in the absence of the “other guy” playing by those same rules, who then often seem to feel they can demand that you must hold to *your* principles or be a hypocrite or monster while they do what they please.

            1. That’s absolutely ridiculous. People like you are exactly why the SJWs have been successfully eroding civilization for decades. Because you’re more concerned about being nice and “not being like them” than you are about the survival of your culture and your civilization.

              But that’s your right. Just stay out of the way of those of us who are actually willing to defend Christendom and the West.

              1. So you see no value in the freedom of speech whatsoever?

                The erosion of civilization is not attributable to freedom, it’s attributable to tyranny. Or are you, like SJWs, basing the rightness of any action on how wonderful life would be if only those people over there who are wrong can be silenced? If you silence them, force some conversions, get wrong-thinkers thrown from their jobs and excluded from economic participation then life will be wonderful and civilization secure?

                Or are you just sloppy at reading today because I appeared to be disagreeing with you on some particular?

                I’ve been trying (and this is only somewhat related but also nearly exactly the same thing) to figure out how to explain and if I should bother to write an essay explaining why rule of law matters over rule of emotion in our judicial system but after all, a judge ruling according to feelings is a *tactic* and one that so very many social justice minded people seem to think will solve all problems of inequality rather than create all problems of inequality. I have to deal with idiots who are convinced that “justice” requires an abandonment of law. Just a tactic. So no reason not to do exactly the same thing? I know you aren’t that enormously stupid.

                It has nothing to do with “becoming like them” but has to do with the inherent result of “tactics”. If judges rule according to how they feel about that young man being charged… he looks like a good boy probably just made a mistake or two… but that other boy looks like he’s up to no good… can that be *solved* by doing the same thing but more and in a different direction? No, the problem of public perception of the judicial system as being “unfair” is not solved by making the system less subject to law and more subject to subjectivity and public calls for any particular verdict.

                The error of the SJWs in embracing dictatorial and fascist tendencies and feeling that they’ve a *right* to control the content of my, and your, speech and even thoughts, and to remake society into something *good* by force, is not corrected or defeated by becoming dictatorial and fascist.

            2. I take a rather more utilitarian view. As long as the other party maintains decent standards of behavior, so will I. Once they demonstrate their lack of honor, then anything that’s necessary to protect me and mine is acceptable. I can deal with a guilty conscience later, after the war is won.

                1. Exactly so, which is why I made a point of mentioning it. There are any number of situations where “we all agree not to cross this line of behavior” has nearly defined civilization in the West. They are agreements between parties that when violated void the whole ever blessed thing. In no sense EVER did we owe Al Qaeda or now ISIS the protections of the Geneva Accords.

          3. I agree, especially with the regard of why SJWs are SJWs. (And yes, I know there will be people screeching at me for this,but they’re the SJWs for the most part.)

            Right now, I just found out about the huge terrorist attack that happened in Paris. I have nearly zero sympathy for the European governments which invited this insanity in, and frankly Tom Kratman’s Caliphate is getting to be closer and closer. Yet the Europeans persist by offering up their women and children to be victimized by further examples of preventable insanity because they are unwilling to fight back against the invasion of both culture, mindset, values, and yes, demographics.

            I’m at the point where I personally will lean back with a bag of chips, and munch away as Europe burns to the chants to Allah, while keeping an eye on the US wondering when you’re pushed too far, and snap.

            As for down under, there’s a lot of outback, a lot of ocean, and a lot of hungry predators native to here. Cronulla will be nothing compared to what the Aussies will do if pushed too far, in my opinion – and the thing is, it won’t be just in Australia if Europeans/the West find their collective balls. If.

            It will be bloody, maybe worse than WW2 and the shit thing is, it’s our kids having the fallout, not us. I have the unfortunate feeling we haven’t gotten that far yet.

            1. Ultimately though, Sad Puppies, Gamergate, we’re just a symptom – the flushed skin as it were – of the surface of an evil that has far reaching consequences. And I don’t know if I have an answer to the cancer that is eating us all alive.

              1. The answer is for those of us who have been holding back our more violent side to stop. When that happens, these fools will discover why we’ve held back.

                What the governments say isn’t relevant any more. It’s what the ordinary people *who don’t get media attention* are saying and doing.

                1. I’m actually seriously depressed right now. This is what we found out today:

                  One of the smaller fleets we would occasionally play with on Star Trek Online was located in Europe. Most of the fleet members were French; except the one German guy. They’d scheduled a get-together RL and saved up to buy tickets to a concert. Everyone except the German member went, because he couldn’t get off work.

                  He got in touch with one of us to let us know every one of the members of the fleet save for himself died at the Bataclan music hall. I’m not super close with the members (due to time zone differences) but from what I saw they were a tight-knit clan of friends.

                  I don’t have any way of confirming the story, but this is just what we have been told.

                  Two very good friends of Aff’s and myself would have gone there too from Belgium if their daughter hadn’t gotten sick.

                  We’re hoping to hear from one of our French clan members at tomorrow’s Lineage II castle sieges, because we heard he was supposed to be in Paris right now.

                  1. Oh no, Shadow. I hope so much that you hear good news eventually. Even if they are well you may not hear for some time. Reminds me of Benghazi and how one of the men who died was well known in Eve, though. Games connect us in so many amazing ways so that our lives are quite weirdly global. I haven’t watched much news but they’ve been reporting on which victims are American because that is immediate to people, but it bothers me because of just this web of connections that defies borders, and with games, sometimes defies language as well.

        4. Brad, no need to go read the last 15 chapters of Alma again and then stop worrying so much that you’re not being “nice” enough to the kingmen.

          You don’t “become” SJWs just because you completely and totally torch them. You become a society free of SJWs.

        5. And why are we praising the enlightenment again? And which one? Continental? Or English?

    2. As I recall the Secret Police tended to go Keystone Kop everywhere they existed. After all, they can’t be questioned, and they tend to recruit those who are noticeably dumber than they are (because someone smarter might just have them sent to the gulag).

      The East German Stasi jokes weren’t much different than the Russian KGB jokes than… The really impressive thing is that the Peoples Republic of Science Fiction (I’m totally stealing this) hasn’t actually come to power yet, and they’re running through generational stupidity at double speed.

  7. Because of its historical connotations I hate to use the phrase “silent majority,” but it is very applicable to a great deal of what is happening in the world today. You see, most folks are silent because they have better things to do with their lives than pay attention to the whining of spoiled brats as long as it remains background noise. But because the little precious flowers have not been slapped down hard, in fact encouraged by that insidious and far too pervasive progressive subculture that we’ve allowed to infest the media and educational system, they mistake being ignored for a sign of approval.
    But as we are starting to see now, silent majorities in the SF&F readership and in the general US population are having the infantile and irrational rantings of these whack jobs shoved in their collective faces. Whether it be that disgusting display at the Hugo award ceremony, or any of several recent campus demonstrations, folks with better things to occupy their time are experiencing a WTF moment.
    Those micro aggressed students and faculty are going to find out just what happens when mommy and daddy start to question the value of that tuition they’ve been paying. And the puppy kickers have and will continue to see just what happens when you treat the fen and authors they don’t approve of with contempt, denigration, and vicious attacks.
    As I understand Sad Puppies, all we wanted was equal time, and with SPIV all we’ve proposed is a suggested reading list. In response we’ve been attacked, vilified, and called every dirty name in the kickers’ play book. Which by strange coincidence reads suspiciously similar to one by a Mr. Alinsky by the way.
    One disagreement from me. Kate darlin, you are an ‘orrible ‘orrible lady indeed. Do keep up the good work.

    1. “most folks are silent because they have better things to do with their lives ”

      This. I remember that my dad was on the parish (church) council. Once a week, he dashed home from work, changed his clothes, inhaled dinner, and was back out the door for a meeting that lasted two (or more!) hours. What did they accomplish at these meetings? Not much. Ultimately, he decided that spending time with his family was more important than rushing to these do-nothing meetings.

      SJWs/CHORFs have taken over various organizations/institutions because they thrive in these environments; the rest of us have better things to do with our time.

        1. Amen. We have jobs. We work. We look after our families. We don’t have the time or the desire to spend all day sitting on blogs/twitter/etc whining about how disadvantaged we are.

      1. Education, journalism, publishing, and academia- all of those institutions are currently declining into further irrelevance.

      2. And that’s why you’re more likely to hear watered down Marxism from the pulpit than anything like biblical Christianity.

        SJWs took over because leaders were unwilling to purge them from their organizations. Complacency in the face of this enemy looks reasonable or even inevitable in retrospect. That does not make the capitulation into a virtue, however.

    2. I think silent majority might not go far enough.

      America is a nation of cranks, and always has been.

      Despite one particular flavor of crank being multiplied and magnified, the left has a significant number, maybe a majority, who are culturally American in a way that hasn’t been entirely subordinated to politics.

      Combined with other parts of the population, and neglecting the illegals, we probably have a majority that isn’t that into to politics. They would be happy not to kick off any internal slaughters as long as they can be persuaded that elections are reasonable fair, and that the stakes are not too high.

      (The cartel has been killing and kidnapping with apparent impunity, and relative few people. If the Republicans wanted killing as much as the Left has convinced themselves the Right does, there are more than enough Republicans to exceed the cartel. This hasn’t been happening.)

      American historical periods are not as clear cut as the history books imply.

      There is a deep tradition of violence in America. Why have the range wars apparently stopped?

      One answer is that technology changed the incentives. When any given local conflict could bring in reinforcements a long ways, essentially from everywhere, the risks magnified, and it became much more difficult to be certain of long term superiority of force. Perhaps we are still as warlike as when we killed more than half a million of our brothers over a political feud. Perhaps we are merely holding ourselves back, as civilized men can do.

      An alternative hypothetical, here stated so weakly as to be a strawman, is that the decline in crime and internal wars really is entirely driven by the population becoming weaker, softer and degenerate. If so, and if sub population crime disparity reflects military capability, one would expect those sub populations to give a disparately high showing as infantrymen. I have not heard that this is the case.

      I would contend that we not only have a silent majority, but a violent majority, which is opposed to great internal conflict. Those minorities that want civil war or domestic slaughter do not have the disparity of force to make it happen.

  8. All you have to do is say ANYTHING unpopular. Which I do all the time.

    So what if I annoy people? My puppies and kitties know how nice I am, and they are the ones who really count.

  9. Always refer to SJWs as fascists. Always ask why they want to be like North Korea. Always refer to them as pre-adolescents. Always refer to them as jihadists. Please read Day’s SJWs Always Lie.

    1. I’ve read it, and yes. They are fascists. Pre-adolescents is a compliment to them, though. They’re screaming toddlers throwing tantrums because they didn’t get what they wanted *right now*.

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