Operation Supply Drop

First off, I hope everyone who is attending Dragon*Con this weekend has a fun and safe time. Remember to drink water, eat once in a awhile and to shower daily. No, Axe body spray does not count.


If you know anything about me, you know that I am a hardcore gamer. If it has pixels I have either played it or it’s on my “to play” list. My first novel was about video games. While I typically dislike first person shooters, I enjoy a wide variety of games. Turn based (like Civilization 5, aka Killer of Jason’s Writing Time), third person RPG (Fable!!) or simply MMOs (World of Tanks, World of Warcraft… this is actually a long list when I think about it) are all games I love to play. Hell, I’ll even bust out the board games and play Risk or Blood Bowl whenever I can.

Another thing most people should know about me is I try to do a lot of charity work. And this year, I’m actually helping a big charity drive, which starts today.

Someone decided to take my two loves (video games and charity work) and mash them together. This wonderful and awesome monstrosity is called Operation Supply DropOne of OSD’s goals is to get videogames to soldiers who are deployed overseas and in combat zones where entertainment is pretty hard to come by. I know we would have loved something like that when I was deployed overseas, and I can only imagine how great it must feel to see a crate of entertainment come in for the troops.

Another thing that OSD does is something called a Thank You Deployment, where they team up one OSD civilian member and an OSD vet and send them to a big entertainment event, like E3 or PAX, as ambassadors for OSD.OSD even picks up the tab for their trip, using money donated by charity drives. Charity drives like Torpedoes for the Troops.

Torpedoes for the Troops is a 36 hour live stream even hosted by Twitch and run by OSD. During TftT, streamers will be playing the latest MMO from Wargaming, called World of Warships, which is officially going live on Sept 17. Wargaming has donated prizes and codes for people who join in the Twitch channel and participate, as well as donate for this great cause. Shirts are also available to purchase over here to help raise more money for charity. The live stream starts today at 3pm Eastern and runs until 3am Eastern Sunday morning. 36 hours of nonstop gaming by some of the best in the world, teaching viewers not only tricks of the trade but also how to stream and drive up your own popularity on platforms such as Twitch. All for charity. And during this time, every 20 minutes we’ll be giving away 300 “dubloons”, which is in-game currency for World of Warships, as well as 3 days of premium time.

Then, to top that off, at the top of every hour we’ll be giving out two Tirpitz-class ships, a highly desired premium warship that is only available for purchase (not something you earn through regular game play). All this for simply showing up and chatting, and even sharing us on Twitter using the #torpedoesforthetroops hashtag.

If you want to come and hang out with me specifically, I’ll be moderating and producing from 0300 Eastern to 1100 Saturday. Yeah, the brutal and zombified stretch. If you show up, I can promise that it will be entertaining. My streamer will be Trobsmonkey, one of the more popular streamers on Twitch. Should be a lot of fun.

Some come join us for free prizes and maybe even donate some money to a worthy cause.

6 thoughts on “Operation Supply Drop

    1. Oh, I won’t be playing. Just producing and moderating. You’re more than welcome to streamsnipe Trobsmonkey though. I think he’ll be playing aircraft carriers.

  1. This is definitely a worthwhile charity, and thus a worthwhile post, in and of itself.
    It also has great symbolic value to me, though, because it is unlikely to attract a swarm of buzzing puppy-kickers, and I can check the ‘comments’ block without having my email inbox explode.
    MGC has some freaken informative posts about writing and publishing and science fiction and even other things I know very little about, such as gaming. It’s a pleasant community and a safe place to play. I hate it when it gets over-run by the nay-sayers.

    1. Just wait, Pat. Someone will realize that this is clear evidence that the Secret Masters of Puppydom (aka SMOPs) are conspiring with GamerGate, (I mean, imagine people being interested in both reading and games? Next thing you know, they’ll start studying mythology and psychology and…) … There go the comments!

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