The Grim and The Bright

(Thanks for rescuing me. They were threatening to make me write romance novels as a form of punishment until I showed them one of my pen names and the Harlequin-esque novel. They hurriedly gave in to your demands and now I'm free.) Part of the issue today with aspects of science fiction is that some... Continue Reading →

The Weather Abides

I was working on my next Kin Wars Saga novel and got to thinking: we use the weather to set the mood, sure, but why? Everybody knows that if you have a funeral it's supposed to rain, and a happy ending is a bright sunny day. Depressive days are flat, dull, grey and cold, while snowy... Continue Reading →

Stir the Pot

I don't like to stir the pot. Primarily because I've discovered that the best slow cooker involves a pressure cooker and only 20 minutes! But today I'm definitely stirring the pot with a big ol' wooden spoon (we ran out of wooden assterisks, sorry) because Worldcon just went and jumped the shark. If you're a... Continue Reading →

Pants On Fire

So I was reading Kate's Blast from the Past today and realized, as someone who is so deep in two different novels that I'm having a hard time separating fiction from fact, that I am indeed a pantser as well. This is rather obvious to those who have met me in person Person #1: You know Jason... Continue Reading →

A Dreamer’s Dream

As you read this, the Dragon Awards come barreling down upon us like a freight train. I'll be the first to admit that I don't think that I've ever really gotten over the whole Hugo Awards thing from 2015. I know I should, and a better person would, but I'll be the first to admit to... Continue Reading →

The Dragons Have Arrived!

...and boy are their wings tired! *rimshot* I received my ballot for voting in the 2017 Dragon Awards yesterday (I wasn't without internet, only without a computer... and writing this by phone was impossible) and I wasted no time in perusing through the finalists and making some decisions. Other decisions, like Best MilSF Novel, are... a... Continue Reading →

More Than One Can Chew

I was literally just banging my head against the desk and trying to think of a topic for tomorrow. My desk is not the most robust of office equipment, so I did not try to put my head through the top as instructed by random Youtube guy. In order to attain the proper-sized knot on... Continue Reading →

Open Crazy Month

Work threw a monkey wrench into my plans for today's post, plus my research into the benefits of forming an LLC as a writer is incomplete, which leads me to... This has been a crazy month. How are you holding up?


My turn came around quicker than expected this month. Bear with me as I've been battling this bizarre cold/flu/strep thing for the past week. I really don't have anything today to talk about (boo! bad form!) so I'll open up with a question: Who motivates you? For me, it varies. I can look back throughout... Continue Reading →

Lost in the Sauce

Within every group there is a clique. With every clique lies the potential for an echo chamber. This, in a way, is a perfect way to get completely lost in the sauce. I'd never heard of this phrase before I started working at my current job. Indeed, the opportunity (or need, really) to hang out with... Continue Reading →

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