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Just not yet. As soon as Mrs. Dave and Not-As-We-As-He-Useta-Be Dave are taken care of. There will be writing. About space, and stuff (no, really). For now, argue amongst yourselves.

20 thoughts on “There Will Be Post…

      1. You’re just trying to stop the argument by agreeing with me. Whatever you think I said, you’re wrong!!

    1. I paid good money to have an argument, and by gosh, I’m going to have one, even if I have to argue with myself!
      No, wait, that’s a stupid idea.
      No, it’s not!
      Yes, it is!
      Shut up! I didn’t ask you!

  1. Which are cooler: pirates or ninjas? My students seem to be 99% ninja. (The pirate supporter is a true nerd’s nerd; great kid.)

    1. Pirates, definitely. Pirates have to be pirates all the time, but Ninjas are only ninjas when they’re working. Let’s face it – Pirates are individualists, and have to work on their cool factor. All ninjas look the same. It’s not like you can reliably tell them apart. That’s kind of the whole point, really.

      Sneak up on behind someone at night and silently stab them in the back while masked and anonymous, vs/ sail up during the day, announce your intentions, fire cannon at shouting distance, and then board with cutlasses swinging? It’s not even close.

      Plus, ninjas are on salary, while pirates work on commission.

    2. Ninjas.

      Innocents are killed or worse in Pirate Attacks.

      Ninjas can chose to only attack the guilty not the innocent.

      1. Continuing to provide evidence for the superiority of Ninjas.

        Pirates are sea going (or space going) bandits and have to pay their own bills (including ship repairs).

        Thus their preferred targets are unarmed merchant ships containing products that have a high resale value.

        Pirates don’t want to take on strongly defended targets because the “loot” may not pay the costs of ship repair, medical bills and recruitment of new crew.

        While I would not call Pirates cowards (not very safe), the fact remains that they prefer easy targets.

        Now Ninjas are masters of the art of murder especially the art of murdering heavily defended individuals.

        If you want to kill the owner of a mom-and-pa shop, you don’t hire a ninja, you just locate the local thug.

        On the other hand, if you want to a powerful politician, noble, monarch, businessman, then you hire a ninja.

        The Ninjas are men and women who have been trained to bypass the defenses of powerful men and women in order to quietly murder them.

        Yes, they are often quick and deadly fighters but their strength is in their ability to get closer to their targets than the most powerful army could do.

        The question of morality has come up before regarding pirates vs ninjas.

        Sadly, I’d say that when comes to be moral, a person should consider being a privateer rather than a pirate.

        As for morality and the ninjas, many would-be ninjas have started out thinking that they’d only accept jobs where the targets deserve to be killed.

        Sadly, too many of them start seeing the money they’d earn from the death, the thrill of the kill, and the challenge of the hunt as more important than whether the target deserved to be killed.

        Pirates are merchants of theft and ninjas are merchants of murder, thus morality really doesn’t come into play for such professions. [Sad Smile]

  2. Great. We woke up the dragon, and he’s grumpy, what with bringing up facts and morality and such in a perfectly good ‘image’ argument.

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