Give the Puppies a Happy

The membership window for this year’s Worldcon with Hugo voting rights is closing soon, but membership for next year – and a planned Barfly/Evil Legion of Evil invasion (of the fun kind) is in the works, what with next year being in Kansas City and quite a few Baen authors being reasonably close.

The ELOE’s Cuddly Token Liberal (aka the light blue Care Bear with a bleeding heart on his tummy… and a flamethrower) Brad Torgerson is coordinating Sad Puppies Three, complete with awesome logo from a Barfly, and explains the whole membership thing way better than my broken brain can do right now (fighting a virus, the day job is in uber-intense mode, and then I got home this afternoon and had to shovel the – steep – driveway so my husband had a decent chance of being able to drive up it. Seriously. An inch makes getting up the drive an adventure. Ze brain, she has given up ze ghost).

Predictably, this is giving the usual suspects a sad face, and possibly severe heartburn as well. One “gentleman” on Facebook took Brad and his friends to task for “politicizing” the Worldcon by planning a major Barfly gathering and indulging in a little anticipatory schadenfreude (I need to upgrade my spellcheck. It wants to replace that word with Scheherazade) over the prospect of Social Justice Whiner angst because every con with a Barfly Suite discovers that the Barfly Suite is way more popular than many other events. Including, not infrequently, the official con suite (the Barfly Suite is better run, has better food, and damn good alcohol as well as good company and interesting conversations where you don’t have to worry about keeping your mouth shut lest you say something politically incorrect), panels and signings attended by guests of honor (when said guest of honor is not a Baen author), and of course, the authors themselves often drop by.

Said “gentleman” included this gem in his allegedly unbiased commentary: “The only agendas I see “from the left”, is a desire for equal opportunity” – which plants him firmly in Social Justice Whiner territory, right alongside his argument that it’s doubleplus ungood for non-left-ish authors and fans to plan to gather at a convention, open their space to anyone who wishes to attend and gloat a bit because they know from experience their gatherings are popular, but it’s perfectly okay for the likes of Wiscon to slice and dice their attendees so fine it’s a wonder the special-snowflake-only designations aren’t down to single people – and to refuse entry to anyone who doesn’t fit that particular special-snowflake-only designation (which leads me to wonder – what if you fit two of three? Three of four? I mean, if the “safe space” is for Asian lesbian transgender born-males, would a straight Asian male be able to enter? He does meet three of the four criteria, right?).

Honestly, I like the Barfly Suite method. Anyone is welcome, please be courteous and if you don’t bring food, drop a contribution in the tip jar because all those goodies are coming from someone’s personal funds. Just because some folks have been known to turn pale and leave in a hurry when Mad Mike starts showing off his toys doesn’t mean it’s a bad place (Mad Mike has some awesome toys).

So, to end this ramble, go check out Brad’s Sad Puppies posts. Sign up, and nominate works that would normally never see the light of a Hugo nomination day (I think the Mad Genius Club is eligible for one of the categories), suggest nominations so there are lots of choices for those who don’t lean pure Social Justice Whiner, and make those poor puppies smile.


  1. And, of course, there’s the OTHER benny of being a Worldcon Member.

    The Hugo Voter’s Packet. Hundreds of dollars worth of ebooks, and it’s yours. . .

    Add to that, the sheer winnage of pissing off the SJWs, and what can I say ? Such a deal Worldcon has for you. . .

  2. Where to allocate the pennies…
    Kate, I’ve started a ‘purchase one of Kate’s books’ collection; all my pocket change gets dumped into it, when I have pocket change. Since I’m retired and disabled and on a fixed income, I have to make tough decisions about where the money goes, and so it doesn’t look like there is going to be a vote coming from me for the Hugos again this year.
    I really, really do wish your work was available under Kindle Unlimited. Since I started the program at the end of October, I’ve reviewed 19 books (I took December off for technical reasons). The leaders are Cedar and Amanda with 4 each. This will be the last time I mention this; just know that having allocated my paltry few bucks available for the KU monthly fee, I CAN’T read any of your work, even though I WANT to.

        1. I think we can swing Kansas City.

          Although, letting Peter loose around the SJW would be a little dangerous. People whining about the evils of first world problems have this particular look they get in their eye when an African decides he’s had enough of that excrement. (Ooh, if only we could get Dave Freer there to tag-team!)

        2. Oooh. I can get to Kansas City from here. I’ll be the bearded guy on the bike covered in dust…

    1. August 17-21. Ow, that’s a potential problem. *shrug* And it’s a ways away from today. “Sufficient unto the day is the evil therein” and all that.

    1. I will plan for LC in 2016, but Worldcon is going to be highly dependent on my graduation date (projected for May 2016) and the job-hunting after that. On the other hand, if school runs a semester long (and it may) then I ought to be able to do it.

  3. I’ll be buying a membership–either attending or supporting, I don’t know which yet–but mainly to nominate an awesome indie sf-writer I just found (Becca Mills) I hope it gives her a bit more visibility.

  4. great commentary and summary! See you in KC – and now I have to scour Amazon and buy something of yours for being a Puppy Sadness Warrior! 🙂

  5. So… if I just got a room on the party floor at Bubonicon and announce that it was the Barfly Suite… suppose anyone would show? As it is, I know for certain that there is one author who publishes in the Gazette who is sure to be at the con. Maybe I ought to just make a leap of faith, hm? (Not that I’ve actually hung out on Baen’s Bar for a number of years but…)

      1. I’m sure the HALL will be compliant, Jasini. What I want to know about is whether we can rent some kind of electric supermarket cart or the equivalent to get around with.

        1. Contact the local organizers. Most of the time, con folks can help, but (a) someone has to ask (b) they need some warning. Ask early, and see what they can rustle up. (Full disclosure: I am involved in organizing academic conferences, and we run into similar questions. Where I give similar answers!)

  6. Funny, Spokane is within (long) driving distance, and it is a pretty city (I’ve been there once for ConComCon back when I was an art show director), but I’m not too interested.

    I do have this year’s LibertyCon on the schedule, which will be the first Con I’ve attended since doing BattleBot demos at Rustycon over a decade ago. (By the way, is it a good idea to plan flying in Thursday and flying out Monday?)

    1. Yes, that’s a reasonable schedule. The First Reader and I will be arriving Thursday and leaving about noon on Sunday – I have class on Monday. Sigh… School is beginning to be a drag.

  7. My only problem with this is my sneaking suspicion that WorldCon is RUN by SJWs and their ilk. Explain why I would want to throw my hard earned money into THEIR coffers in order to vote? Now, in fairness, I’ve never been to a SF/F convention (although I attended MANY gaming conventions “back in the day.” So I could be mistaken as to who’s running the whole shebang.

    1. I live here in Kansas City and can tell you that while there may be a liberal or three on the worldcon staff in a variety of positions, there are certainly no SJW types that I’m aware of. Been going to cons since 1975 and was at the first KC worldcon and know this 2016 bunch well enough to affirm my above claims. 🙂

        1. Hi, Jasini. I rent two small rooms on the second floor of a nice old house at 28th and Paseo. It’s right across the street from a small lake and is a very quiet area. You (besides just northlands)?

          1. Not too far from the junction of I-35 & I-29. If it weren’t for the hills & trees you could see NKC Hospital from our house.

            1. I know your area well. Before I retired in April of 2013 I was a local delivery driver for one of the delivery companies in NKC for 25 years. Are you on the east or west of the split there at Parvin Rd.? (Just trying to get a picture, no need for an exact address). 🙂

                1. Both of us are only 10 minutes from the main con hotel, then, if from opposite directions. Means we won’t have to pay for an expensive hotel room every night. Well, me anyway. I know friends nearby who’ll be paying for a room anyway, but I just can’t afford it. 🙂 Have you ever come to our annual Memorial Day weekend con, ConQuest? There’ll be one end of May and you could meet a lot of the folks hosting worldcon next year…

  8. Jasini (and anyone else within traveling distance of KC), here’s the link to this May’s ConQuest. It’s at the same main hotel and site as next year’s worldcon. Lo and behold George RR Martin is our Editor GoH this year! He and Parris used to come every year in the 80 and the early 90s, but then it became sporadic when he hit it big with The Song of Ice and Fire books (i.e. Game of Thrones, etc.). So I hope nothing happens to thwart him coming back this year. Brandon Sanderson is also another Guest, but here’s the full list:

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