Was writing, just not this!

So I’m going to give you a couple awesome links for your day.

First, Dr. Jackson Crawford.
Who, thanks to the awesomeness of the modern age, is a Norse language and myth scholar who’s supported by patreon, so he can cover the most interesting topics!

Second, Dr Travis Lee Clark!
Who is an awesome human being, and responsible for south & central american mythology infecting something I’ve been writing.
He isn’t doing pure patreon (yet!) but I look forward to that day!
Until then – he’s put almost all his lectures online, and they are awesome. Let them spark your writerly brain, your art interest, or your history / worldbuilding geek!

And now I go faceplant, because got chapter finished, too.

7 thoughts on “Was writing, just not this!

  1. So, when will we get to read it and ‘comment’? Also, great links and yes, Travis should do Patreon!

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