A plethora of ideas

I woke up late this morning, and feeling drowsy and satisfied with life in general, I thought I’d amuse myself and you, dear readers. What follows are a selection of writing memes that I’ve saved over the last little while, for inspiration and to chuck at my writer friends when they need a laugh. A laugh that will end in a ‘huh. I could make that work…’

Inspector Gidget adds her opinion.

25 thoughts on “A plethora of ideas

      1. The “book in my head vs. first draft” – oh, I feel that one. Also the Idea at Oh Dark Hundred.

        …But I have to admit the snapping turtle one made me snicker, because yep, I could see that happening!

        1. The first thing to cross my mind was “Are we sure Lawdog’s retired? This has a definite Lawdog vibe.”

  1. The mood of the day, and the writer’s W-curve. So painfully true. (Just got my Day Job schedule. I am now 100% certain that the universe is out to make me a Morning Person against my will.)

      1. I’m surprised Terry used it. Didn’t he despise Chesterton and all his fellow believers?

        1. Pratchett was engaged in some kind of fight.with most strands of English culture, but he also was happy to grab and use it. Eh, a lot of UK writers have a love/hate relationship with Catholicism.

          1. My own, probably wrong, take on most Englishmen and Catholicism is that they seem to behave as though the Spanish Armada just landed at Dover, England has just been declared the property of the Spanish Papists, and the Holy Inquisition is about to start burning the heretics in Trafalgar Square. Really, they behave like all that history happened just yesterday and that hating the Catholics is a sacred duty.

            1. I don’t want to throw flame bait out on a writing blog, so I’ll just point vaguely in a direction of some trauma I hadn’t considered before someone pointed it out to me– go look up how many folks were executed in each wave of that conflict, and compare it to the total population of the area in question, and then compare it to more recent incidents.

              There’s reason for trauma, there.

              1. Okay. The books I was thinking of were so far over the top they made the worst sort of stereotyped 50’s Red Scare ‘The Commies Are Coming’ parodies look downright calm.

                I’ll also say that for all we here about the Armada there’s very little ever said about English sea dogs with their ships going off to the North African corsair states to give the corsairs some little-needed help plundering and slaving.

                  1. Sorry. My mistake. Lots of heat here in the Northeast, no AC in my home and maybe three hours of sleep a night. I’m feeling kind of beat.

                    1. :sympathy:

                      No mistake involved, I was (still am!) trying to be politely obscure, and my focus is mostly internal for those islands.

        2. I didn’t get the impression of despising. (Contrast with his co-author for Good Omens.)

          I got the impression of angry at God for not existing, edging around to wondering if maybe he was wrong about Him not existing.

  2. The Oh-Dark-Thirty idea is why there’s a notepad by my bed. So I can write badly in the night, and not wake up more with all that bright light in my eyes.

    Sometimes it’s an idea, sometimes it’s something I forgot to put on the shopping list. Either way, it gets it out, done, and I go sleep now.

  3. MY first draft is black and white cartoon showing a skinny teenager with pimples, studs in his cheek, and a mohawk. Immersed to his chest.

  4. I think the Drama Goth is being Dramatic in a second-class train car. Those things have luggage racks that will hold almost anything up to a fully-loaded steamer trunk in terms of weight. The windows also look like the second-class cars on trains I’ve ridden in Germany, Austria, and France.

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