A plethora of ideas

I woke up late this morning, and feeling drowsy and satisfied with life in general, I thought I'd amuse myself and you, dear readers. What follows are a selection of writing memes that I've saved over the last little while, for inspiration and to chuck at my writer friends when they need a laugh. A... Continue Reading →

Story Prompts

Every writer has heard of them. Some of us have begged for them. We've even groaned and considered running away when we've seen them. I'm talking about story prompts. They can take many forms, everything from a short scene description to character description to a line from the news and more. They can help get... Continue Reading →

Prompted Writing

I've been toying with an idea, so hear me out for a minute here. Years ago I was part of a prompt group. I don't remember just how I got involved - through a friend, I think - but at a time when I struggled to find the time to write, getting a little prompt... Continue Reading →

Training and Habit Building

The seven habits of highly successful scientists chemists authors, oh, who am I kidding? I don't think there's seven. There's probably only one cardinal rule: observe everything. Watch, listen, read if you can, and once you've stashed all that information internally, you'll be able to use it when there's a call for it. The problem... Continue Reading →

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