Three New Things to Read!

It’s been a busy release week at Mad Genius Club, for myself, Alma Boykin, and Amanda Green (as Sam Schall)! Also, here’s a release announcement for Dave Freer’s newest short story in case you missed it!

First, I put out another in the Combined Operations series. If you liked the other things I wrote, you might like this. It’s not so much a romance, really, as it is about the problems that come after the happily ever after.

Like meeting the family that he doesn’t talk to, and finding out that there’s more than one feud going on. It’s about finding out the hard way that when you’ve been out defending the homeland, and not being there, home changes until it isn’t home anymore, and the people there become strangers with a shared history in the thirty years Between Two Graves.

Second, Alma Boykin just released another tale from her familiar universe!

Lelia and André can deal with abyssal fiends, sorcerers gone bad, sorceresses gone worse, curses that go Sproing! A teenage daughter? Now that’s a challenge.

Lelia and André just want to live quietly, raising their family and keeping arcane mischief to a minimum. But the Street and the Army have other plans.

Lelia’s worlds are on a collision course, and her daughter might be caught in the middle.

Sometimes, trouble is new. And Sometimes it’s Overly Familiar.

Third, Amanda Green’s series finale!

Colonel Ashlyn Shaw is on a collision course with an enemy determined to destroy her and all she holds dear. Honor demands she not turn away from the upcoming battle. Duty requires her to do whatever is necessary to protect her command and her home system. The Corps and her family stand with her, ready and willing to do whatever it takes to finally bring this war to an end.

But when the enemy turns out to be closer than she thinks, how will Ashlyn react? Will this finally be what breaks her or will it see the might of the Fuerconese Marine Corps raining death and destruction down on all who would stand against Fuercon and her enemies?

Honor and duty. Corps and family. These are the hills upon which Ash and every Marine in her command will live and possibly die as they fight to protect Fuercon and her allies, in Destiny From Ashes!

And last but not least, did you see Dave Freer released a short story? If not, you should go enjoy!

She thought she just needed the latest and best of automated houses to be happy.
She’s about to find out that a technology that can give you everything you want, can take away everything you need.
An amusing short story of technological over-reach.
Boy’s Surface

5 thoughts on “Three New Things to Read!

  1. Highly, highly recommend Dorothy’s book. It didn’t exactly go the direction I thought it would. I mean, I knew the bad guys would show up at some point, because a bad guy always* does, but the other part . . . Very well done.

    *Yes, I know, you can have plots of “man against nature.”

    1. I got notified of yours but missed hers earlier. Off to snag.

      Must not read until tasks are done though. *swats own sneaking hand away from book*

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