Things that are not writing

Dear Self,
Next time, even if you don’t think it’s going to be a series and you don’t think this character will show up again, much less be a main character… find a photographer with the same model in at least 3 good genre-appropriate images for making covers in their stock.

Because you make plans, and even your subconscious laughs.

And yes, self, you just wrote 44K words on it, but now you have to take off your author hat, put on your publisher hat, and write a blurb. It’s okay. This is why brandy exists – to reward difficult things. And chocolate.

…And okay, I understand. You sat down to look for cover art examples and then blinked and found yourself in the kitchen, measuring out spices to turn a jar of assam into chai. It happens, and we were almost out of the last batch. Back to the computer, now. Oh, wait, what’s this? Writing a mad genius post instead? Well, it was due.

But self, if I find you washing the curtains instead of writing a blurb, I’m going to call you procrastinating.

Yes, I know it’s time to vacuum out and do maintenance on the master bathroom fan. And about time to replace the hoses on the washing machine. But you really can do this. C’mon, put down the MGC post…

9 thoughts on “Things that are not writing

    1. If you like solitaire, here’s a much better site that will eat simply days of your life at a time:

      World of Solitaire.

      It has dozens of solitaire games, every conceivable variation of card arrangements, and keeps track of all kinds of stats.
      I have to block how much time I have to play as otherwise, I’d play obsessively.

      Too bad I can’t make money playing various forms of solitaire.
      I’m very good and I learn to win at almost every variant.

  1. Wait, you’ve finished writing your next novel(la)? Glory be!
    I’m not ashamed to admit that I reread your stories much more often than your husband’s.

    1. Yes! Hallelujah!
      …although I am now going “I know the readers would notice if I used a different cover model for AJ. How to make this work….” with the cover artist.

      But it is done, and in the publication pipeline!

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