New Book From Alma Boykin!

Familiar Paths

Arthur goes Hunting . . . and Kelly Boudreaux (and Stead) go on vacation.

Seven stories both Familiar and new. Arthur must deal with both family tension and the undead as Martha shelters the Lone Hunter from storms outside and in. Deborah learns more about her roots (and berries, and stems.) Kelly and Stead take a much needed break from chasing wild land firefighters while a coven sorts out the passing seasons. And a dead man’s legacy haunts Thomas Arthur Chan Lestrang.

Return to the world of Lelia Chan Lestrang and the Familiars, a world of adventure, humor, mystery, magic, and the occasional mundane mess.

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One thought on “New Book From Alma Boykin!

  1. I’m disappointed that a “certain person” didn’t get adopted by a Familiar. [Crazy Grin]

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