Fresh Fodder For the Story-Hungry!

Looking for something good to read, to while away the cold wintry hours? Here are Thirteen new tales to catch your fancy, wrapped up in one handsome package!

Yes, yes I am biased. Because I’m in it! So is Alma Boykin and Pam Uphoff, Cedar Sanderson and my own beloved husband… and so many more!

Click this title and enjoy! Tales Around the Supper Table – Volume 2

4 thoughts on “Fresh Fodder For the Story-Hungry!

  1. Came at the perfect time as I had a $2 Amazon digital credit just burning a hole in my cyberspace pocketbook. Paid, downlinked, and cross loaded into my main Kindle and set as next TBR right after current read in progress.

  2. “We evolved with coffee, tea, and alcohol to make our water safe to drink. And chocolate to make our women safe to approach, but never mind that.” – Best line in the book!

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