Alma’s starting a new series!

When you build a series around a set of characters, there comes a time when they grow old, and want to retire. But if you, and your readers, love the world… you can always hand it over to the next generation!

That’s what Alma has done, with Familiar Generations: Even though the first book is focused on a new character, it’s moving on from Andre and Lelia and Uncle Leopard and Morgana, on to the next generation of magic wielders. We’ll still see our old favourites, but now they’re background characters, fixtures of the community as seen through the eyes of the kids who inherit the world that the older generation struggled to keep safe.

All Hunters have a Hunting partner, save for one . . . the Lone Hunter, the Hunter in Shadow.

Jude Tainuit Hunts alone. Exiled from the Clan, he watches over Dover County. A twisted beast and rumors of a new, powerful magic worker force Jude to emerge from the shadows.

A Hunter Hunts, even though it cost him his life.

Get The Lone Hunter by Alma Boykin!

5 thoughts on “Alma’s starting a new series!

  1. A webcomic artist that’s done this is Paul Taylor with Wapsi Square: The original storyline pretty much finished out, and the creator did a “Several years later …” segue and started a new story with younger characters while the older ones from the first series are still around as mentors and guides.

  2. It’s a good read and a window into a lot of the history, philosophy, and background that was implied in the main series.
    I am looking forward to many more books in the Familiar world.

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