Silver In the Stones, Coming Soon!

Peter’s busy with making growling noises about widows and orphans, the lack of smart in smart quotes, and his mind’s in the gutter…

The gutter and other margins for print books, that is. Thank G-d for Vellum; it makes everything easier. Except for the feeling when you’re reviewing everything for print, and see a typo. And then another one. And…

I will cheerfully admit, I’m not as good as you think I am. I had to ask CV Walter for help with the blurb, and what she came back with was awesome!

What comes with a silver boom?

Back stabbers, claim jumpers and con men, and that’s just to start.

Walt Ames is working to keep his ranch afloat and his transport business in motion when silver is discovered on his property. It’s going to take cunning, determination and a little luck to investigate the claim before the predators find him.

Can he keep his business and integrity intact or is everything he loves going to fall prey to the dangers of a silver rush?

Don’t be surprised if that changes before publication, but it’s off to the cover artist for a print cover. We’ll get there! Peter’s first novel in two years is coming soon!

8 thoughts on “Silver In the Stones, Coming Soon!

  1. Walt might want to give some serious thought to just covering up that silver and pretending he didn’t find it. 😛

    Unless it’s already too late. 😦

    1. You have to go into the word processor settings to disable them if you don’t want your manuscript to jump around while you type.

      Unfortunately, it’s not that simple when type-setting

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