Odds and Ends

1.) NaNoWriOhH-llNo: For those of you crazy enough to tackle it, how’s it going?

I didn’t intend to try for NanooNanoo, which is good, because about 6 days in, my brain froze on a funeral scene, and instead of working its way through, it went “Hey, you know that story you started and couldn’t figure out how to finish in 2016? The one that, earlier this year, you realized could be reset as sequel to Shattered Under Midnight, but you couldn’t make it work? Here’s how!”

So, been writing that, because, what the h-ll, FIDO.* I can get back to AJ & Jenna after I finish this. Or when I block on this. I got three stories written this year, (the anthology one isn’t published yet), so I don’t have to stress if it takes a while to get the next out.

2.) Peter finished a book! Yay!

He’s been struggling to finish anything since the heart attack. But he’s been trying, and now, the first one is done, and the rest may follow. Yay! Silver in the Stones is out to beta readers.

Which means I need to come up with a blurb. Uh-oh. *thumps head on desk*

3.) C.V. Walter went off to 20BooksTo50K Vegas, and I am awaiting her coming back to tap her brain and ask a thousand questions. But there are already some talks uploaded to youtube. Hopefully I will have more interesting info soon, after she has a delightful road trip back.

6.) In the meantime, I have completed a small life goal. You know us authors. Somebody says something in conversation, and we go “Oh, I’m totally stealing that.” Well, it took 4 stories later (6 given some that are small bits of story waiting to see if they find a home later), but I finally used a line I “stole” from her with permission back in February.

I don’t really find keeping old stories useful, not like JL Curtis who can write a scene only to realize it’s the wrong book, and that will be for two books down the line. And when he gets there, it still slots almost perfectly. But I keep them around to spark ideas for something new. And in this case, well, maybe having successfully used this quote, I ought to start keeping a little black book of conversational quips!

7.) And on taking care of myself, I have now managed to rack pull 75% of my bodyweight.

Not a full deadlift, not yet, but for a broken-down high-mileage body that had a few too many adventures when I was younger, not bad at all. Take care of your meatsuit! What are you doing for exercise?
*F-ck It, Drive On. Or, in aviation terms, “Fly the airplane, not five miles back.” Don’t fixate on a problem that happened; tackle what’s in front of you and still to come.

14 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. Most of what I’m doing for exercise, when I remember and can make myself, is walking.

    Not doing NaNo. Am struggling with some non-fiction writing tasks, one of which could be important, and which does have a November deadline.

  2. 1.) NaNoWriOhH-llNo: For those of you crazy enough to tackle it, how’s it going?

    Explicitly didn’t plan on it.

    Which is good, since Iocked down from Beggar’s Night (weekend before Halloween) right up to two days before company got here. Which is when I needed to clean…..

  3. Don’t run a 5K after not having run a 5K for two years. Just throwing that out there. Even if it’s not really running. Especially at the end. Don’t stagger a 5K…

  4. I was doing OK until recertifying my flight instructor hit this month. It’s almost done (paperwork . . .) but that killed this past weekend. I’m at 30K words. I’ll lose a chunk of this week to, for other reasons, but hey, life.

    I’m about to up my shoulder press to 50 lb. It’s “low,” but age, injury, and not having spotters means I’m low and slow. I can bench 85 (over half my body weight) and dead-lift 60. Given my age, size, injury history, and sex, that’s not bad at all.

  5. > 2.) Peter finished a book! Yay!

    Rick Cook had a heart problem and had a similar reaction to the drugs they gave him. He said he just couldn’t put fiction together any more. Oddly, it didn’t stop him from writing other stuff.

  6. Trying NaNo again. After failing to finish about five times. This year isn’t going any better. My goal is to keep going through the month, because this story wants to be written.. If I get to 10K by November 30, I’m going to count that as a personal win.

    1. Meh, 50K is just something to aim at. The real goal is to kick uss into writing. 10K is good. Might be 10k you wouldn’t have written with out NaNo

  7. Not doing NaNo. Tried it once, didn’t work. I felt too much stress. We are walking every day and I try to remember to lift weights, but I haven’t been good about that. We’re packing up the house and getting ready to move to TX, so I’m counting a lot of that as weight lifting. I haven’t been writing and book #3 is thisclose to being done. It’s frustrating.

    Here’s to continued and rapid healing for Peter.

  8. 38K from a “I have zero enthusiasm to finish any of these half-done stories. Guess I’ll start something completely new.”

    I think this is the first time I’ve sat down on Nov 1 with a totally blank file. I’ll get at least a novella out of it. Sigh. And the Muse has already informed me that the trimmings and notes are the starts of both a prequel and a sequel.

  9. My regular exercise is totally lame: A set of pushups for each cup of coffee or can of beer. On a “good” day, I’m over 140. My irregular exercise is more exercise-y, but much less frequent.

    Maybe an early New Year’s Resolution is in order (since I’ve given up on the on-time ones). Or just a 6oz coffee cup.

  10. I’m 72, have continuous a-fib and a mitral valve made out of chewing gum and spit. That said, I’m also 6’1′, and weighed 265 lbs the day I got out of boot camp, so there is al ot of “meat envelope” to circulate blood to, too much not to have muscle mass helping. My cardiologist has me on a program called resistance cardio. Do three sets of 15 each of some exercise, say barbell curls. Each set should take 1 minute, with 30 seconds rest between sets. Here’s the trick. Choose the weight so you finish that 45th rep with good form. Doesn’t need to be perfect, but good. Doesn’t matter if that means doing 2 lb curls. Rest 1-2 minutes and move to a different muscle group. Rinse and repeat until you have done all the major muscle groups, or you are in significant discomfort. Do this 2-3 times a week. If a weight level starts to feel easy, go up a notch in weight, and maybe drop to 12 rep sets at first.Builds up cardio vascular health, and adds muscle mass, but doesn’t strain a weakened heart. Disclaimer: I am not an MD or certified trainer, consult your own professional. I switch the exercises I use for each muscle group just for variety.

  11. Dot, that is what the ‘junk’ file is for… LOL And sometimes you CAN use the junk later. That chapter is because y’all forced me to write it, so there! ;-P

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