Choose Laughter

When life is dark, and all your plans are falling by the wayside… choose to laugh instead of cry. Pick yourself up, dust off your rump, and show a grin.

Life can always get better.

After an eight month separation while the house in Ohio was worked on and sold, my dearly beloved and I are under one roof again for good. He got in last night earlier than we’d anticipated, and I left dinner on the stove (turned it off!) while we greeted him, and the dog, who was delirious with joy, although that may have been getting out of the truck after better than two days stuck in it. Then we had dinner as a family and just sat and looked at each other and… yeah. Life is getting better.

I found out the house had closed, at long last, on the day that Taskforce CHIWEENIE and the Poultry Liberation Front released. It seems apropos that the project I started just as an idle doodle to make someone laugh, based on a series of posts Lawdog made to make people laugh, would make it’s debut on such a joyous day.

Look, if that’s the one thing I can do with my work? Make someone’s day a little brighter, just a bit better? That’s worth it all.

Don’t take my word for it! We’ve gotten the first review, and it’s awesome!

Review from Amazon by L. Paul:

I had intended on this being a “stocking stuffer” for Christmas for my husband. But when it arrived and I thumbed through it to read a bit I was laughing so hard I snorted coffee all over my desk and my husband came out of the man cave to see what was happening. We both ended up reading it right then and there though there are no crayons in the house for coloring (my grandkids are of the age they’d rather have a blowtorch). Owning a couple of dogs and having neighbors who have chickens I can so relate and as I wipe the tears from laughter off of my face I’ll make sure that gate is closed before I let my own chicken assassins outside. A brilliant piece of fun with some great illustrations by Cedar Sanderson.

L. Paul

Laugh, and the world laughs with you!

We can surely use a little joy in our lives right now.

4 thoughts on “Choose Laughter

  1. This may well be the first Adult Coloring book I ever buy. And more than once. 🙄😏😃

    Seriously, this year I’ve pledged to only purchase Christmas presents frpm those who love our country, our God, and don’t want to destroy my family.


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