The Ratel Saga

You know, I'm going to have to think about the titles we give books, if this one starts a trend. Publishing it wasn't supposed to be a saga. However, the best laid plans of... you know. It all went well until we encountered the Amazon. This is the fourth? Fifth? coloring book/children's book I've managed.... Continue Reading →

Choose Laughter

When life is dark, and all your plans are falling by the wayside... choose to laugh instead of cry. Pick yourself up, dust off your rump, and show a grin. Life can always get better. After an eight month separation while the house in Ohio was worked on and sold, my dearly beloved and I... Continue Reading →

Inktail, Too

*peers at readers through screen* Sorry, for two things. One: I know the majority of you are not here for children's books, coloring books, or the illustrations. Two: I can't have coffee. I'm apologizing more for the second than the first. I'm not sure how I feel about it, yet. But I'd been having weird... Continue Reading →

Inktail Progress

I'm having one of those days where I feel like an old and decrepit crone. Earlier this week I tried to open the window. And pulled a muscle in my back. Granted, the window is over the head of our bed, it was the middle of the night and I was trying to be stealthy,... Continue Reading →

Inktail: Preparing Art for Print

In this second part of my series where I am making mistakes in public, I'm getting a coloring book print-ready. I'm using the new-to-me program Affinity Publisher to lay it out, and I am using Affinity Photo to get the hand-drawn art ready for layout. Something I learned last time I did this, with Inktail... Continue Reading →

Inktail: Preparing for Print

I'm doing something a little dangerous. I'm going to be making mistakes in public. I should probably wait, do all this privately, and then report back when I'm done, but... This is what I'm working on as a writer and an artist this weekend. You're stuck with it.¬†And, truthfully I'm going to give you more... Continue Reading →

Non-Traditional Books

I'm breaking traditions left and right in this post. For one thing, it's a how-to on making a very different kind of book, and it's also a tutorial on how to offer a free ebook. I hadn't planned on the second part until yesterday, when something that seemed straightforward took a hard left turn and... Continue Reading →

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