New Book Out!

Want to see just far I can take a shopping expedition before terrorists blow up the mall?

A Perfect Day, With Explosions is live on Amazon now!

17 thoughts on “New Book Out!

  1. Grumble Grumble

    An interesting book comes out before I get paid so I can’t purchase it.

    Oh well, I’ll just read it via Kindle Unlimited. πŸ˜€

    1. I’ve been trying to figure out what that line item on my budget was for. I’ve finally remembered.

      I’m a bit tight on time, but I think I may get it and the previous tonight, and read them when I have more time, and slightly saner amounts of stress.

  2. Found it yesterday and bought it yesterday. Lovely read, thank you!

    Question, is this book along with Going Ballistic and Blood, Oil, and Love set on the same planet as Scaling the Rim, just several generations lay? When I read Going Ballistic, I thought not, but now I am not sure.


    1. I agree. This made me start thinking that. β€œ It’s not like the ice dam is about to burst and all our ancestors will drowned at the bottom of the crater…”

      1. Yes, that and the various comments about “Dogs.” That was one of the pejorative terms used for the Rus in Scaling the Rim, but it’s been used in other context so I wasn’t sure.

        1. Scaling is set roughly 70 years After (initial) Landing. Going Ballistic is set in 751 A.L., Blood, Oil, & Love in 752 A.L, and A Perfect Day in 753 A.L. (Or is it 754? Must go back and check. Pretty sure it’s the next summer, not two years later.)

          …I haven’t worked out quite when Shattered Under Midnight takes places, because it’s so far off-planet that it doesn’t really matter to Akrep. Will probably take more stories to put the puzzle pieces together. And more stories to fill in the historical gap. (The problem with the direct sequel to Scaling was that I didn’t have the technical chops to write the story I wanted, when I tried to tackle it. It’s in the projects folder, waiting patiently with other partial stories, including the sequel to Shattered.)

          As for Dogs, some insults hang around a lot longer than the original meaning or application. In fact, it was originally applied to the security team on the arkship by the scientists, lifting from an old insult for politzei. They ran with it, just like other group have owned their insults as monikers. By the time Lizzes walks into the ballroom, it’s a Fed insult for Imperial security forces and police, which… is almost full circle. (Linguistic shifts are like ecological history: utterly fascinating when you dig into it!)

          1. By the way, What Happened To The Rus?

            None of the characters in the later books have claws and fangs. πŸ˜‰

            Oh, could the Rus father a child on a standard human female? πŸ˜€

          2. More stories YES! Just finished A Perfect Day – great read, left a 5 star review. If a romance novel and a mil scifi novel had a love child, it would be something like this.

    2. There’s a hint in Shattered under Midnight about the hero being from the Scaling the Rim planet.

      Haven’t read the anthology stories yet.

    1. Do I sense a fellow pyro-effects person? πŸ˜€ And yes, the more (controlled, on time, for the proper aircraft) mayhem we could manage, the happier we were/are.

      1. Best combination of pyro-effects and aircraft I ever personally experienced was back around 2004 at the air show in Westfield, MA when an A-10 from the local fighter squadron was doing fake ground attacks. They had set up pyrotechnic effects on the ground to simulate successful hits. I had a blast!

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