No Post Today

First because I hurt too much to think. Second because I’m in Colorado, which means my internet sucks. So posting at all takes forever.


Tell me in comments what you’d like me to post about in future.

Also, feel free to give me suggestions on what books to finish next, because I want to write so badly I can taste it.

18 thoughts on “No Post Today

  1. ::mandatory lame joke:: How much you like your new house, since your old one sold and you have perfect internet and the cats are happy.

    K, now seriously… pacing or story-beat would be interesting to read about.

    1. This is not a post. This is only a test. If this were a real post, it would provide content to relieve our fiction withdrawal symptoms. I’m not feeling it.

  2. I’d just like you to write about just anything. After I read your response to the academic warning fiction writers about appropriating stories — I can’t recall her name or where I read it — I found it so hilarious that I had to read it out loud to my husband. Take care of yourself.

  3. I’d love either another Witchfinder book or another Magis book, personally.

    As to writing topics – I’ll second pacing.

    Take care – we’ll be here when you’re back.

      1. Mostly useful to give specific suggestions so she can go “yes, I choose this one,” sit down, and get run over like a freight train with something else.

  4. When I can’t make up my mind, I make a list of everything demanding to be written, and number it. Grab the D&D dice and roll . . . And if I decide I need to re-roll . . . that one gets taken off the list. Sometimes it’s the only way my back brain can communicate, apart from refusing to work at all.

  5. I want a post on the history of calico prints, and how they came to be called that, and calico cats, and why they have the same name.

    …wait, why are you telling me to write it myself?

    1. Someone at Day Job is trying to find homes for three calico kittens, a tuxedo kitten, and to grey and white kittens. And posted photos. No. No, there is no room. No, Athena T. Cat would have a hissing fit. No. Must . . . resist . . . the cute!

  6. I am a true blue, dyed in the wool SF/F fan. But what I find myself wanting is another refinishing mystery.

    Blog posts? Well, you don’t owe us anything. But I can agree with (scroll up) Foxfier – pacing and narrative beats would be nice.

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