No, post will not be dead. I mean, it might be dead too, but it will be late as in– What’s wrong with you? Stop dancing around singing Ding Dong The Post is Gone!


Okay, whatever.

I’m on the road. Will post when I have a minute. Could be a few hours. You could have morning post for the afternoon. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Yes, we’re all mad here. Deal with it.

And get out of the teapot….

9 thoughts on “pOST WILL BE LATE

  1. ‘S OK. Today has already been street flooding, snail slinging (into the street, out of the garden), and two inches of rain in an hour or so. Apparently tropical downpours are not content to stay in the tropics this year.

    1. Can you send some of it west? Like, to Arizona? It’s about the proper season for it, and we could use one of those out here to put out the ten or so wildfires we have going,

      1. There are parts of the eastern Panhandle that would be happy to send it. Six months of rain in three weeks is a bit excessive. Plus we need heat for the cotton to mature.

      2. Wouldn’t mind some in Flyoverland, Oregon. The wildland fire (5000 acres and counting) is doing too well with dry trees.

  2. This is in all our vehicles:

    it dissolves in cold water.

    As opposed to, say, the instant thai coffee straws, which require hot water. (But make really awesome cooked chocolate pudding.)

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