There’s still time

For those who don’t know, we’re on the road this week. which is really inconvenient time since I’m part of a giveaway this month, but there it is.

It would be easier if we hadn’t been pretty much unpredictably busy every day. Yesterday I never even logged into the computer.

Anyway, there’s still time to enter the giveaway and I feel I should help the cause on the last day.

Meanwhile, tell me what you want me to talk about once I’m back 😉

17 thoughts on “There’s still time

  1. Assuming you’re headed to Fanta-Sci, I’d love pictures and stories about your adventures there.

    1. Sigh. No. we’re on a house-hunting expedition. Or if you prefer, we’re on a mission from G-d. Three times in my life, it has gone myffic. The first was at eight when I was told “you must go to Denver and be a writer.” (Think about it. ONE person in my family spoke English and not very well. Flying was something rich people did…. Yeah.)
      Second time, when I met my husband “You must marry this man” — took Him four years and a bunch of really weird events to bring us together, but by gum…..
      Third time is now “Come thee out of Colorado and onto a land I’ll show you and where you can buy a house”
      Problem being He’s a lousy real estate agent as we’re now ranging 100 miles, and finding nothing. we find something 10 miles away, but we both got in no uncertain terms “Didn’t I say x place?”
      Keep in mind I’m the LEAST woo woo person I know, and though I’m religious, I’m not that kind of religious.
      So…. Confused now?

      1. No more than usual. But The Great Editor has an Odd’s sense of humor, or so it seems based on my personal experience.

        Possible topic: collaborations and/or shared world. Who takes lead, how do you manage differences of interpretation, that sort of thing (manners, in other words.)

      2. I really do wonder some days if the Great Author’s sense of humor is Odder than we dare imagine. I mean, once we get to platypodes and paleomammals, all bets are off.

      3. So time to start asking the potential neighbors. Because that sounds to me like your house isn’t listed on the MLS for whatever reason.

        Did you try whoever does local farm and estate auctions?
        Local classifieds?
        Given your history with neighbors, did you look for any Marine Corps license plates or stickers around there and ask them about houses available?

        That last suggestion kind of sounds to me like something He’d do. I mean, one time when we moved I asked at the grocery store and the cashier frowned, said, “I think the so-n-so boys are looking for a tenant for their mom,” and we were moved in two days later. They were in a university bedroom town and didn’t want rowdy students, so weren’t advertising.

        1. Our real estate agent knows EVERYONE and shes looking for those for us.
          To make things more fun we found this great commercial building/warehouse with a 2 bedroom apartment over it, and a big space downstairs needing finishing. And honestly, it’s doable, with the downstairs for basement son and offices, but….. Husband actually said “this house will kill me”. I said “Okay, HOW?”
          And he can’t answer but he’s sure it will kill him, so much as I loved that space, we’re leaving it alone. I mean, this husband is barely used. I’d like to get 40 more years out of him.

  2. If there was ever a time to go myffic . . . this is it. I mean, is there anything that _really_ makes sense in the World today?

    But you do now know that your search for the safe place can now encompass commercial buildings and warehouses, so long as the zoning will let you live there.

    1. Riddle contests, thematically defeating a series of serial killer freaks, or an inexplicably dangerous sheep would make more sense than what is actually happening.

  3. I’d scoff, but my life moves around some truly ridiculous coincidences. I bash on and on, and ON, until a frivolous whim takes me someplace and a HOUSE drops in my lap. Once upon a time I went looking for an apartment in Phoenix and ended up with my first house. A series of utterly random choices led me to the -perfect- real esate agent, and the perfect house.

    Therefore, I scoff not.

  4. On a slightly more serious “what topics would you like addressed:” collaborations. How do you work with co-authors? What is the difference between collaboration and co-authoring, or is there one? How do you draw lines in a shared-world project as far as “this is cool, this you’d better check with the original owner, this area’s off limits?”

  5. I drove six hours, yesterday, to look at a few places. I bought one. Now, the (mostly paper)work begins. Other than the drastic downsizing, the parallels with my move to Denver 20 years ago are stunning, which I didn’t even realize until after I was committed.
    I am a bit afraid to look at it as “sign from G*d”, but seriously? closing on the 2nd anniversary of quitting drinking? Housewarming in the new place exactly 20 years from the current place? Here it was the 6th Annual Pumpkin Carving party; there it will be the 26th annual – because I refuse to skip a year and be forced to start the numbering over again.

    1. I know.
      We might end up in a still semi-liberal, but not Denver-crazy place, not where I’ve been sent, but where we can find SOMETHING.
      I’m figuring it might take two approaches or more to get where I’m supposed to be. Stages, I guess.

      1. Maybe rent until the Denver house sells, so you can jump in when the right place hits the market? I suspect your house will sell fast, the markets hot enough that I’m getting cold calls from possibly brokers, but also possibly flippers? I dunno. It weird. Weirder.

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