It’s only been…. six? ten? years or so

But I have started a newsletter.

This is our chance to subscribe so you can get my inane ramblings about writing; cats; house; husband;sons and oh, yeah, books.

I promise now and then there will be free stories and snippets, too!

Anyway, Schrodinger’s Path is up. Subscribe while it’s….. up?

8 thoughts on “It’s only been…. six? ten? years or so

  1. I had forgotten that I signed up for it but got reminded when I received it in an email. 😀

  2. Discovered just last week that Baen’s Bar seems to be back up and running. So I checked and Both Dr. Monkey and Sarah’s Diner forums are still there, Dave Freer and your Baen forums. I was somewhat surprised both that it returned and that you two were still included. I’ve posted my apologies and praise to Toni in several places since.
    The Diner might be a good venue for this notice as it might hit folks who don’t haunt ATH or MGC.
    I would just post it, but thought I should ask first.

    1. I know. Toni sent us a note saying the conferences are there as long as we want them. I don’t have time today, but would you post it. Also, may I make you a mod in my conference? I’ll let Toni know.

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