The Gears of Heaven stop

Lately these lyrics have been going through my mind:

And now the wheels of heaven stop
You feel the devil’s riding crop
Get ready for the future
It is murder

Leonard Cohen

I’m not a hundred percent sure what it means, but my mind doesn’t work in a very logical way. So, what it’s doing, when it spits up lyrics at me, or has a song (TBF that entire song keeps playing on a loop in my back brain) playing, or whatever, it’s that it’s trying to tell me something which hasn’t gelled enough for me to think it rationally.

It occurred to me that this last year (12 months, not calendar year) the wheels of heaven stopped for society. And we are surely feeling “the devil’s riding crop” in the sense that our not-elected authorities are determine to punish us, though not absolutely sure for what. Probably for not having elected them, to be fair. Also our nation, as constituted is what stands between them and what they think is eternal and complete power (which only idiots and *ssholes would think is even possible. But they are both.)

And this brings us to real and imaginary systems.

The main reason — other than the fact that it was being pushed at us in every course, in every channel, in every possible way. Always be ware of stuff that is pushed that uniformely — that I never trusted Marxism was that it was “just so” system.

It had defined villains and heroes, and told you how history was going to go, leading to a perfect future where history would end.

Guys, even for a novel this would be unlikely. No. I’m serious. Yeah, sure, novels where things are that clear cut and happen with no impediment and end in wonderful wonderful ways can be fun. But they’re not very plausible. I mean, you can get away with it in a short story or a movie (about the same amount to story) but not in a novel. Or not for long. If you’re very good and create something like that, people will use them as popcorn reads. But again they won’t be very believable. (Of course, some genres not being fully believable is okay.)

Real life, and novels with a little more substance are messy, there’s back and forth not a straight path.

And history never ends.

The problem is that the people who have taken the structures of our system (note the structures, not the system. It’s not the same. They don’t even understand the scope of the system) are the sort of people who believe in Marxism and other fairytales.

As such, they think that they can stop the system and restart it in a new format. And it will be beautiful, perfect, and everyone — or at least them — will live happily ever after.

The other thing going through my mind is “That is not how any of this works.”

Just remember that while this is going to suck for all of us, they’re far less prepared than we are. It’s going to suck to be us, but it’s going to suck a magnitude worse to be them.

And whatever was stopping my writing, it’s gone away. Nowadays, mostly, I’m having trouble finding time for everything I have to write and do.

At least it keeps me from obsessing on the stupid songs on the back of my head, and from getting mad because real life gets away with villains so stupid that none of us could write them.

I’m going to link Noah’s boy below, because…. why not. Also because I’m going to be finishing (hopefully) Bowl of Red next week.

Which comes after this book.

Noah’s Boy

Tom Ormson and Kyrie Smith are suffering the growing pains of young romance and young business people. Tom worries obsessively about the new fryer in the diner exploding.
As though he didn’t have enough on his mind, though, life decides it’s time for a sabretooth with vengeance on her mind to come to town, and for the Great Sky Dragon to try to arrange a marriage for Tom.
Meanwhile, out at the old amusement park, the one with the really good wooden roller-coaster, a series of bizarre murders is taking place.
And, as if that were not enough, Conan Lung, dragon shifter, ex-triad member and waiter extraordinaire starts his country singing career with an original song “If I Could Fly to You.”
When Kyrie is kidnapped, it’s all Tom can do to make sure he protects her while not eating anyone.

29 thoughts on “The Gears of Heaven stop

  1. “It’s going to suck to be us, but it’s going to suck a magnitude worse to be them.”
    And when that inevitably occurs they will blame us and do their damnedest to punish us for having the temerity to challenge their glorious vision.
    Look at the chit fit they’re throwing over a few frustrated souls daring to set foot in their hallowed halls (property of the people I feel I must point out). It’s only going to get worse.

    1. You are assuming our elites will survive the coming shitstorm. Perhaps they will but they may not. Many won’t. Even more of their children won’t because they cannot cope with the cruelty of reality.

      Think of the sound of silk slippers descending stairs and armor-shod boots ascending them.

  2. The song running through my head the last few days has been Big Daddy Weave’s This is what we live for but with altered lyrics. Instead of “This is what we live for” its ‘Welcome to the shitshow’.

    1. Maybe somebody should re-write Guns ‘n Roses ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ as ‘Welcome To The Shitshow’.

      Welcome to the shitshow
      We got commie games
      We got shit that we don’t want
      They canceled all our names…

  3. I’ve got A-Ha’s “Take On Me” as an earworm. I think I might be a little weird. ~:D

    The airwaves and newspapers are full of Leftists claiming victory and wondering how they are going to de-program and suitably punish all those deplorable Trump supporters.

    I will observe at this time that lying liars lie. And if there’s one thing we know about the Left, it’s that they’re lying liars.

    When you at that to the reaction, it turns pink. Leftists are lying about their “victory” as hard and as loud as they can, and wondering how they’ll keep the Trump supporters from rising up and overturning their theft.

    Trolls are advised to see the New York Times for details on the theft, they laid it all out there for you.

      1. The wicked flee when no man pursueth…

        And I love the TIME article outlining how “righteous” they all were for stealing the election. Talk about unforced errors.

          1. Last month: Claiming the election was rigged is a threat to national security.

            This month: By the way, we rigged the election.

    1. ok, heres an earworm for you

      to the tune of “Kyrie”

      Carry a laser down the road that i must travel
      carry a laser down the highway in the night

    2. The New Yuck Slimes left out all the overt fraud. The ‘mail-in ballots’ that somehow appeared in the middle of the night, even though they had never been mailed out or folded to fit into an envelope. The Trump vote totals that DECREASED on live TV during the count. The vote stealing machines that, uh…repurposed, yeah, that’s it, repurposed several million Trump votes into Biden votes. The official election observers they blocked or threw out of the counting rooms. The vote counting ‘shutdowns’ which have NEVER been done before, in six Democrat cities in six ‘swing states’ where Trump was leading by hundreds of thousands of votes, until after the ‘shutdowns’ while ‘votes were not being counted’ Biden had mysteriously gotten ahead.

      Admitting to a few of their lies means almost nothing.

    1. I love how “99 Red Balloons” is used in the movie version of Watchmen. It’s the score for Dan and Laurie’s date, which is appropriate because it sounds like a bouncy love song — but it’s really about nuclear war.

  4. I’ve noticed that I’m having less trouble with focus and concentration, and I’m actually getting back to writing again. If anything, it’s a problem of settling on which of a zillion projects I want to work on next.

    I really need to go through my files and make that inventory of all the stories, and then set up a survey for my list, ask my handful of fans which ‘verse they want more of now.

  5. Avantasia’s “Let the Storm Descend Upon You,” and the hymn “Once to Every Man and Nation.” Plus the third verse of “Be Thou my Vision” (Be Thou my battle-shield, sword for my fight . . . ). I’m doing edits and trying to get two WIPs to settle down so I can finish one of them, then the other. Not both at the same time, so stop that! Mom, make them stop!

    1. Right? Mine are determined to do nothing but romance. There’s a car race to write, and all I get out of them is smooching and hugging. They get like this sometimes, and all I can do it write the kissy-face scenes and hope that eventually they’ll get bored with it and move on. I can always crop it later.

  6. I must live in a different world of music. I’m hearing the lyrics from Virginia Mayo’s movie, “She’s Working Her Way Through College”:

    She’s working her way through college
    To learn a lot of knowledge
    That she’ll never ever need to use again.


  7. “The Future” has been running through mine as well. Also “Plowed” by Sponge (which isn’t very specific, but does get the “nothing is right” feeling pretty well.) But, again like you, I’ve also (at least temporarily?) defeated my last little work-hiccup. So that’s good. 🙂

    *raises glass* To greased production wheels, however long they last! And… yeah, I’d *much* rather be us than them, going forward x_x

  8. My eldest son got me listening to Powerwolf.

    Kids these days and their music.

    (It’s tough, apparently, when your parents met in music school, and their reaction to your music isn’t shock but “Cool, what is that?” He was very disapointed I was familiar with Sabaton.)

    1. My students get exposed to Sabaton, and occasionally to Within Temptation,” “Our Solemn Hour” when we do WWII. One group got serenaded with “O Fortuna” before a test and cheered. The next time I cued up something metal. One guy went out that afternoon and bought the album. Their parents are . . . amused. Or bemused.

  9. Recently I have been thinking that this song is appropriate to the coming times.
    “I was the least of my kind”, by Three Weird Sisters.


    1. And knowing all three of the band members (all attended my wedding; one played harp for it) they’ll absolutely hate that we might adopt it.

      1. Nice people if you meet them in person. But yeah, filk has some deep deep problems, even though it’s vastly more relaxed than most of the organized sf fandoms. And you can flip a switch and get REEEEE.

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