I can haz warms plz

Warms is gud for huminz and kittehs. Warms is cozies and fuzzies and not buried under a foot or so of ice.

I admit we got off rather lightly – around 11am yesterday one of my co-workers posted a photo of a metal ruler showing the snow depth at 22 inches. The 12 to 15 at our place really isn’t so bad by comparison.

Which does not mean I like it. I are tropical brat. Snow is supposed to be scenic, not a massive bloody pile of cold that needs to be shoveled so I can go to the dentist and get a filling. Which is not exactly an enjoyable exercise either, but better than what would happen if I didn’t get the filling done, so the shoveling happened.

Yes, I’m complaining. I’m not exactly in peak physical condition, and an hour shoveling snow is not something that helps – and yes, being tired and a bit on the punchy side from the lovely combination of dentist, dental anesthetic, and shoveling snow does tend to make me break out in lolcat.

Or worse, giphy cats…

Amanda here. Kate iz bad awthur. She didn’t link to ConVent which is now available on Amazon. Check it out:

The “Save The World” department really messed up this time: A vampire, a werewolf, an undercover angel and his succubus squeeze are no one’s idea of an A team. Or a B team. Or possibly a Z team. But then, since this particular threat to the universe and everything good attacks a science fiction convention β€” composed of people in costume, misfits creative geniuses and creative moron β€” , any conventional hero would have stood out. Now Jim, the vampire, and his unlikely sidekicks have to beat the clock to find out who’s sacrificing con goers before all hell breaks loose… literally.

26 thoughts on “I can haz warms plz

  1. Light frost last night, mid fifties today, low sixties over the weekend.
    Here in a normal year they close schools on the prediction of snow.
    The general philosophy in these parts is that the Good Lord put it there and He will take it away in His own good time, so put on warm socks, crank up the heat and settle back for the duration. Seldom more than a day or two.
    Note: I grew up in the upper midwest so know how to drive in winter conditions, but none of the other fools on the road seem to have developed that skill set so I just don’t.

    1. I know what you mean about the other fools on the road.

      I’m not that great with winter conditions and prefer to stay inside when it gets nasty. Alas, some things can’t be delayed, so there are times when I venture out.

      Cranking up the heat is sadly not an option until we get the damn gas heater replaced. I’m currently wrapped in a nice, snuggly heated blankie, with two electric space heaters going. And I’m wearing fingerless gloves (fingerless only so I can actually type, since I’ve never found warm gloves that are capable of accurate keyboard work).

      1. Husband walked down stairs about half an hour ago– he was calling in to say “sorry, cannot see our road, distance work today!”– to inform me that one of the co-workers had been driving in to work and watched a pickup in the middle of the road turn sideways, and then flip, so he had texted in “stopping until emergency services get here, then turning around and going back home.”

      2. I’ve the story of a fellow who had a Russian co-worker who mentioned leaving early due to an expected storm.

        “I thought you Russians had no fear of snow.”
        “Of snow? No. Americans in snow? Yes.”

        1. We used to live in South Carolina. The entire state shut down when we got 1/4 inch.

  2. At the moment, Good Lord willin’ an’ the creek don’ rise, the hardest cold will stay a bit east of me. Otherwise it will be dry and lows in the single digits. In which you can kiss your ass-pedistra and pansies and roses and budded fruit trees good-bye.

  3. I can haz warm here. VBEG

    Also, Kate, I’m editing your post because you are a very bad author and didn’t link ConVent.

    1. Thank you for that, Amanda. I have no idea where the sticky note with “ConVent” on it went off to. (Although most likely in the corner of the office that is Artemis’ stash house.)

  4. Come to Montana. We had winter the first of October, and nothing much since. Yesterday was 61 and sunny. I have iris four inches tall. Tomorrow it may be -30 and a foot of snow, but that could happen in June, too. πŸ˜›

    Actually, we’re supposed to have a week of October 1st coming up.. snow and -12F predicted… if we wrote this crazy weather into our fiction, no one would believe us!


  5. Had freezing fog.
    Had snow.
    Have blowing snow.
    And the thermometer is doing a practice dive, getting ready for the deep dive on Saturday.
    I am *really* hoping I get to stay home and don’t have to cover for someone Saturday night.

    And, just in case, today was “Get the backup propane tank filled” day.

  6. In Phoenix, AZ. Unseasonably warm here, high in 80s, will gladly donate heat wherever. Yu can haz heat!

    1. Only 80 degrees? That’s freezing. For us desert dwellers, the ice doesn’t melt until the temperature hits 90.

  7. Beautiful weather, here in Houston. Trees and bushes budding. I have foolishly planted two tomato plants, which ought to guarantee a good hard freeze.

  8. Kate — If you expect to have to shovel a lot of snow, a good trick is to get a small snow shovel. Like, child-sized, as long as the handle is decently long. Then you never have to lift much snow at any one time, and the shoveling sometimes goes really fast.

    1. Or a snow scoop/sleigh if you can push heavier amounts around. My parents used to have one when we lived in Michigan, and it made clearing the drive soooo much easier.

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