New Release! One Hungry Werewolf

And it’s out now, in paper and cool flowable ebook format! Get your copy today and you won’t regret it. Perfect for the young friends who like their entertainment a little spooky and a bit silly.

One Hungry Werewolf: and Other Monstrous Rhymes

Poems by Jimmie Bise Jr. and illustrations by Mad Genius member Cedar Sanderson.

When you’re a werewolf, you make your own friends…
Step inside the covers and meet the monsters so creepy and so adorable that you may want to invent a new word to describe them! We like “creepydorable” but you could come up with your own.
Inside you’ll find blobs, a mad scientist, and an awful lot of bats, but we invite you to begin at the beginning, with just…
One Hungry Werewolf.

19 thoughts on “New Release! One Hungry Werewolf

    1. Signed copies are totally a thing! Jimmie is selling them, and I will be sketching copies. We haven’t worked out how to make dual-signed copies available yet! I’ll have them up on my website soon. Amazon’s shipping speed for author copies is best described as glacial.

    1. I’m working on the memoirs of a goat. Misty was a real goat we had when I was a girl, but the stories will be ones many of our goats participated in! The first one will be Misty at the Beach, the time she was mistaken for a deer.

  1. I loved it, found the print a bit small when reading on my tablet but the Kindle Cloud reader in my browser worked out really well.

    I’ll borrow it again for the grand daughter’s next visit. She is a little old for it as reading material but as an inspiration to do something similar it will be excellent.

  2. Well, Amazon’s algorithms have their uses…I just got a Kindle notification on my phone, saying ‘An author you read, Jimmie Base Jr., just released “One Hungry Werewolf and Other Monstrous Rhymes'”

      1. I suspect the illustrator is the illustrious cause (because I recently bought The East Witch), but anyway, it’s nice to see some publicity 🙂

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