The Ratel Saga

You know, I'm going to have to think about the titles we give books, if this one starts a trend. Publishing it wasn't supposed to be a saga. However, the best laid plans of... you know. It all went well until we encountered the Amazon. This is the fourth? Fifth? coloring book/children's book I've managed.... Continue Reading →

A Hungry Werewolf

Ever been so tired you couldn't sleep? It's a paradox. A very frustrating one, and it makes you grumpy. Maybe enough coffee will help, but some days, there's not enough coffee. My muse has been on vacation. It's not, I said just recently in talking about this, that I have writer's block. It's simply that... Continue Reading →

The Editing Block

We writers tend to complain about writing blocks. What if we get an editing block? I've got one that is going to delay my next novel's release by... I don't know how long. I haven't been able to sit down and do the very basic level of post-composition revisions and polish that will enable me... Continue Reading →

Inktail Progress

I'm having one of those days where I feel like an old and decrepit crone. Earlier this week I tried to open the window. And pulled a muscle in my back. Granted, the window is over the head of our bed, it was the middle of the night and I was trying to be stealthy,... Continue Reading →

Inktail: Preparing Art for Print

In this second part of my series where I am making mistakes in public, I'm getting a coloring book print-ready. I'm using the new-to-me program Affinity Publisher to lay it out, and I am using Affinity Photo to get the hand-drawn art ready for layout. Something I learned last time I did this, with Inktail... Continue Reading →

Inktail: Preparing for Print

I'm doing something a little dangerous. I'm going to be making mistakes in public. I should probably wait, do all this privately, and then report back when I'm done, but... This is what I'm working on as a writer and an artist this weekend. You're stuck with it.¬†And, truthfully I'm going to give you more... Continue Reading →

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