Crawling to the Finish

So, in a couple of weeks or thereabouts 2020 will be over. Done with. In the past.

I’ve got 2 days work, then vacation until the end of the year, and I am hanging on by my fingernails to get to the end of work time. I don’t think I’ve been this tired in a while. Of course, 2020 being itself has a lot to do with that. I’m half tempted to buy this shirt.

I really don’t want to declare this the worst year ever, because that would be a challenge that life would promptly accept.

So just for fun, here’s a few 2020 memes for you all to enjoy… or at least sympathize with.

If 2020 were a meme

Meme summary of 2020 – done in June, so it’s a whole lot worse now.

On the flip side, if that’s all too bleak, you can check out this envy-inducing collection of gorgeous rooms. They might be enough to make a saint jealous, but they’re still magnificent.

Actually, I could waste hours on Bored Panda. Especially their collection of fluffy cats. I think I’ll go and lose myself in the joys of fluffy kittehs, and stop trying to be creative because it’s not working.

14 thoughts on “Crawling to the Finish

  1. The “this is fine” dog remains the most perfect meme for 2020, even if it predates it by a few years.

  2. *laughs* K, I’m clearly not in the proper mood for the rooms, that awesome greenhouse got the instant response of– “gah, the mildew must be horrible!”

    *grins* I needed that laugh, even at myself– thank you!

    1. I’ll admit that I had similar reactions to many of them too. The “beautiful wooden loft with window” had me thinking, “I sure hope that window faces west; otherwise, learn that ‘up with the sun’ happens pretty early in the summer.” The “indoor swimming pool” made me claustrophobic. And the “secluded library” had far too much shelf and not nearly enough books.

      Still there were some of them that I really liked. Impractical though it might be, I’d have taken that Saudi courtyard.

      1. That’s a clear tell that an interior decorator posed a room, as opposed to a room someone actually uses. A six foot shelf with two knickknacks, or a desk with a laptop and a bud vase, and nothing else but a shiny coat of furniture wax…

        That was one of the things that the Babylon 5 set decorators got right. Then they showed a ‘stateroom’ set there was *stuff* there; books, scrolls, plants, stuff on the walls, unidentifiable doodads and thingamabobs, unmade beds, throw pillows, sometimes dirty laundry… like people actually *lived* there. instead of the usual sanitized-for-your-protection future. Or the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars, with hydraulic oil drooling from its landing legs, the rings of grime around pushbuttons, open panels with wires dangling, and litter everywhere. Definitely not the C-57D or the Enterprise…

      2. Would take three of those windows–for the three rooms used by the four boys.

        Alas, even though two do have east-facing windows, they’re under-deck and the mountain blocks 90 minutes off sun-rise.

    2. My first thought, looking at those gorgeous rooms, was who cleans them? The spiderwebs on those cathedral ceilings!

      My second thought was all that glass leading to heat loss in the winter and solar gain in the summer.

      Gorgeous, gorgeous rooms and I suppose if I owned a space like that, someone else would do the dusting and heating/cooling costs would be immaterial.

      Wow. Thanks for sharing.

    3. The seats have their backs to the windows?

      It’s good for your eyes to focus a long ways away in breaks from reading.

  3. I want to see the corrugated metal exterior of #18. It would take me back to my childhood.

    A lot of these rooms are made stunning by their views. The real test is if they’re still stunning without the assist.

    Thanks for the room link. I love looking at incredible rooms, and regularly pull pictures out of magazines to try and copy things for myself or to give them to characters in my books.

  4. I just can’t imagine cleaning most of those rooms. They are beautiful though; except the indoor swimming pool which is just claustrophobic.

    1. That’s what I think every time I glance at show house photos or “mansions of the over-paid actors” type stories. “That’s a lot of dusting and vacuuming. Ten full bathrooms to clean? No thank you.”

    2. I have no desire to clean any of those rooms, but most of them look stunning. The indoor pool looks like someone flooded a hall.

  5. Re. the memes. I think my favorite thus far has been the flaming dumpster floating down the flooded road. That’s about as good of a summation of the year to date as anything I’ve seen.

    1. I was thinking about the memes about history being studied in the future. a) Consider what a normal future they are speculating about. b) I’m kinda suspecting that the historical summary for 2020 is going to be a bit oriented to politics, which implies the possibility of answers that may not be available during 2020.

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