lost in fog

When I was a teen, the international socialist government that took over from the national socialists (maybe you guys should have kept me out. Maybe I attract socialism, like some kind of unfortunate magnet) thought that a) it was too expensive to expand the facilities that burned trash and converted it to fertilizer (look, small countries, no place for dumps) and b) they really didn’t want to subject other areas to that kind of air pollution, so all the trash from the city of Porto would be burned, plain air on the hill overlooking the village.

The village, it turns out, is one of the oldest settled areas in Europe, and the entire region is named from a word that comes from the indo European word for “a humid and fertile valley.”

We would probably have had fog anyway. The fogs we had, though, compounded with the smoke of the burning trash, were the kind not seen anywhere outside China these days, and not seen in Europe anywhere else since the industrial revolution brought pea-soupers to London.

Besides the fact that I could barely breathe — ah. Covid Shmovid. It’s the socialist pollution I inhaled as a kid that already killed me. — and my eyes stung (honestly, if I hadn’t left every day to spend the day in the city, at school, I probably would have died) walking in it to catch the train was a very strange experience. You could sort of guess at what was all around you… but not see. even if you saw a shape approaching and you were more or less sure it was a person, sometimes you’d find it was a dog and the movement of fog and smoke just made the whole thing seem taller and more…. bipedal.

The fog distorted sounds too, and of course, you couldn’t smell anything.

I’m still ambivalent about those mornings, partly because it was easy to imagine stepping into another world all together.

But I did hate the smell, and the health effects.

Which brings us to….

2020 is a lot like those mornings.

Sure, from before the full lockdown, I started to see the “shape” of the nonsense. Mind you, I still thought it was way more lethal than it was. (Or at least more generally lethal. Turns out 89% of the people who died had a DNR order. if you don’t know what that means, it means that they were on borrowed time. It needs a doctor’s approval that prolonging life will prolong suffering.) But I knew the lockdown would cause more issues than the disease. I was right too.

Oh, yeah, and people who kill themselves, or die for lack of treatment for other illnesses, have their deaths attributed to COVID, because, well, they were. Which is not precisely true. They died of lockdown. As will a lot of us who are reading (and maybe even writing this) as the second and third order effects propagate.

But even I was shocked on how these “Covid” numbers are being compiled. And I don’t mean just “died of motorcycle accident, but was positive, so–” I mean, the “normal” numbers.

If we had a media that actually was interested in the truth, and in discovering and reporting facts, this would of course be known, and people wouldn’t be in unreasoning terror of something that honestly only kills the very ill (even if some might not have known they were ill before. But any respiratory virus would have sufficed.) And we wouldn’t be destroying the world economy, starving the third world, enabling China’s thuggery and outright genocide, and everything else this is doing.

Of course, under “everything else” is whatever you want to call this so called “election.”

I’m sick and tired of — having watched the potemkin campaign and predicted this clusterf*ck for months before the election — being p*ssed on told it’s raining. I’ve had enough of it. Note I grew up under two forms of socialism.

Our media should immediately make a pilgrimage to the grave of each and every Soviet journalist and beg forgiveness on their knees. And since they love kneeling and washing people’s feet, we recommend they do so to every Chinese journalist, as well.

Why? Because those people lied on penalty of death if they told the truth. And even then most of them did (and do) slip covert information in to reveal what was a lie, or what they thought the truth was.

Meanwhile our meritricious presstitutes perjure themselves and swear the moon is made of green cheese on the command of the left simply because they get given a pat on the head by the “cool” people. They ignored Biden’s laptop, knowing they were helping a Chinese servant into the highest position in the land. And now they knowingly lie about the existence of fraud in the election.

It’s not just that they lie and gaslight us — to be fair they’ve been doing that for decades — but they deprive us of true knowledge of our environment and of events.

Without knowledge, a society cannot survive. These idiots might think they’re “fooling the rubes” but — judging by the company they keep and those they protect — they are, themselves “the rubes” and if we sink they sink.

I wish they had enough brain to realize that wealth is not the default, nor is civilization, and that of all the lies they’ve been told, the idea they can lie to others without destroying themselves is the biggest.

My life has sank into a morass without markers. It was a dorky life, but I liked it. Now, being asthmatic, everything outside the house, and wearing the useless diaper of submission on my face, has become torture. So, largely, I don’t go out, and life has become an endless fog with no external referents. With three of us working/studying from home (and being fairly obsessive) day flows into night and night into day. For instance, I’m writing this at well past midnight on Tuesday, and everyone else is in their offices.

I think imprisoning the entire country for voting the way the left hates is a bad idea.

Leaving aside the coming famine and worse destruction (particularly if the election theft is allowed to stand) how many people are, right now, dying of stress, of depression, of simply having nothing to live for?

Those deaths are an inevitable result of the death of truth and the betrayal of objective reality.

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  1. I am NOT an advocate of burning it all to the ground and starting over. Nope Nope Nope.

    But I will be John Brown if I see a way out of this.
    I think a free press is ESSENTIAL to a good government, and I haven’t got a clue how to go about persuading them that to remain free, they MUST not ally themselves with any political party.
    We’ve been honking about civilian control of the military. Is there civilian control of the press?

  2. But even I was shocked on how these “Covid” numbers are being compiled. And I don’t mean just “died of motorcycle accident, but was positive, so–” I mean, the “normal” numbers.

    As I’ve been pointing out since about two years ago– my sister died at home, of no apparent cause.
    Her first autopsy specifically noted her liver was fine, and couldn’t find a cause of death; she entered that year’s backlog.
    She and several hundred other people in that backlog all developed liver damage in the last two work days before Christmas break…..

        1. “It’s impossible for the government to KNOW the truth.”

          I’ve been saying this for friggin’ years. They -can’t- know everything they need to know. It really is impossible. They can’t even get close. This is why tyrannies -always- fail and totalitarian tyrannies fail the fastest. They try to control everything, and they can’t.

          But the danger is: they think they know. They really do think that. You talk to some of these software engineers, policy guys, even the flopping camel for f- sake, and they really think that their thing, whatever it is, will be so perfect that it’ll totally work. And we are all just IDIOTS for not seeing it.

          This despite the fact that nothing -ever- works right out of the box. Ever. All that tech that’s supposed to be so well designed that it “just works”? Nuh uh.

          Problem is, those dickheads that think they know? They’re the “good” ones. They actually thought about it. The real problem is the ones who are only trying to increase the take from their stealing and rent-seeking. They use the “good idea” dickheads as an excuse for more corruption and rent-seeking.

          Best idea I’ve seen so far? GET OFF MY F-ING LAWN.

          This has its own set of downsides, but at least they’re of the size I can deal with. The other idiots are bankrupting the entire nation. Exhibit A, Corona is costing Canada $1.5 TRILLION dollars. -This-year.

          1. There’s the “they couldn’t get the data if they were paragons of human perfection” and then there’s the “they are actively trying to generate lies for power.”

        2. Which is what Alexander Zinoviev said about the USSR back in the 1980’s. The University of Illinois Slavic Department had him as a guest speaker, and the one thing that still sticks in my mind about that presentation was his description of how all data, all statistics in the USSR were fundamentally corrupt, and therefore worse than useless.

          1. Chesterton made a similar point about how in London they were trying to be all scientific in planning traffic around data that, at the bottom, was based off of the town constable sticking his head out the door when he was filling out the papers and making a guess about what looked about right to him.

            1. The point I’m trying to make here is that even given -accurate and truthful- data, where the real movement of traffic is accurately recorded, and they get reports on every damn thing… they still can’t control the situation. Because the thing is not a linear 1+1=2 operation. It’s fluid, random, and non-linear. The same input on different days will give -wildly- different results. And that’s just traffic. Imagine health care, or an army.

              I saw an article about crowd control once. They tested designs by having ants run through them. It turned out, after running x,xxx experiments, that putting a big round obstruction in front of the exit door worked the best. The obstruction made the ants line up and go through the opening at maximum efficiency.

              Who knows to do that without exhaustive testing? Nobody. You can’t know stuff like that by thinking about it. You have to experiment.

              So let’s say some government planning genius hears about this and decides he’s going to -mandate- big round pillars in front of exits because it’s more sciency and efficient. What other effects will a pillar in front of the exit have? Particularly a retrofitted one? Do humans really act like ants in an emergency? He doesn’t know. He can’t possibly know. But he will mandate it anyway. Because he thinks he knows.

              1. Fluid mechanics is well understood compared to human beings.

                If humans were just random, and just non-linear, they would be potentially analytically solvable.

                Random can be averaged out with large numbers. Non-linearity also has techniques that can deal with it.

                There are two problems that are very confounding with humans. 1. Scaling of how well a human mind can understand many human minds 2. No matter how intelligently you make a scam, there are enough people to figure it out, and come up with some countermeasure you cannot predict.

                Of course, the point about information error, loss and delay is also true, sufficient, and a little bit challenging.

                1. Not a correction, because I agree with you, but perhaps an “amplification” or “corollary”: No matter how carefully you design a program to dispense money, there are enough people to figure out how to follow the rules yet scam it with some corner-case that you cannot predict”

    1. That truly doesn’t surprise me; I worked in clerical departments when I was young, and I learned that, when the paperwork gets to the point of spilling over the desk – find a way to get rid of it – no matter what you have to do.

    2. I think the CDC “corrected” number of corona deaths is on the order of 10,000. I remember seeing this the other day, can’t remember where. The 200,000 number includes people who had corona when they had the stroke that killed them. The number of people who actually caught corona and died of it is small compared to the number of total cases. Kind of like the flu, really.

      Saw something else today of interest, the number of infection cases traceable to retail environments is ~0.1%. In Canada, anyway.


      What’s the government doing? Shutting retail. Well, except Wallymart, Crostco, Home Pepot, Sam’s Blub, that sort of thing. You know, the Important businesses.

      Oh, and barbecue joints. Metro Toronto Police showed up like they had a pair this week, shutting down a highly dangerous BBQ place in Don Mills. White People Eating Meat is apparently a bigger deal than Brown(ish) People Digging Up Highways And Setting Trains On Fire.

      But it is nice to see the cops out in force to put down a riot, for a change. They really showed those redneck meat eaters how its done.

      1. I believe the point of shutting down small, locally owned and operated businesses is to ensure that only the big boys are left. They’ve got the money to stay afloat.

        At least for a while, assuming they don’t completely misread the signs.

        The example for me is Sears who should have become Amazon. They already had everything in place because what is the difference between a catalog and a website? Not much.

        None of these people understand how economies actually work and they believe they are insulated from ill-effects.

        They make astrologers look respectable.

        1. I very much doubt it is even a policy or a plan. Or a thought process even.

          A) Walymart has lobbyists. They’re in the buddy system already. City Hall deals with them weekly. Lots of money flying around. Wheeling and dealing, you know?

          B) Joe’s BBQ is a red-neck haven serving people who do not vote Liberal. Joe does not have friends at City Hall.

          That’s pretty easy math for these guys. Screw Joe so things look good, but keep Walymart open even if old ladies are keeling over dead in the parking lot.

          Which is why I hate socialists and I hate Toronto. This shit is all day, every day for them.

        1. What makes you think people are tolerating it? A large number of uninvolved random people turned up at the hole-in-the-wall BBQ place. The city sent half the Metro Police, and they sent the mounted unit. Roughed people up, ran them over with horses, arrested the hell out of the BBQ guy.


          But this summer, when Antifa took over Nathan Phillips Square, and took over parks, and had illegal parades, and broke windows, and torched cars, and in October when the “Land Back” Mohawks took over a whole housing development and literally dug a trench across the main highway, the cops didn’t do shit. They stood around. Indians are still camping out on #6 highway right now.

          We all saw that.

          But as to people tolerating it, I’m going to tell a story.

          Once upon a time, in a small town, there was a high school. Now, all the other schools in the area had at least one case of Kung Flu reported, but not this one. And all throughout the county, Kung Flu cases were super rare. Because the people were not going to the doctor to get tested, not because there was no Kung Flu.

          Here endeth the story.

          Canadians are funny. They don’t like to make a fuss. They’re quiet. It looks like they’re lining up and doing what they’re told, and for the most part they’ll go along with the gag. But really what’s happening is they’re just being polite. As soon as somebody comes along and makes them angry (like they’re doing right now) the cooperation stops.

        2. I’ve eaten in a restaurant at least once a week and sometimes twice since the re-opening began here.

          1. I’ve been eating out the odd time lately. I actually hate eating out, because the food is bad. But I do it sometimes if I’m out and need lunch.

            During the March Madness lockdown, I was quite scared. Don’t mind saying so, and my comments at the time reflected it. Seemed like the best idea, and I was not going out into the T-Virus anyway. I was NOT happy that the border was still open.

            But this time? No. Uh uh. Schools will be open, and Wallymart will be open… but not the BBQ guy? Sorry. If the BBQ guy was closer I’d go there and buy his food. Because f- the health department. They didn’t do what was needed in December/January, what they do now cannot possibly do any good.

            By which I mean that when you’ve already got a mask-mandate in place, there are 1,300++ -new- cases a day, and people are NOT getting tested unless you hold a gun to their heads, there is nothing a government can do to alter the progression of the disease. Also, we now know that while some vulnerable people do get extremely sick and might die, MOST people don’t. Most people get a mild-to-middlin’ flu, if they even have symptoms at all.

            The one thing they could do is improve infection control at senior’s residences and nursing homes. That would save lives and improve social conditions, and it wouldn’t cost that much. That’s the one friggin’ thing they’re not doing.

              1. They’re ticketing churches around here for having Sunday services. Not much is being said about it I notice, but they’re definitely doing it.

                The Mennonites have church anyway, they just do it somewhere else. Bunch of people standing in a field, 6 feet apart, what are they going to charge them with?

  3. The question I keep coming back to is “What do we do now?” And I haven’t found an answer.

    1. The dream of DC burning to the ground, or at least the government office buildings with the politicians and bureaucrats inside, is seeming more and more appealing.

      1. Let’s not muck with the museums, yet, please. Or the zoo and arboretum. I’d hate for something to happen to the Portrait Gallery or Air and Space museums before we get a chance to clean out the PC follies and get back to “these are great stories about cool stuff!”

        1. Just think, burning those office buildings down leaves more room for museums and parks.

  4. Once again, I’m stuck in several issues.

    Our governor wants to be JFK, but smarter and less prone to catching bullets. (Mind you, JFK had the advantage of a fairly compliant and competent staff, his Dad’s help, and a press that wanted to create this myth of a new Camelot…). Yet, he keeps making mistakes that should kill another person’s hopes.
    Mom has medical issues, so she’s vulnerable to the Crow Flu. We’ve held out this long, and having Mom get sick right now would be a Very Bad Thing (TM).
    Just about everyone around me in the physical world believes the network news. Trump lost the election, , there are five lights, there is no voter fraud (or so little as to not be relevant), there is no war outside the walls of Ba Sing Se, BLM and ANTIFA are good people, and all we need to do is isolate and wait for the vaccine and everything will be fine. Oh, and even if we get the vaccine, we might have to keep doing the whole social distancing thing Because Reasons.
    Did I mention that I’m going stir-crazy, worried about my employment prospects even after I finish school in May, not wanting to go into San Francisco for work any time soon?

    Yet, the more I try to explain this, the more I try to talk about this, I feel like the little kid in “The Emperor’s New Clothes” as how it should have ended. Beaten up by everyone else for fear that if I’m not shut up, the King is going to be pissed and share his anger with everyone. So, yay, social isolation with real human beings.

    The frustration grows. I just hope that things improve, somehow, before something pops.

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