Re-Release of a touch of night

Years ago — when I was young in judgement but even younger in writing — I got tired of not getting any meaningful comments on my books, and/or … well, contact with readers. Also, Dan was traveling for work 5 days a week and I was stuck at home with two kids under 6. (I used to drag them to diners that gave under-six free meals, just to SEE there were adults in the world.)

So I started writing Jane Austen fanfic. Which, as I said before was the best writing course ever.

Some years later, unable to sell the Magical British Empire, I was talking to Sofie Skapski, one of my friends in the fandom, and she said, “You know, we could write Pride and Prejudice set in that world.” That world btw is in the same universe as Witchfinder.

It not only was one of the more popular fanfics in the site, but it also sold very well in indie some years ago.

In the process of preparing it to come out with Inkstain (our own little press for collabs, anthologies and those friends who don’t wish to publish themselves) I realized that well… that version was kind of a mess. Including one bizarre time-transposed scene. All I can do is apologize and say for various reasons no one involved in bringing it out before was working at their best. And now I want to go back and look over everything I brought out a few years ago.

Anyway, without further ado, it is now live (and under my Austen fanfic name):
From Alyx Silver and Sofie Skapski: A Touch Of Night: Pride, Prejudice, Werewolves and Dragons, Oh, My!

A Pride and Prejudice Variation.
In a world that puts shape shifters to death, Mr. Darcy was unfortunate enough to be born as a were-dragon.
But the cruel laws don’t always find their victims. Mr. Darcy has survived and protected Mr. Bingley who is a werewolf.
Meanwhile, in Hertfordshire, Lizzy has been protecting her sister Jane who turns into a beautiful hunting dog.
When Mr. Bingley rents Netherfield, the Were-Laws and the shape shifting of three of them add extra complications to the flowering of romance between the well-loved couples. And Mr. Wickham. joining the Royal Were Hunters, lends additional danger to the situation.
Will they get together despite the danger, Lizzy’s active imagination and Mr. Darcy’s excessive nobility of character?

25 thoughts on “Re-Release of a touch of night

        1. My darling man read the ending first, and now is reading through the latest one.

          I knew people did that, but this is the first time I’ve seen it in action!

            1. But, but What’s wrong about reading the ending first? [Puzzled Smile]

              1. Nothing!, if you don’t want to waste your time to end up with a terrible ending and traumatized characters. Sometimes, I just don’t want trauma in my reading when I’ve got enough going on already. I want my happy ever after and I want to be sure I get it before I commit four hundred pages and hours of my time.

              1. Let us agree that it can’t be that. If it just dropped today, no one knows the ending. I was waiting for this one before reading both, and so don’t want to know nothing.

                1. Battle Ground was released on the 29th. 😉

                  Note, I haven’t purchased it yet.

              2. No spoilers. It actually dropped on Tuesday, and I finished it last night.

                It’s really really good, I highly recommend it, and it is, overall, an extremely satisfying read. (And honestly, nothing happens that wasn’t foreshadowed, so there’s no cheap emotional shots.)

                1. Well, now I’m definitely confused.

                  ….I’m also probably going to have to reread the whole series to remind myself what the heck was going on before I attempt the latest entries, since I kind of gulped it a few years ago and have run into a few mentions recently of events I flat don’t remember anymore.

                  1. Yeah, that helps. I ended up doing it just from Skin Game (the last one before these two), but I’ve read the series several times. My mother has only read it through once, though, so she’s starting from the beginning.

  1. How different is it from the earlier version?

    In any case, I’ll put it into my “to be purchased” pile. 😉

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