New Familiars from Alma Boykin!

Welcome to October! In a fitting start to a spooky month, I want to draw your attention to Alma Boykin’s latest release!

Judiciously Familiar: A Familiar Tales Book 15

“By the Pricking of my thumbs/ Something wicked this way comes!”

“Caw! Caw!”

A raven the size of an eagle appears in Riverton. When it begins haunting Familiars, Lelia and André Lestrang have to decide if it needs their special attention. Lelia, battling fatigue and postpartum depression, juggles family, magic, and working at Belle, Book, and Blacklight. Her employer, Arthur Saldovado, too wonders about the raven and its meaning.

Something from the past stirs, something dark and deep. A new sorceress and the raven hint at dangers hiding in the shadows. Shadows perhaps too dark even for shadow mages to master.

Get it here!

5 thoughts on “New Familiars from Alma Boykin!

  1. Bwahahaha…already read it. Only problem with it was that it ended….
    5/5, would read again (and probably will!)
    Love all the foreshadowing too

  2. Yes, it’s really, really good. For me, it’s a “drop everything and start reading” series.

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